Name Your Kid Haggai

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Name Your Kid Haggai. [and Happy Valentines Day]. Rebuild My Temple!. [and Happy Valentines Day]. Historical Setting. Historical Setting. Broken & shattered Conquered & deported. Waiting. “If you can’t see very far ahead, go as far ahead as you can see.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Name Your Kid Haggai

Name Your Kid Haggai

Name Your Kid Haggai[and Happy Valentines Day]

Rebuild My Temple![and Happy Valentines Day]Historical Setting

Historical SettingBroken & shatteredConquered & deported


If you cant see very far ahead, go as far ahead as you can see. - Dawson TrottmanRebuild My Temple Observe the sin of the Jews, after their return from captivity in Babylon. Those employed for God may be driven from their work by a storm, yet they must go back to it. They did not say that they would not build a temple, but, Not yet. Thus men do not say they will never repent and reform, and be religious, but, Not yet. Rebuild My Temple And so the great business we were sent into the world to do, is not done. There is a proneness in us to think wrongly of discouragements in our duty, as if they were a discharge from our duty, when they are only for the trial of our courage and faith. They neglected the building of God's house, that they might have more time and money for worldly affairs. - Commentary from, IVP. But those are strangers to their own interests, who are full of care to adorn and enrich their own houses, while Gods temple in their hearts lies waste. - Commentary from, IVP. The almost unbelievable joy is that you can enjoy a relationship with God that he will have with no one else. And God eagerly, passionately, yearns for that relationship to begin. God is just as eager to love and know you as he was to know Moses, David, and Mary. - Gary Thomas, Sacred Pathways

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