Nadya Plyamko portfolio 2014

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Transcript of Nadya Plyamko portfolio 2014

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  • 23 years old.Born in 1990, Vinnitsa, Ukraine. I work as a DTP-specialist designer and freelance illustrator in Kiev, Ukraine.Remarkable exhibitions:ArtTags. Group exhibition. Russia, 2010.Pustye Kholmy. Group exhibition. Russia, 2011. Gogol Fest. Group exgibition. Ukraine, 2013.

    Working pseudonim: Cirrus Minor.


  • Insane (Bliss)42x42 cm. Original art.Digital, 2013.

  • The Mind (Birth of the Mind)84.1x59.4 cm. Work in progress. Original art.Digital, 2014.

  • A Horse (2014)210x297 cm. Postcard.Digital, 2014.

  • BOX42x42 cm. Original art.Digital, 2013.

  • Island (Lion)29,7x42 cm. Illustration.Horn of the Electron, Sergei 3hus. Hubrohuset publishing, 2012.Digital art, print, 2012.

  • Tears (Helpful)14,8x14,8 cm. Illustration.Digital, 2012.

  • Oh My! (Jelly)29x29 cm. Original art.Digital art, 2014.

  • Shakti35,8x59,4 cm. Original art.Digital art, 2012.

  • Kind59,4x41,2 cm. Original art.Digital art, 2012.

  • Beeren42x42 cm. Original art.Clay, photo retouch, matte painting, digital art, 2012.

  • Ignorance (The untapped opportunity of enlightenment)24x28 cm. Illustration, IG Magazine.Digital art, 2011.

  • Wrap (Warp)42x59.4 cm. Original art.Digital art, 2011.

  • 2014