NA2 : Outreach and Training

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NA2 : Outreach and Training. Emidio Giorgio, INFN NA2 Leader. 2 nd EMI P eriodic Review Brussels, 12 June 2012. Overview. NA2 Objectives Recommendations from 1 st review 2 nd year strategy Achievements Toward 3 rd year : conclusions and outlook. NA2 objectives. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NA2 : Outreach and TrainingEmidio Giorgio, INFNNA2 Leader 2nd EMI Periodic ReviewBrussels, 12 June 2012 EMI is partially funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement RI-261611NA2 ObjectivesRecommendations from 1st review2nd year strategy AchievementsToward 3rd year : conclusions and outlook

Overview12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review2EMI INFSO-RI-261611Objective 4: Strengthen the participation and support for user communities in the definition and evolution of middleware services Sub-objective 4.1: Establish a dissemination plan to make the objectives and achievements of the EMI project known and a sustainable training and knowledge exploitation plan to integrate the results of the project in the long-term activities of EGI, PRACE and other DCIs and transfer knowledge and competences to community and commercial initiativesAssociated Y2 deliverables and milestonesNA2 objectives12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review3


Recommendations from Y1 review12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review5Improve online promotion and marketing to increase traffic to website so that many more people will use the website than the currently reported numbers.Improve the website, taking into consideration the suggestions made elsewhere in this review report. ActionsEMI INFSO-RI-261611Web presence web site revamping New channel : social (Google Plus, Facebook), high level video Dissemination promotion of EMI through the web sitePublications EMI Technical conference proceedings Production of dissemination content FactsheetsTraining2nd year strategy12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review6EMI INFSO-RI-261611New channels12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review7

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EMI INFSO-RI-261611New (social) channels individuated, empowered existing ones (youtube, flickr)7Attended EventsInternational Super Computing 2011WLCG Collaboration WorkshopEGI Technical ForumSuper Computing 2011OGF 33/34Hepix 2011Cloudscape IVInternational Symposium on Grid and Cloud Computing 2012International Conference Research Infrastructures 2012 EGI Community Forum 2012 /EMI Second Technical Conference CHEP 2012Dissemination 12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review8Dissemination MaterialA0 Posters (10)Brochure 2012High level videos (2) BookmarkBannerEMI Online Conference Survey (2)

EMI INFSO-RI-261611Web content12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review9Articles on EMI web site EMI and UMDMiddleware - StandardizationData Area: Data evolutions in MatterhornSecurity Token ServicesContent for other magazinesEMI 1 Kebnekaise released by EGI as UMD 1.0.0. EMI has a new e-infrastructure client: iMarineEMI and IGEGetting-to-bottomEMI and OpenSourceEGI Community Forum Tuesday Leading Publication of Proceedings of EGI Community Forum 2012 2nd EMI technical conferenceProceeding of Science SiSSA ~60 contributions

See References [6-11]EMI INFSO-RI-261611Web presence12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review10


Web accesses overview12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review1120112012TrendVisits516012484+141,94%Unique Visitors21794868+123,41%Pageviews17,40640238+131,17 %Trends comparison Nov 2010 - Apr 2011 Nov 2011 - Apr 2012 Top 5 visited pagesProductsEmi-1-kebnekaiseDocumentationReleases Emi-1-kebnekaise-updatesTop 5 search keyword Emi middlewareemiEmi gridEuropean middleware initiativeConfigure LB WMS same host

EMI INFSO-RI-261611In reach Debian packaging tutorialEMI 2 QA policies changesOut reach DCISS 2011 : Basic and advanced end users training GridKa school for sysadmin EGI TF : End users tutorial Second EMI Technical Conference Sysadmin and developer sessions featuring EMI 2 highlights (WNoDeS, EMI-ES, ARGUS API) Material available on the EMI Web Site [R14] Synchronized with EGI repository Training12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review12

EMI INFSO-RI-261611KPITarget Y2Number of international events organised21Number and type of published material 463[1]Number of training events47Key Performance Indicators12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review13EMI INFSO-RI-261611Consolidation of Y2 achievementsSupport the transition from project to collaboration ScienceSoftFuture events OGF 35/36 EGI Technical Forum 2012 EMI event 2013Training webinars document deployment scenarios Joint training with EGI/NGIConclusion and outlook12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review14EMI INFSO-RI-261611consolidation14Questions ?

Thanks for listening12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review15EMI INFSO-RI-261611[R1][R2][R2][R3][R4][R5][R6][R7][R8][R9][R10][R11][R12][R13][R14]

References12/06/12Bruxelles, 2nd EMI Periodic Review16EMI INFSO-RI-261611