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  • Travel destinations for Holiday to Myanmar

    A travel and holiday to Myanmar to the land of the shinning and golden pagodas which still not

    discovered by the western tourist could become your destination for a vacation in the Indochina

    peninsula, Burma, or Myanmar is different and unique from the other neighboring countries, a

    Myanmar Luxury tour package is still the best option to explore the unlimited beauty of what this

    shinning destination has to offer, in Myanmar everything is created by the beauty of the virgin

    nature, people are very welcoming and a trip to this country will definitely last forever. The

    republic of the union of the Myanmar is located on the edge of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman

  • Sea coast with Bangladesh and India to the west, China to the north, and Laos and Thailand to

    the east.

    Myanmar is one of the most diverse and cultural destinations in the South-East of Asia which

    has opened its door to the international travelers since few years ago when the political and

    social turmoil has been shut down and when the authorities have accepted the tourism in a

    wider scale. Now, holiday makers have easier access to the land as they could crossing the

    land borders from Thailand or China and or Laos to the country without any unpredictable issue.

    The Myanmar Visa has been sorted out to be issue online, travelers need to have the visa

    before hand, and you must apply through the governmental supported website to get your E-

    Visa before being in Myanmar.

    However, for traveling in Myanmar regardless of taking a tour package or being on your own

    you must understand what and where are the most visited sites to see, as mentioned above,

    this destination is full of surprises and almost in every corner you see something which attracts

    your eyes, by the way following are the authors top 5 destination to see in Myanmar.

    # 5 Yangon: Also known as the Rangoon and is the largest city and former capital of Myanmar

    with over 4 million inhabitants. Anchored in the past still retains many of the buildings from the

    British colony. Slowly some things are changing but compared to other capitals of Southeast

    Asia is one of the least that has been modernized. Although it may seem of little interest can do

    many things to be a good start for your Myanmar tour package

  • # 4 Mandalay: The former royal capital of the Myanmar is located 700 KM north of Yangon,

    There are a variety of things to see in Mandalay that is worth spending at least 3 nights. The city

    is widely accepted as the center of Burmese culture that is full of artisans and a trading centre,

    the Royal palace, Mandalay Hill, the kuthodaw Pagoda on the Irrawaddy River makes it a

    pleasant destination to visit when traveling in Myanmar.

  • # 3 Bagan: The valley of the thousands pagodas and the archaeological site of Bagan, is one of

    the biggest attractions that Myanmar to offers in terms of cultural and historical level. Almost, no

    visit is completed without visiting the Bagan, the site located in an area of over 40 square

    kilometers dotted with over 3,000 temples which form the Bagan Archaeological Park. The site

    of Bagan is located in the west of Myanmar and is one of the vivid and gigantic sites that has

    been listed as the World Heritage by UNESCO and attracts every year thousands of holiday

    makers eager to discover the power of a civilization which left its mark on history forever. The

    Balloon tour over the valley is among the most demanded activities that travelers expect to visit;

    a Myanmar tour package are varied and almost all of them have a few day stop over to visit this

    magical place.

  • # 2 Ngapali beach: Ngapali is located in Rakhine State and stretches along the Bengal Bay and

    it lies in Rakhine State of Myanmar. Ngapali is considered as one of the best and most pristine

    beach destination in Myanmar where most of the area around the beach are still undiscovered

    and untouched, the beach is stretched about 3 KM that has white sands with a perfect coconut

    palms at the background, this is a perfect escape from the usual sightseeing, or just a mid way

    stop to get freshen up for to enjoy the rest of your holiday to Myanmar.

    # 1 The Irrawaddy: This mythical river originates in the Himalayas through Burma from north to

    south and forms a delta that evacuate into the Indian Ocean. Known by the nickname "Mother

    River" by the Burmese, this majestic river sailing aboard with many ships, The most famous is

    the renowned "Road-To-Mandalay" Orient-Express (100 m long with 43 cabins), which offers

    holiday with cruises in Myanmar from three to eleven days sailing from Mandalay, the last

    capital of the independent kingdom of Myanmar, center cultural and religious Buddhism with its

  • many monasteries and 700 pagodas, bound for the mysterious city of Bagan, 240 km later,

    which houses over 2200 temples and pagodas. The Irrawaddy, a junction of seventy ethnic

    groups whose territories across the river, is the royal road of a secret mines lag between Burma

    jade and rubies, plantations and forests populated library of beasts and wild elephants.

    As explained, Myanmar is a great holiday destination, plan and be there to be among the initial

    tourist who visit this fabulous destination, most of the holiday and vacation makers now combine

    their Cambodia tour packages with Myanmar, or Thailand and Vietnam together with Myanmar,

    this is all depends on what you wish to see and how many days you have to spend on this


    Luxury Travel Vietnam, LTD

  • A destination management company that is among the first tour operators that offered holiday to

    Myanmar in a large scale, book your Myanmar tour package and start the trip of lifetime, read

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