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A somewhat extensive list of good WordPress plugins I use regularly

Transcript of My Top WordPress Plugins

  • My Top WordPress Plugins Joe Casabona @jcasabona
  • Intro Plugins allow us to extend WordPress functionality without modifying the Core There are thousands of plugins out there between the official repository and marketplaces Several categories will be covered: Security, SEO, Forms, Multimedia, etc.
  • Security Limit Login Attempts: Looked at this during Scotts talk. Limits failed login attempts to prevent brute force attacks Wordfence Security: Includes firewall, virus scanner, traffic analysis and more!
  • Security/Backups Akismet: WP-DB-Backup: Demo VaultPress:
  • SEO All-in-One SEO Plugin: Demo SEO Helper: Will look at your posts/pages and make recommendations
  • SEO/Social Google Anaytics: Social: Demo Twitter Tools: Demo
  • Social Sociable: All the buttons!
  • Forms Gravity Forms: Do all the form things! Contact Form 7: Demo
  • Multimedia NextGen Gallery: Demo PodPress: WordPress Video Plugin:
  • Misc nRelate: Related Content WP-Members: Restricted Content
  • Misc Membership: Compact Archives: Demo JetPack:
  • Bonus! Responsive Responsive Select Menu: Fitvids: FlexSlider: Want to learn more...
  • Shameless Promo Responsive Web Design with WordPress Out December 2013