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My Sitcom Idea By Lois Brown

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  • 1. Working Title:Synopsis:A group of socially awkward (and quite nerdy) youngcollege students, trying their best to cope with allthat life throws at them. 4 young students (3 males and a female) dealingwith college life: relationships, popularity etc Characters are quite socially awkward making theirtime at college quite unfortunate yet amusing

2. Synopsis: CharactersKitty: A bit kooky, tries to act cute and be noticed by boys, dresses a bit over-the-top, wears bright mismatching clothes, hyperactive and slightly crazyAsh: A bit dark, likes heavy metal music, sarcastic, quite moody, mysterious, sometimes is a little offensive without realisingStan: Doesnt have much look with the ladies, not as weird as the others, people find him geeky in a cute way, very unfortunate, doesnt realise how geeky he really is, very loving and sweetGeorge: The geekiest out of the 4, obsessed with World of Warcraft type games, dresses really smart, has practically no social skills 3. Format:- Nikon D3100- Easy to get hold of, borrowed fromcollege- HD 1920 x 1080- makes it more appealing as peopleprefer to watch HD videos due to better quality- WordPress- Easy to use, free to sign up, lest time andmoney usedEstimated Duration:Exactly 2 minutes- To adhere to the brief given 4. Intended audience: Both genders- male and female characters, not limitingtarget audience by gender 16-25- target audience outlined by brief, jokes arent too sillyfor adults to enjoy, show doesnt include too much adultcontent to be inappropriate for under 18s Social class C1, C2, D, E Situations not really relatable toupper-middle classes, ideas are easy enough for lowerclasses to understandStyle: Light hearted comedy Often quite silly- not complicated Influenced by Inbetweeners and the IT crowd- immature humour of The Inbetweeners, geek references of the IT Crowd 5. Rationale:Do you like sitcomscentred aroundgroups of friends?Do you like sitcomscentred aroundschools/colleges/universities? 6. Rationale: Characters will be roughly same Audienceage as target audience able to Audience will be familiar with the relate tosetting and the situations the characters aresitcom Stereotypes used- Often shown in sitcom codes &conventions, makes characters easier to understand Website will include audience participation (links to socialnetworking, comment boxes, rating systems etc.)- Audiencewill feel more involved and will look forward to discussing theshow with other fans 7. Feasibility: Set in college- No need to budget for location, morechances to film, familiarity with location College students as actors Camera borrowed from college- Easy to gethold of, available when needed Editing software from college- Do not have topay for and install new software WordPress used- Easy to sign up for, available on anycomputer- can work on website at home, not many skills 8. Budget: Low budget No budget needed for location, filmingequipment, editing software, websitecreating- all things obtained from college for free Small budget needed for props andcostumes- possible to borrow certain props or costumesfrom other people, few cheap things may need to bepurchased Fundraising could be used to obtain thismoney- Cake sale to raise this money 9. Deadlines: Planning (pre-production) by 10thDecember Filming and creating website(production)and editing (post production) by 25thJanuary