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Analysis Of The Movie "My Name Is Nobody" This was part of an assignment in Composition 2.

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CAST & CREWTerence Hill

Henry Fonda

Terence HillA comical icon whose aim is to help the Old West go out in gloryIn the role of Nobody, he is a Peter Pan character.His most successful films are They call me Trinity and My Name is NobodyBorn in Venice, Italy and started acting at the age of twelve.Henry FondaBorn in Grand Island, Nebraska.One of Hollywoods most iconic and greatest actorsThis was his last WesternMan of action at the end of his career.Represents the Old West in the movie.

A Sergio Leone projectSergio Leone:Italian producer and film directorMost associated with Western moviesGreatly influenced the Spaghetti WesternsKnown for his style of exaggerationand his obsession with every minordetail.

Tonino Valerii->The director (Leones formerAssistant)

Ennio MorriconeItalian Composer whose scores have been included in more then 40 award-winning films.Long time collaborator of Sergio LeoneIn this movie his score is very eclectic,incorporating natural sounds, mixing the whimsical with the dramatic and being threatening and funny in the same time.LocationsThe movie was shot in New Orleans, Spain and New Mexico.

The fake duel staged by Nobody took place on Royal street (the street where jazz was born) in New Orleans.The fake duelThe Cemetery

These scenes were shotin Acoma, New Mexico.The falling horses ( the final battle)