My Marketing Sucks!

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Transcript of My Marketing Sucks!

  • From the Author of My Marketing Sucks!

    You will find the secret to creating the perfect MarketingFoundation for your business, product or service.

  • Your Success Is Our Only Business

    This program will give you the Foundation for

    Creating GrowthThe materials contained in this presentation are the exclusive property of Profit Partners LLC.

    No portion may be photocopied, duplicated or distributed without the written consent of Profit Partners LLC.

  • There Are Only Three Ways You Can Create Growth

    Get more customers Sell more products and services to those customers Keep your customers longer

  • Your Business

    Ads, Marketing,


    New Prospects

    Old LeadsGo to Die


    Flat Revenue

    Vicious Cycle

    Why Owners Struggle

  • #1 Answer: NOT ENOUGH LEADS Coming in Consistently

    Its a different world today. The amount of data received by our brains is 1,000X more/hr. than 10 years ago:

    TV, billboards, mobile phones, tablets, satellite radio, newspapers

    WHAT is your Strategic Plan to market your business?

    WHO is your Ideal ClientWHERE can you find them?

    Why Owners Struggle

  • #1 Answer: NOT ENOUGH LEADS Coming in Consistently

    WHAT do they WANT? (The ultimate benefit from your solution)

    WHEN is the best time for them? HOW do you capture/follow-up with them? Can this be put into an automated

    marketing system?

    Why Owners Struggle

  • Incremental ImprovementsLead To

    Exponential Growth

  • Incremental ImprovementsLead To

    Exponential Growth

  • Why It Works

    Their Hot Buttons Ultimate Desired Benefit Marketing Equation I.E. E. O. Differentiation Unique & Pertinent Selling Points Inside Reality and Outside Perception

    are brought together Your business becomes the obvious choice

    I would have to be an absolute fool

    to do Business with anyone else but you

    regardless of price

  • Find Out What They Want and Give It To Them

    Be very, very careful here. We did not say find out what they NEED and give it to them.

    Their Hot Buttons

    Wealth & Happiness

  • Interrupt With a Hot Button HeadlineEngage With Relevant Information Educate The Proof Your WorksOffer Low Risk Next Step

    i.e.e.o =RESULTS

    The Marketing Equation

  • (Use Them Everywhere!)

    Pertinent points make you focus on what is important to them... What they WANT.

    Unique & Pertinent Selling Points

  • Unique & Pertinent Selling Points

    Your USPs, when properly communicated, will help you differentiate and separate your business as unique.

    Generally, it will convey your unique benefits to your prospective customers.

  • Businesses with a great Inside Reality have innovated their service or product, giving prospective customers a REASON to buy from them.

    But here's a glitch: Just because you've achieved "WOW!" doesn't mean that customers are going to flock to your business.

    You still have to market your business. And that's where your Outside Perception comes into play.

    Inside Reality vs. Outside Perception

  • Thats where your Outside Perception comes into play.

    Your Outside Perception is what your potential customers and clients perception of what you do, what you believe, who you

    are and how your business runs.

    Perception Is Reality

    Inside Reality vs. Outside Perception

  • ObtainingWealth & Happiness

    The Marketing Foundation TM

    Customer Retention

    Ancillary Sales

    New Customers

    Integrated Solution

    More moneyMore Free Time

    SystemicNo Guessing


  • Tactical Marketing




  • No Bad Ads!

    There are 22 ways to fix your ads to draw a better response. We have a special report for you with this session - called No Bad Ads

  • Begin With the End in Mind

    Where you are now Where you want to be in the future How to get there Building the foundation Using the members portal

  • Where Are You Now?

    Today Revenue Staff Services Income Lifestyleyour business evaluation take a minute now

  • If you want to know WHY John Smith buys

    WHAT John Smith buys

    Youve got to see the world through John Smiths eyes.

    When prospects are ready to make a purchase, they are in the process of elimination, not the process of selection. You must NOT give them any reason to eliminate you. This is why ALL of your marketing must follow the 3 C's...


    We could give you the greatest ad in the world, your phone is ringing off the hook, and if your people stink on the phone... you won't see growth.

  • ComparisonTime to start Building Your Case

    How does your business stack up against the other choices prospects have?

    Identify your strengths (Better and Different) Improve or Ignore your weaknesses The comparison is one of the strongest tools you will

    have to use.

  • How To Beat Your Competition1) Know your competition

    - Stooge Calls

    - Secret Shopper

    - Competitive Intelligence (report)

    2) Be better than them at the 1st point of contact

    -your 7 Key First Points of Contact:

    1. The way your phone is answered2. How people are greeted when they enter your business3. Your initial face-to-face interaction4. Your online search engine presence5. Your website6. Your social media pages7. Word of mouth

  • What YOUR Marketing Is SUPPOSED To Do

    Capture the attention of people looking for a solution

    Help give them information Facilitate their decision making process Lower the risk of taking the next step

  • What Can You Expect?

    Growth in Revenue The first 90 days are hard Creating good marketing habits An energized staff Happier customers Easier sales Your business becomes

    The Obvious Choice

  • How?... Good Marketing

    What is marketing ?

    Marketing is a vehicle to get you

    from Point A to Point B. There are two types:

    Strategic Tactical

    What you say Where you say it

    How you say it What it looks like

    Who you say it to (i.e. postcards, mailers, ads)

    When to say it

  • Converting Suspects Into Prospects

    Heres why a script is important:

    Everyone on the team is saying the same thing You are affirming the things most important to a prospect You are putting the prospect at ease You are giving them information they do not get elsewhere You are making it very low risk and educating them in the process

  • Victory

    Victory goes to those with superior forces at the first point of contact

    Quick Summary:

    Know your Inside Reality Business Evaluation and Interview

    Know your competition Strengths and Weaknesses

    Be the BEST at the first point of contact (phone ins and website)

    Work on your scripts for converting more suspects into prospects

  • Putting Your Foundation In Place

    Were here to help Phone: 732-384-0000


  • Contact us:Phone:732-384-0000


    Dont forget:

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