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My future Dream Jobs. Fern Laibwij CAP 101 Section 2. The best three chosen ones. Teacher Business Women Doctor. Teacher. Skills Motivated and Inspired Students Enthusiastic Knowledgeable Organize. Personality. Patient Caring Good example Clean Reputation No Drugs Outgoing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My future Dream Jobs

Fern LaibwijCAP 101 Section 2

The best three chosen ones TeacherBusiness Women Doctor

TeacherSkillsMotivated and Inspired StudentsEnthusiasticKnowledgeableOrganize

Being a teacher is not an easy job, but it takes all their might to be one .3PersonalityPatientCaringGood exampleClean ReputationNo DrugsOutgoing

Becoming a teacher should also have a personality that can let student know that they can succeed through their teachers trust

4How to become a teacher ?Finish SchoolEarn DegreesApplyYou have to be educated to be a teacher You can never be excepted to any schools to be a teacher unless you do these three listed up here 5Duties of a TeacherLesson PlansVariety of TeachingUse relevant technology

6Environment of the teachersClassroomTableBoardsChairsTableSchool Materials

and many more.Goals and steps to Achieve this GoalFigure out what you want to teachAchieve itEarn the DegreeBusiness Women

SkillsBusiness Strategy & OperationSales & Customer FacingManagement & LeadershipPersonalityVery CourageousLove taking Action HardworkingQuick in making Decisions

How to become oneGeneral Knowledge of most thingsNever use age an ExcuseStudyEconomicsAccountingBCMS( learning how to do business)

Duties/ResponsibilitiesDevelop Standards and ProceduresManagementsSolve ProblemsEnvironmentEmployeesOfficeCustomersStocksGoals and Steps to become oneStay well EducatedOrganizeNetworkInspiration and CreativityDoctor




Patience Care



Work in Pressured Situation

How to become oneUndergraduate Medical School

Foundation Program

Specialty, GP and run through training

Works And EnvironmentDutiesPromote Health

Parthnership with Patience

Treat Patience

EnvironmentOffice Work


Medical Work Goals Save peoples lives

Cure Diseases

Maintain HealthFor more InfoTeachers Women

Doctors Question???Teacher

Business women


The END !