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  • 1. My family and my room

2. Kika This is Kika and her beautiful sisters. Do you know what is this? Yes, it is her bedroom. So cute, isn`t it?! 3. Mima Mima`s room is big and modern.And this is her family. She is not the only child, she has got an older sister. 4. Julka This is Julka and her cousin. But they look like sisters! And this is her bedroom. She has bed, flower and a nice carpet there. 5. Majka On this photo is Majka with her brother Ivko. They love each other so much. This is her rooms. Of cousre, she share it with her brother. 6. Paulka On the right we can see Paula with her sister and a little cousin Stelka. How sweet she is! And here is her room. It is red and black themed. 7. Domi Domi has got a younger sister. Her name is Barborka. And on the left we can see her bedroom. It is colorful and funny!