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1. drea Mytions aca mv 2. Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Assessment | Teachers pageHave you ever dreamt in your vacation? Imagine visiting white sand beaches, high mountains, green forests and the most wonderful places in the world. In the morning you would watch the sunrise and enjoy the birds singing. At midday you would have lunch in a beautiful restaurant and eat different kinds of food. In the afternoon you would walk and admire the sight of the mountains and finally you would end the day going back to the town and go shopping for your friends and family. 1- Think in 10 places to visit around the world 2- Think in 5 tips to enjoy your vacations. 3. Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Assessment | Teachers pageYou need to plan your dream vacation, but It is important that you keep in mind these points You are travelling with your group. You have one week to stay there. This travel can be around the world. Your budget is about $2,000,000.-Think about: 1.Where would you go? 2.How would you travel? 3.Where would you stay? 4.Think about your luggage. 5.Which tourists places can you visit? 4. Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Assessment | Teachers pageProcess 1. Make group of 4 people. 2. As a group chose a destination, and what season would you travel. 3. Assign roles.3.1-Student 1: You have to find and compare the cheapest way to get to your destination. 3.2- Student 2: You have to find the cheapest place to stay. 3.3- Student 3: You have to investigate about the weather and the clothes that should be included in your bag. 3.4- Student 4: You have to investigate the tourist sites and entertainment in your destination. 5. Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Assessment | Teachers pageResources: Here you can find links that can help you to develop your task.PlacesMoneyWeatherEntertainmen t http:// / / http://www.tripadvis / / 6. Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Assessment | Teachers pageAssessment CriteriaTotally agreeResearch Relevant, imp ortant information and references related to the topic.5-6 pointsAgree 3-4 pointsDisagree Organization Great org anization of work and contents. Collaborative work Engag ed in discussions throughout the process, helped get everyone involved in the decision making, listened to the ideas of others.Individual work Accomp lished all the projects goals and looked for extra information.Product Every aspect of the project was achieved successfully and well developed.Score 30 points1-2 points 7. Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Assessment | Teachers pageTeachers page Dear colleagues: This project is about how students could plan a Dream Vacation. It is specifically for teenagers of 9th grade with an A2 level of English. This webquest would be design in groups of 4 people during a period of time of one month. Every week students have to present what they have done. At the end of the project, they have to deliver a folder with all the information collected. Finally, each group will explain their project in few minutes. If you prefer, your students can present their project orally to the class.