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MY DREAM-PLAN. The truth remains, across the world, amazing people work with great passion and zeal in locally based initiatives yet their efforts and stories do not reach a wider audience to inspire more hearts. SHEMHOPE portal. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The truth remains, across the world, amazing people work with great passion and zeal in locally based initiatives yet their efforts and stories do not reach a wider audience to inspire more hearts.SHEMHOPE portalSHEMHOPE is a portmanteau of two words, Shem- thats my name and Hope I am full of hope. This hope keeps me going quite literary, the dream that tomorrow shall be different. The fact that I can hope, brings joy to my life and that inner strength and confidence.SHEMHOPE is my Dream of establishing an online portal (TV), for innovators all over, to showcase their Talents, Passion, Dreams and Inspiration in all sectors with the aim of improving our lives.CONTINUED..It will be a vehicle for all inspired people across the globe to share their motivation.

We face the greatest threat today; that of uninspired generation- young people who have buried their hopes and dreams because of lifes unforgiving challenges.

With shemhope portal, the difficulties, challenges, successes and collective impact of passionate people will be appreciated.

CONTINUED..The purpose and meaning of my life will be fulfilled.I stumbled upon this idea after a reflection on what I loved to do as a teenager and that was listening to other peoples hopes, and fears and story-telling.This dream is motivated by the saying that goes If one responsible person can make such a huge difference, imagine what a responsible society can achieve". It doesnt have to be that big as Mother Teresa said We can do no great things, but only small things with great love.SHARED DREAM

Its my passion to market Peoples projects, social businesses and dreams.In this we shall have strength and the hope to move on. I am convinced that if I help other people achieve their goals, My purpose will be fulfilled.MY AUDACIOUS GOAL

Is to create a global network of people with sustainable and innovative ideas , that impact the world.Sharing our stories and dreams right from the start will help us win support from our communities, leaders, businesses, individuals and institutions.ONLINE PORTAL - PLANIt will consist of an online learning platform and mentorship from experts in various fields through a cloud.Advice will also be offered in filling their blogs and websites with quality content and marketing skills for their businesses.They may be in their start-up phases or just dreams to be implemented.PLAN..Those aspiring to start their ventures will be nurtured and given expert advice in their related fields.These dreams may range from Not-for-profit, Profit businesses, NGOs and initiatives or awareness campaigns, CBOs and FBOs.It will have a live streaming of inspiring interviews from successful people in all fields to inspire those who want to shine.DREAMS - EXAMPLESMUSIC- A passionate youth can dream of setting up a non-profit venture program that uses music in juvenile detention centers teaching inmates social skills to increase their chances of acceptance and reintegration into society.THEATER- Someone can dream of using theater as a communicative tool that reduces suicide rates among young men in rural and remote areas of their countries while connecting them to surrounding opportunities.DREAMS CONTONLINE CAMPAIGN- From the world artists and icons speaking and spreading their messages of hope to areas faced with natural catastrophes like Typhoons.SPORTS- Someone may dream of using sports to act as an alternative rites of passage in girls from communities that practice Female Genital Mutilation and create awareness on negative effects and risks of such practice, encourage girls to school just like the boys.DREAMS..

A PROGRAM that creates awareness through ARTS to protect certain species of endangered wildlife.SOCIAL BUSINESSIn nutshell SHEMHOPE is my social-business venture that I aspire to jumpstart and its something that will speak to my soul.I remain devoted to establishing this dream because its worthy the commitment.With your support and my love for communication, technology, creativity, design and the will, this dream will be a reality.