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My Dream job

My Dream jobNuclear engineering By Rapolti Laszlobranch ofengineeringApplications: the breakdown (fission) as well as thefusionofatomic nucleinuclear physics nuclear reactors,nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons medicalapplicationsWhat is nuclear engineering?

Romaniaproduces heavy water at the Drobeta Girdler sulfide plant and exports it occasionally.Job Duties and Tasks

Yoshida MasaoAnatoly DyatlovHow do nuclear power plants work?

RadiationRadioactivityAbsorbed DoseDose EquivalentExposureCommon Unitscurie (Ci)radremroentgen (R) SI Unitsbecquerel (Bq)gray (Gy)sievert (Sv)coulomb/kilogram (C/kg)

26 April 1986Chernobyl

Finding a piece of nuclear fuel

11 March 2011Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

The Future

Income Hour: Disaster at Chernobyl (Discovery Channel) (2004)


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