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My Dream House. Rebecca Learman School XYZ . What I learned…. Freehand sketch– no scale. Professional Sketch. Juras , John M. Mortgage Report . Frankenmuth, MI: Interior and Residential Designs LLC, 1999. Print. . Professional sketch. 1 unit = 2 feet. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of My Dream House

My Dream Home

My Dream HouseRebecca LearmanSchool XYZ

What I learnedFreehand sketch no scale

Professional Sketch

Juras, John M. Mortgage Report. Frankenmuth, MI: Interior and Residential Designs LLC, 1999. Print.

Professional sketchBuilding Sketch. Bay City, MI: Mutual Savings Bank, Print.

1 unit = 2 feetResearch showsMy parents house measures 1964 ft2*An average 3 bedroom house in 2004 is 2,349 ft2*The average bedroom size is 121 ft2

The average kitchen size is 160ft2The average living room size is 256 ft2 The average bathroom size is 60ft2*As of 20116My plans for the future7In the futureMy Dreams

I want to marry and have a familyI want to live in a small townI want to become a teacherHow this influenced my dream houseI need a three or four bedroom house with more than one bathroomThe kitchen, dining, and family room must be connectedI am happy with a smaller house8My Dream houseMy BudgetWinnings $200,000Taxes $58,700Land (one acre) $5000

Remaining amount to build house $136, 300

Sketch of my dream houseScale: 1 unit = 2 feetDimensions: 36 feet by 42 feetSquare Footage: 1512

Welcome to My Dream House

36x42 = 1512 ft21 inch = 6.25 feetFloor plan + slides following w a tour thru each room12Square Footage per RoomRegular RoomsDining Room:176Study/Guest Room120Family Room204Entry90Pantry32Hall Closet30Bed 1110Bed 299Master Bed140Special RoomsKitchen120Master Bath77Bathroom54Laundry Room30ExtraHallway246Cost per RoomRegular RoomsDining Room: $132,000Study9,000Family Room 153,000Entry6,750Pantry2,400Hall Closet2,250Bed 18,250Bed 27,425Master Bed 10,500Special RoomsKitchen $180,000Master Bath 11,550Bathroom6,7500Laundry Room4,500ExtraHallway $17,925Total$133,800Remaining?My BudgetWinnings $200,000Taxes $58,700Land (one acre) $5000

Remaining amount to build house $136, 300

Cost of construction $133,800

Amount of winnings remaining: $2,500

I remained within my budget of $200,000!

Works CitedAdler, Margot. "Behind the Ever-Expanding American Dream House." National Public Radio, 04 Jul 2006. Web. 30 May 2013. . Common Room Sizes. Dimensions, n. d. .Mountain Majesty. Floor, n. d. Web. 16 May 2013. .