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Dream House

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  • 1. Description of my House Hello everybody,I'm JavierGaldeano, fromI.E.S Albaida and itis my description ofmy house. Hope you like it!

2. House My house has gottwo halls, a kitchen,a dining room, twoliving rooms, stairs,2 bathrooms, atoilet, 4 bedrooms,a balcony, a patioand a garden. 3. Hall When we enter in thehouse, first of all we seea big hall. There's apicture on the wall, andthere are also stairs. Thewall is purple and there'sa yellow column. The flooris made up of wood. Inthe end there's a modernwhite toilet. 4. Kitchen This is the kitchen.It has got the floormade up wood. Ithas got a sink, afridge, a lamp, acupboard and acooker. It also has 5drawers. Theworktop is made upof metal, also, thedrawers and the 5. Dining Room Next to the kitchenthere's our dining room,we have dinner there mostof nights. It has twoshelves with plants andvases. There's a big diningtable, with chairs. There'sa big lamp on the table,for iluminate the food.The floor is made up ofmarmol. The wall is white.Next to the dining room... 6. Living Room We have the livingroom. It has a bigtelevision, threepictures with their ownlights on the wall and anenormous carpet, madeup of fair. There's aarmchair and a big whitesofa. There's also alittle chair made up offair, and a big windowwith her owns curtains.The wall is grey and the 7. Stairs Now, we go to thehall and go to thesecondary upstairsthat are made up ofwood and... 8. 2 Floor (Hall) there is the nexthall, where we willfind some new rooms. The floor is made up ofmarmol and the wall ismade up of rocks. Atthe end of the hallthere's a bathroom. 9. Bathroom This bathroom hasgot a bath with ashower. There arealso four mirrors, andtwo sinks. There is ashelf with things forhave shower, forbrush or teeth, forbrush our hair...There are fivedrawers and also four 10. Bedroom This is my bedroom,there's a wardrobe, acomputer in the desk,there are two beds too.There are threecarpets, and fourdrawers. There is also ashelve in front of thewall. The wall is whiteand the wardrobe red.There is a white chairand a little lamp. 11. Bedroom Next to mybedroom, there'sthe bedroom of mysister. It has gos abed, a shelve, and abig white wardrobe.There's a desk andthere's also a biglamp. There's a abig pink carpet. The 12. Bedroom It is the bedroom of myparents, with a big blackbed. It has got a bigmirror, and a shelve.There's a grey picture onthe wall. There are somelights, and a bedsidetable. There is a drawermade up of wood. There'sa big white carpet. 13. Bathroom There's a bathroomnear the bedroomof my parents. Ithas a got somelights and a bigmirror. It has got abig bath, and twosinks. Under thesinks there are fourdrawers. 14. Bedroom We have got a bedroomsfor our friends. Whenour cousins come fromour house, they sleep inthis bedroom. There's abed, a wardrobe and atelevision, a bedsidetable and a little lamp.There is also a littlemirror. It has got a littletable. 15. Living Room We have got anotherliving room in the secondfloor. We use this livingroom for our Birthdaysand for meetings withour families or friends.We also read books orplay computer gamesthere. There is atelevision and there aretwo sofas. The are twostools and a big pipemade up of metal. There 16. Balcony We also have got alittle balcony. Wego to the balcony inthe summer, for doparties with waterand for sunbathe. 17. Patio We have a littlepatio with a bigswimming pool, wehave also somelittle plants. Wehave a table withsix chairs for havelunch. In winter weplay games and dopuzzles. 18. Garden It's our garden, ithas got a table and4 armchairs, it hasgot a sofa. We havelot of species ofplants and a floormade up of wood.We also do ourbirthdays there andparties with our