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My Dream Future. BY: Dana Jankovich. Prom Dress. Huge Expensive Sparkles galore I want to look like a Princess. Nurse Practitioner. 60% of Jobs in hospitals Largest healthcare occupation I want to help people. Big house. Beach house On the water Lots of windows Pool Hot Tub. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of My Dream Future

1. Become a Nurse Practitioner

My Dream FutureBY: Dana JankovichProm DressHugeExpensiveSparkles galoreI want to look like a Princess

60% of Jobs in hospitals Largest healthcare occupationI want to help people

Nurse PractitionerBig houseBeach houseOn the waterLots of windowsPoolHot Tub

Giant WeddingI would love to have a huge wedding with tons of people and a giant wedding dress. A giant wedding is my Dream.

Kids If I could choose..

Two GirlsEllaHaleyTwo boys DerekBradley

4. Buy a Flat Car

$15,999 2-door hatchbackCutest car ever!JLow makes it awesome

My hometownLove the cityGreat school Over 28,000 studentsOver 100 doctor programs

Dye my hair brownSince I was a little girl I have had blonde hair. When my hair started turning darker my mom got me high lights. Ever since I have gotten more and more highlights so I really would like to have dark hair like Vanessa Hudgens because it is actually my natural hair color. I just have always been afraid to.

Go To New York CityI would love to go to New York City and Go shopping at the huge Victoria Secret and see all the really big buildings. I have always wanted to go there and go shopping. I really want to go for my sixteenth birthday but I dont know how well that is going to work out. I really hope to go there before I die.

9/11 Memorial

Watched it at school in KindergartenScariest moment of my lifeInnocent people died Could have been me

CaliforniaBeachesCelebritiesWarm WeatherBeautiful SceneryShopping