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My dream computer. By J hanava R amisetty. CPU: Intel core i7. CPU stands for central processing unit which Is the brain of the computer that processes instructions, performs calculations and manages the flow of information through the computer system. Description : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My dream computer

My dream computerBy Jhanava RamisettyCPU: Intel core i7CPU stands for central processing unit which Is thebrain of the computer that processes instructions, performs calculations and manages the flow of information through the computer system. Description: - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8 MB cache - 3.5GHz - 64 bit support - Heatsink and Fan included

Reason for my choice in this processor is because of its speed and how it supports all the latest software and programsPrice: $200$735.99

RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance The ram is the working area of the CPU where data and program instructions are stored temporarily and disappear when the computer is turned off.

Description: - 16GB (2 x 8GB) - Cas Latency 9 - Voltage of 1.5V

I chose this memory card because the memory is high for multitaskingPrice: $109.99

Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA A motherboard is a circuit board for the computer that carries all the components on.Description: - Video ports: D-Sub + DVI - 4 USB ports - 5 audio port

This mother board is very reliable and can support all the components for my computer which is why I chose this.Price: $127.99

Video card: GeForce GTX 670 The video card is what increases the video graphics and the speed of the display.Description: - Core Clock speed: 965MHz - Memory size: 2Gb - HDMI PortThis video card is good for the kind of graphic it provides and its speedPrice: $369.99

Sound card: ASUS XonarThe sound card is a circuit card that improves the audio quality for the computer.Description:Channels 7.124-bit Digital audioSample rate192KHzThis choice of sound card was made was because of the quality the sound card provides.Price: $41.99

Power supply: CORSAIR AX1200iThe power supply powers the computer and its hardware.Description: - 1 fan - Input voltage: 90-264V

This power supply can let me add more hardware to my computer if I need too.Price:$329.99

Fan: RAIDMAX HYBRID 2The fan is used to cool down the computer so it wont overheatDescription:Maximum power: 730W

This fan with its power could make sure the computer wont overheat often.Price:$69.99

USB drive: Rosewill PCI Express CardThe USB drive allows the computer to take a type of usb as inputDescription: - 2 USB 3.0 ports

With this USB drive I am able to use better USBs in my computer as an input/output devicePrice:$24.99

DVD drive: ASUS 24X DVD BurnerDVD drives are used to accept DVDs as a sort of input for the computerDescription:DVD-ROM access time: 140msCD-ROM access time: 150msThe DVD drive reads DVDs fast which is why I like this DVD drive.Price:$20

Modem: Linksys DPC3008The modem is the communication device that allows my computer to be connected to a network.Description:Weight: 0.65 lbsI chose this modem because it seemed more reliable than the othersPrice:$90

Hard drive: Western Digital WDThe hard disk stores all of the computers digital information.Description:3 Gb/s7200 RPM1TB capacity

A bigger hard disk could boost the performance in my computerPrice:$109.99

Chassis: Sentey Optimus Extreme Division Tower CaseThe chassis contains and protects all the parts of the system unit.Description:19.09" x 7.48" x 18.3110.80 lbs

The chassis is big enough for all my components to fit inPrice:$49.99

Monitor: Acer G226HQLBbdThe monitor displays information from the computer as an output.Description:Screen size is 21.5Weight: 4.5 lbsThe monitor gives a wide screen for me to view information betterPrice:$129.99

Keyboard: Logitech G510The keyboard provides a way to input data into the computer in letters, numbers, and symbolsDescription:Connection type: wired

The way the keyboard is designed it fits for comfort for me while I'm typingPrice:$99.99

Mouse: RAZER Naga HexThe mouse allows you to move around and click on things on your computer.Description:Connection type: USBThe mouse (like the keyboard) fits for comfort for mePrice:$60.99

Web camera: Logitech HD Pro WebcamThe webcam allows the user to talk to others using video chat.Description:Captures video at 30 Fps 1080p recordingWith the HD recording the web camera interest me because I could communicate with good qualityPrice:$81.99

17Printers/Speakers: HP Deskjet 3520 CX056AA printer is an output device that is used to print the information like text and imagesDescription:22 ppmThe printer is fast for printing any image I wantPrice:$79.99

Operating system: Windows 7The operating system is a software that manages the computer and its peripheral devicesDescription:Easy to use and work with

The OS is easy to use on PCs and it is reliable mostly which is why I chose this OSPrice:$120

Compared with regular computerA regular computer wouldn't perform as fast as my dream pc

The quality of the video and images wouldnt be as good