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1. My Dad Freaks Me Out 2. Question: I am 16 and have just made a shocking discovery I was sick and alone at home When I felt a bit better, I cleaned my room and changed the sheets 3. I wanted to wash the sheets on my dads bed as well I discovered my dirty panties and a used sanitary napkin inside his pillowcase I put it all back 4. I dont know what to do! Dad and I have been on our own since mom left with her boyfriend She sends me birthday cards but never phones 5. I hate her I want my dad to meet a nice lady He never dates I am worried about him getting arrested 6. I dont have any other family What do I do? 7. Answer You are very mature for your age Read through my answer and then decide what to do 8. Lets deal with your mother first Your anger is understandable Take a step back What have you gained from her leaving? 9. You have a sense of responsibility You have gained in many other ways Give yourself some credit 10. You could speak to your dad about your discovery It does not feel appropriate 11. Find a family counsellor near you Tell your dad you are not coping and he must go with you See the counsellor alone and explain about your dad 12. Your dad will not go to jail Keep working on reasons for thanking your mom for her actions That helps you both to heal 13. We all feel intimidated by life at times You are already leading a meaningful life 14. You are a lovely, brave girl 15. Thank You