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Highlighting the mental health and emotional wellneing of children. An overview of the developmental needs of children and how specialist child psychology services operate in the South West region. Discover why child counselling is a specialist service.

Transcript of My Child My Family

  • 1. Child Mental Health Services Jay Anderson Psychologist Specialist Child Counsellor Specialist Services For Child Mental Health in South-west WA
  • 2. Intro & Background Extensive Child Protection Experience Forensic Interviewing & Risk Assessment Working with trauma Psychological Interventions Registered Psychologist with additional child therapy training Registered Counsellor ACA Registered Play Therapist & Accredited Supervisor Specialist skills in child mental health
  • 3. Developmental Differences of childhood Stages of Adult Development very different to children Need to understand child development Infant Toddler child adolescent 0-18!! Engaging & Communicating with children Understanding of attachment & trauma Psychological Interventions vary significantly Significantly different Disorders to adults Specialist Skills required
  • 4. Presenting Issues Emotional difficulties Adjustment difficulties -Separated Families Anxiety or Depression Abuse & Trauma Autism and developmental disorders Grief Family Relationships/Parenting/Behaviour
  • 5. Different Roles Assessment Vs Therapy School Psychologists Vs Therapist/Clinician Any Psychologist/Counsellor can do child therapy 2 or 3 days training is enough Working with Teens is sufficient experience Being a parent is enough training Myths
  • 6. Specialist Associations Recommend 2 years specialist study & training ON TOP OF Core Psychology/Therapy training Personal Therapy for clinician Intense clinical work, under supervision Ongoing, regular-Supervision by a specialist
  • 7. Guide to Membership/Involvement Specialist Associations: Australasia- Pacific Play Therapy Assoc. Aust. Play Therapy Assoc. Aust. Assoc. for Infant mental Health International Play Therapy Assoc. Member of APS Specialist Interest Groups
  • 8. Main Services MY CHILD MY FAMILY Specialist Child Counselling Parenting Support & training Educational & Therapeutic Groups Family Therapy Working with trauma Therapy specifically for Autism Specialist child Interventions eg Play Therapy
  • 9. MY CHILD MY FAMILY --------------- THANK YOU for your TIME Jay Anderson Psychologist Specialist Child Counsellor Ph: 0411 138 036