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My American Dream. By Arianne Mejia . 3/23/12. I absolutely love playing basketball!. I also like listening to. Eminem is my idol . When I graduate from college, I would like to become an astronomer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My American DreamBy Arianne Mejia 3/23/12

I absolutely love playing basketball!

I also like listening to

Eminem is my idol When I graduate from college, I would like to become an astronomer

2I really dont care what university I go, as long as I make my dream of being an astronomer true, but my father wants me to go to UCSD. UCSD is one of the worlds leading public research universities, located in La Jolla.

Once Im economically stable, I would like to move and live in Miami, Florida. My house would be small and near the beach.

I wouldnt want to marry but I would like to adopt a baby boy and a baby girl. I would love to have a pit bull and a husky.

I would like to travel to Japan, Europe, and shopping at Paris.

I want to be an astronomer. To achieve my dream, Im going to study and try to get the best grades I can get. Studying to be an astronomer is difficult, so Im going to spend all my free time studying math and astronomy. With the support of my family and friends, I believe my dream can be accomplished.

My role models are my parents. Without them, who is going to pay for my college? When life gets difficult, I know that my parents are always going to be with me to support and help me whenever they can. My Role Models

My Motivation

My motivation to continue studying and reaching for my dreams are my little sisters. My sisters are one of the most important people in my life and I want to be the best role model for them.

I will know when I have accomplished my dream when I graduate and become an astronomer. I will be living a life full of adventures and probably be a very ecstatic person.

Final Words of Wisdom Enjoy life to the fullest, once youre old, you will never enjoy your teenage years againLife is precious; dont waste a minute, not even a second arguing with someone you loveAlways try your hardest on everything you do, you will get rewarded later during life