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music video research for a2 media.

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  • 1. Music Video Research

2. Linkin Park - Numb Has a mix between live performance and a story which allows the viewer to become involved and make what they want of the story linked by the lyrics and music. The style of this music video is very cinematic, and can easily be mistaken for a short film. The establishing shots allow the audience to know that both the girl and band are two separate stories, by using separate areas to show them in. They are then brought together by the linking of the lyrics and the suggested story behind the girl.someone disappointed in you. In this still we can see both the girls and a woman, who we assume to be her mother. There is a direct link between lyrics and action in this shot as the lyrics . The relationship between these two is hinted by the way in which the girl is hidden and the mother; who is dressed in a very conservative manner, appears to ignore the girl. 3. Escape The Fate - Not good enough for truth and clich This music video follows a similar set up to the Linkin Park Numb video, in that it tells a story connected with the lyrics in a cinematic fashion, however it does this in a different way.In this video the story connected with the lyrics includes one of the band members, the singer at that time Ronnie Radke. The entire video is shot in the same room, the Capulet caf. By using the juliet and Capulet names, as well as having the two main characters drink poison, the video is directly linked to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This is also heard in the lyrics for the song. this blood on my hands is something I cannot forget 4. Pantera - Five Minutes Alone This videois created for heavy metal band: Pantera. This video isquite artistica This video is erffective in the way of which it presents its artistic shots, combines slow motion and stroboscopic imageryand because it is quite indirect : you dont get many full shots of the musicians faces, other than phil Anselmo, which means the focus of the video is drawn to the music and Phil as opposed to the emotiohns of other members of the band. Hey may have chosen to do this due to the story behind the song: Phil shouted into the crowd at some kid, his dad complainedto the band manager saying : just give me five minutes alone with this Anselmo guy, to which Phil replied Give me five mintues alone and Ill whoop his ass This shot showing a lightbulb being smashed is one of my favourtie shots. As yiou can see it has also been merged with an image of lead singer : Phil Anselmo , who the song is most personal to. 5. System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B This is another music video which tells a story. This video is very artistic and features many propogranda like images. Such as the image on the left showing the soilders with the word OBEY on their helmets 6. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing This is an effective music video because it tells a story, but the lyrics arent really a part of the story. However the video does reflect the happy-go-lucky feel of the song, and is very reminiscent of a dream; it is clear that something like this would not happen in everyday life.The video has a very playful spirit to it.ll