Music Video Analysis

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0:00 – 0:12 Typing appears telling a story of two men. 0:13-0:15 an effect showing a video tape going wrong. 0:15-0:19 a long shot of both band members with ladies sitting at table.
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Transcript of Music Video Analysis

  • 1. 0:00 0:12 Typing appears telling a story of two men. 0:13-0:15 an effect showing a video tape going wrong. 0:15-0:19 a long shot of both band members with ladies sitting at table.

2. 0:19-0:29 Mid shot of both band members performing to the camera. 0:29-0:30 A quick close up of a woman zooming out. 0:30-0:33 one slow motion shot of them throwing off their dressing gowns, then back to band members performing. 3. 0:33-0:34 more quick shots of women, using white flashes as transitions. 0:34-0:37 back to band members performing, using a banana as a prop. 0:37-0:38 another two quick shots of women, an CU of one of them. 4. 0:38-0:40 Band members sing to camera 0:41-0:41 a quick ECU shot of lights, different colour background. 0:41-0:42 another slow motion shot of the band members. 5. 0:42-0:45 band members begin to fight and jump over each other. Comedy elements? 0:45-0:48 band members changed clothing and are having photos taken whilst still messing about. 0:48-0:49 a woman points camera towards audience, POV shot. 6. 0:49-0:50 band members are posing for the photos. 0:50-0:51 quick shot again of the photographer. 0:51-0:55 band members still posing and singing to the camera. 7. 0:56-0:59 lots of CU shots of the band members singing messing about. 0:59-1:05 band members dance with the women who were sitting at the table. 1:05-1:07 band members are dancing on the floor, photographer is in the shot. 8. 1:05-1:13 Band members are all over the girls, CU and some mid shots. 1:13-1:14 band member walks towards the camera, creating a transition to the next setting. 1:14-1:17 completes the transition and is in the new setting, a gym with a big mat. Girls are still there but with different costumes. 9. 1:17-1:18 quick shot of the band members in the previous setting. 1:18-1:22 band members are pretending to fight on mat. More comedy elements? 1:23-1:24 band members sing towards the camera. 10. 1:24-1:25 another quick shot back to a band member with a girl in the other setting. 1:29-1:32 band members start fighting and shots of them still singing to the camera 1:32-33 a very quick CU of the three girls. 11. 1:33-1:36 band members singing whilst the girls dance in the background but are still visible. 1:36-1:42 shots from both settings still the band members singing to the camera. 12. 1:42-1:44 change of setting again and CU of band members, different colours and costumes. 1:44-1:46 the photographer is also in this setting and appears in many shots on her own and with the band members. 13. 1:46-1:47 quick shot of women again. 1:47-1:53 shots of the band member in the setting, crawling on the floor, singing etc. 1:53-1:56 to sing the chorus the band member is in another setting. 14. 1:56-1:57 another line for the chorus, another setting. 1:57-2:03 some crudish shots, showing more comedy elements, relevant to the song? 2:03-2:05 another quick shot changing setting. 15. 2:05-2:13 shots continue showing band members performing the song to the camera in the three different scenes shown in the video. 2:13-2:22 when the tempo of the song changes the setting becomes a darker colour and the shot shows it as if the video is bad quality. 16. 2:22-2:25 goes back to the other setting, them still performing. 2:25-2:26 shots of the band members jumping in mid air. 2:26-2:36 quick shots of all settings and the band just performing crazily at the camera. 17. 2:36-2:39 a woman mid shot, blue background, quite revealing. 2:39-2:40 a mid shot of one of the band members. 2:40-2:42 a mid shot of the photographer. 18. 2:42-2:44 a mid shot of the other band member. 2:44-2:45 a CU of the lights. 2:45-2:47 another mid shot of another woman. 19. 2:47-2:50 gone back to the other setting and jumped on a table and slide along it, photographer in shot. 2:50-2:53 back to gym setting and they are dancing with the girls then a shot of the woman jumping in mid air. 2:53-2:54 return to the slide on table and see how it ends. 20. 2:54-2:58 lots of shots going to each scene, gym scene, first scene and jungle scene. In the first scene they are trashing the table. 3:06-end lots of shots of destroying the table and getting beaten up by the women in the gym scene. More mid shots with blue backgrounds to end the video.