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  • 1. This is a photo which was taken at the wrong moment but I liked it, and kept it.I tried to find some way of including this in the magazine but I could not make it link. Even though I liked it I decided not to use this Photo in my Music Magazine as it is blurry and is at a tilt. In addition it would not fit into the genre or even the article. I thought the effect was good to be honest it was just that it would not fit in with the magazine or the article being produced. If it was taken upright it would have been a better picture and I could of made it sharper to make the lines stand out in the picture but instead it was at a tilt and taken at the wrong time which was a pitty as I could of used it if it wasnt for this.

2. As I had two photos that were similar to each other, and the same colours and etc.I had to decide which one to use. This one was good as it showed eye contact from both people suggesting that they are both important artists. There is not one person more important then the other, they both are equal.On the other picture I used the spot remover, which helped so you could see the models face and features more. I decided not to use this one as the other picture was better quality and had more colour involved, but I did like both of the pictures and if I could use both of them somehow I would of. This picture was meant to be on my school magazine, but I thought I could somehow link it to my music magazine. It could have been linked to the main article somehow, but I decided not to use it as it was taken as a kind of joke. However it turned out good ( in my opinion) and I really wanted to use it, but I could not find a link. I thought this picture had a great background settings; such as the trees and the buildings. It showed depth and it was a shame I could not use it somehow, because it would have been great. We are bothlooking straight at the camera which suggests we are the main singers/ people in the band how close they are suggests that they are close. 3. These pictures are very similar but if you look closely they are different. Our face expressions are different in each picture but our body language is the same or similar. I liked these pictures lot as they were long shots and could see what our body language was like, and what we were like as people. Your body language tells everything about you; what you are like as a person, what your attitude is like and so onWe wanted this to come across in all the pictures andtried different ways in standing. It was hard as we all do different things when standing up and when showing attitude. We gathered up ideas and tried them out. In all these pictures there is a light in the top right hand corner. We didnt actually know this but we turned the lights out and placed just this one light on which created this effect . You can also see the shadows in the white background. 4. I thought this picture stood out from all the rest taken because of the red shirt and the white background. This colour effect made this picture very effective. We also had a tie involved butyou could not see it because due to her hair being black. I did not use this picture as it is at a tilt and will not link to my magazine genre. As my magazine genre is rock/Indie this picture will not link because of the style of clothing, however the clothes are red and black. I just felt as if it wouldnt go! This picture was taken when the model wasnt yet ready so it looked wrong, however I did actually use this kind of image on the content page. You can also see a huge pencil in the background which was not meant to be there :P The model had her tongue out; this is a reason why I thought I wouldnt be able to use it. 5. I used these throughout my whole research of my music magazine, and it came in handy when producing my magazine. It helped me with various ideas and showed me how to layout them. These came in handy when I needed to think about filling in extra spaces. I had to make the Headline bigger and the cover lines a different font.I found these great help, as at the top it has a little advertisement and it made it look professional so I included this in my own magazine and made it stand out by changing the colour of the text.I thought this was a good picture to use in my magazine, and it stood out because of the colour of the shirt. It also showed that I used both types of sexs. This picture came in handy as I looked at this and decided the genre was rock. As I wanted to do rock/Indie I wanted this colour pallet to come across in my magazine. I wanted Black, white and Red in my magazine. I also thought the headline was brilliant. Bright Bold red writing which stands out extremely well on the black background. Its great. I tried to do the same but with white writing. I think I could of make the headline bigger but I thought I did quite well. The layouts are really good on these magazines above and I tried to copy ( steal their ideas).