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  • 1. SNAGOVISBN 978-973-0-13815-3The Reed House:GPS: 444226.50 Nsome weekends is open (onoseaua Snagov nr. 78, 261026.40 E the occasion of other events)Snagov Sat, comuna Snagov, Collections visiting will be communicated bycod postal 077165, 1) Only by previous appoint- requestJude Ilfov, Romnia ment 4) Fee for visiting: 3-10 lei/Tel/Fax: 021 323 9905, 2) For organized groupspers. established accordingMobil: +4(0)720 SNAGOV (min. 8 people) a dayto the group size, type of pre-+4(0)720 762468would be established by mu-sentations (audio or tual agreement media, with/without guide),www.fundatiasnagov.ro3) For individuals only in duration and period of time.

2. Index 3Collection 04P04 Message to the readerP24 Monasteries andChurches in Snagov AreaCollection 05VLAD BASARABP06 What are SnagovP26 EPE / DRACULA HISTORY andMuseum Collections? LEGENDP09 HISTORY andCULTUREP29 Collection 06Eco-Tourism ofSnagov areain Snagov areaP12 Collection 01Local archaeology /P33 Collection 07Numismatics / Maps Water SportsCollection 02 Other collections inP14 ETHNOGRAPHY local traditions P36 development, partiallyexposed, at which youSnagov Areaare invited to contributeCollection 03P18 Good and badcelebritiesP39 Other attractions inSnagov areacollections 01/index 3. 4 Introductionand therefore with anin the woods and in theimperative obligation of communities on one sidestrict protection).or the other of the lake. InFrom the former largethe past 40 years, I haveSarmatica and the former (already) witnessed 2-3impenetrableForest major changes that haveof Wallachia, this lakelocally diluted (and lost)remained theirvery many of the traditions andcentre (the largest in the cultural and natural richesRomanian Plain) and theof the area. There werelast pieces of the Forest of changes with good and badVlsia (which still contains parts. This approach triesmany old trees). to do something (at leastMessage to the readerSnagov Area (silently) wit- comprehends, preservesProbably (you, the reader) nessed many impact events,and provides a transfer toare a local (older or newer) with a regional, national future generations) and Ior a tourist willing toand even internationalhave devoted a considerableknow something new (or relevance. Here, politicianspiece of my time in themore) about Snagov Area. and leaders met, advised, recent years to understand,This area includes the entirenegotiated, threatened, search, collect, organize, andSnagov Lake (16km) andcondemnedand even (currently) present objectsthe surrounding forestskilled themselves over theand information about the(>1400ha parts of thecenturies.history and heritage of thisformer Forest of Vlsia).area.This area (administratively) I, Constantin Turmac I amincludes the villages Snagov,a native born in 1965, so I I see new generationsGruiu, Ciolpani. This is the spent my whole childhoodthat cannotlearn /area with a great cultural on the bank of the lake,understand what it washeritage (monasteries, chur-ches, monuments, customs,traditions and crafts, aninspiring and creativeplace for a series of artists)and a natural heritage (abiodiversity with at leastfour habitats, with a total ofover 2,700 species of faunaand flora, of which over 120are protected and 43 are evenon the red list that meansthey are internationallyconsideredendangered 02/message to the reader collections 4. Introduction5(if someone would really religious, cultural, historical, changed or added (and inawaken their curiosity) as sports, political centre the next reviewed editionif I could see generations (at different times) sowe will mention you in a listthat go without tellingthat by exposing a set ofof contributors). You couldsomeone what, when, howcollections related to Sna-help us with new relevantmuch was good in their life; gov area- on topics of information / picturesOr what they wanted to bearchaeology, ethnography,/ materials (or even tokept; Or what they believedcultural and historical fa-recommend other personsin and what they were proudmous people, Vlad Tepethat can help us in ourof; What Snagov was like (the Impaler), eco-tourism,approach). in their days; Where water sports we are tryingthey had fun and how;What were their favouriteplaces; What names theyhad; What unusual eventsthey had; What celebritiesthey saw in the area; Whatthey knew about them; Inwhich tragedies, sufferingsand joys they took part;How it (actually) was incommunism; And so on.As a local, I know very wellthe people, the customs,the traditions, the beliefs,the bad habits, the values(as they became). Andto bring a picture (presentedHelp repositioning andthis approach of Snagovchronologically), more upgrading Snagov area Foundation addresses morecomplete and clear - on thetaking into considerationthe next generations thanimpact, significance and the heritage significancethe contemporaries (whorelevance of Snagov area for (insufficiently known) andseem too troubled by the the culture and the historythe role it played duringviolence of the changes in of the region and even for the time in the history andthe last 20 years - to givethat of the whole country. culture of the region and ofsufficient attention to suchRomania.issues). How can YOU help? This booklet is a first versionDoes Snagov have anythingand the collections (the(really) special?mobile heritage) need toI have found (after quite abe enriched. Therefore welot of research) that Snagov invite you to visit us andarea was a very importanttell us what needs to becollections 02/message to the reader 5. 6 What are Snagov Museum Collections?What are Snagov Museum can guess or if requested save a part of the (oral)Collections? listen to). culture, traditions, customs,A part of the Museum ofBecause the existence of aobjects etc. belonging tolocal history in Snagovstory for each A4 page is the local people (beforeArea a request of qualification at globalisation). the international exhibitionsWhat do these collections(contests) (OPEN class in Among the objectives, Sna-contain? FIP). And a part of the gov Museum (along with itsThere are collections (grou- collections exhibited takecollections) provides:ped on themes) of images part in such contests.1) a place of deposit(old cards, postcards, photos, Snagov Foundation (Com- + exhibition (for thosestamps, maps) together withmission D) has registered interested) for differentbooks and articles (relatedsince 2009 at the Ministry of information, objects, trad-to Snagov Area, events, per- Culture (section Heritage itions, customs all ofsons in connection withDecision no.3229/ Heritage/ them, dimensions relatedthese places), enriched with 26.01.2010 - Directiondifferent objects (many with of Museums, Collectionsspecific histories) that try and Visual Arts, Nationalto render something from Committee of Museumsthe history of this area.and Collections) a set ofThese objects collectionsthematic collections specificare grouped (regularly)to Snagov Area, formingchronologically in A4 papers The Museum of localthat have a title (theme) andhistory in Snagov Areaa relevant story (that you trying to render and 03/A part of the Museum of local history in Snagov Area collections 6. What are Snagov Museum Collections?7 CHRONOLOGY of the Museum Collections of Snagov Foundation Legend: Ci = Collections of international relevance [Vlad Basarab epe/Dracula, Water sports, Biodiversity] Cn = Collections of national relevance [Vlad Basarab epe/Dracula, Water sports, Biodiversity] Cr = Collections of regional relevance [Eco-tourism, ethnography, [Personalities, Archaeology]]collections03/A part of the Museum of local history in Snagov Area 7. 8 What are Snagov Museum Collections?to the history / specific ofSnagov Area2) a new attraction point(tourist destination) - atSnagov Foundation -relevant to Snagov Area,Muntenia andevenRomania (at least throughtwo collections unique atinternational level)3) a place where you canexperience some traditionalactivities related to: fishing,pottery, basketry, textiles4) a place where you can seespecies of fauna and floraspecific to the area (a pondand a set of pipes and tanks)5) a place where it isexemplified (presents)ideassolutionsenvironmental technologiesboth simple and modern(future) in the hope thatvisitors will experience achange after having seenand after taking part in suchexperiences. 03/A part of the Museum of local history in Snagov Area collections 8. Istorie i Cultur n Zona Snagov9of many events, to the de-velopment of a minimumof the infrastructure (theisland Vlad Tepes had walls,bridges, various groups ofbuildings), to the creationof religious or administra-tive or operational centresthroughout the centuries.As far as the cultural heritageThereconstitutionof old forests) had continuity is concerned, we might con-historyand cultural with the flourishing timessider at least two categories:implications of Snagov area about 4000 years ago anda) one developed by the localremains a challenge some 2000 years ago, when residents (who were most ofThat is because there is so there was in Coada Lintii the time troubled, abused,little known and even fewer even a group of furnacesexploited by the impor-things have been presentedfor working the metals andtant persons that neededto the public about Snagov. so the area was integratedmanpower, support, variousThe cycles of increase andat least in some wider eco- services provided locally).decline of Snagov were duenomic circuits. And if the 30 The heritage still observableto the special wealth (espe-archaeological sites around through customs, particular-cially natural - with excel-the Lake Snagov cannot tell ities of the traditional crafts,lent strategic and military us much about the life, the in the clothing and lan-configurations) of the area,achievements and the hopesguage elements, or even incoupled with the many dif-of the first arrived people inthe behaviour elements etc.ferent uses conferred to this the