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Transcript of Muse - Uprising

  • 1. Muse Uprising
  • 2. Camera The establishing shot shows a long shot of a darkened building with fire underneath it following the path of a wire. The screen then cuts to a street corner where a plastic doll stands watching this fire. The band are first seen on the back of a van as the camera tracks them across the screen, different camera shots are used like close-ups or high angled shots, making them the main focus.
  • 3. Camera The band are often shown from these very high angled shots, where the camera is directly above them looking down. This gives them a sense of power and focuses the attention on them. The majority of the close up shots are of the main singer, which shows the viewer that he is the main focus of the band, and maybe the most important member.
  • 4. Lighting The whole videos is in quite a dark setting, setting the scene for the video, which has a dark meaning. There are times when the band is surrounded by light though, which focuses , also in that picture they are in a caravan which the earlier fuse has just ignited, which could represent hope. The bands eyes are often seen to be shadowed, making it hard to see their eyes, this gives them a sense of mystery and could even suggest danger.
  • 5. Sound There are several links between lyrics and images in the video, for example, when the bonfire of burning bears is shown, the words they will not control us are heard, which could mean they refuse to live in fear. There is also a part where the music stops for a second then picks up again, when it does the bears are shown to emerge from the ground in time with the music, shortly after the music picks up and the car that the band are in gets faster also in time with the music.
  • 6. Editing There is constant crosscutting between the band on the back of a van and the little town with the fuse/ giant bears, this allows the viewer to focus on different parts of the video easily. The bears are also done with CGI, to give them a more realistic look with some personality.