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1 SECTION 2: 1977-1979 1974: Part One Early January 1974: Patty Harrison moves out of George Harrison‟s mansion to live with Eric Clapton, who confesses his relationship with her. January 5 th Pink Floyd‟s album Dark Side of The Moon is number one- Melody Maker charts the two Beatles compilations (1962-66) and (1967-70) both in the top ten and Red Rose Speedway is at #36. By the second week of January Melody Maker magazine says “the Beatles back together again, it could happen” Paul says “we have broken up as a band but I‟d like to see us work together on a loose basis – and I think we will” Mid January ringo‟s album “you‟re sixteen” is number one in the US and receives a gold record. Second week of January “Jet” and “Let it roll” is released in UK in single. And in us February 18 th . SONG: Jet / Let Me Roll It: PAUL MCCARTNEYc - Paul was inspired to compose it for his new Labrador puppy of the same name while they were playing in Scottish field one day - Recorded for band on the run album when Wing‟s returned from Nigeria. - Great horn riff and electric guitar playing chop chords (muted) on the off beats help drive this song on the intro. - Electric guitar fills at the ends of each phrase - Paul is yellow - JET the title line is shouted and then Paul sings the verse over a repeating bass note and rock band - Horns return at the end of the phrase, title line is repeated and wordless backup vocals. Then vocals come back - Great harmonies throughout the song - Bridge starts on „our Mater” where Paul sings a sustained mel ody as electric guitar answers and ends with Paul and horns. - Electric guitars and pounding rock and roll acoustic piano are featured in a short interlude - Jet is shouted and synthesizer plays the melody over the verse - Paul‟s vocals enter during the second part of the phrase. - Paul screaming rock and roll vocals between the horn riffs at the end - A sax through an effectus processor states the verse melody to end the song SONG: “Oh my my” (backed with Step lightly) by Ringo - End of February Ringo‟s single Oh My My / Steep Lightly is released. - From Ringo Album - Co written by vocalist and composer Vini Poncia and went to #5 on the US charts in 1974. - Tom Scott (sax) Billy Preston (piano and organ) Klaus Vorman (bass) Ringo (drums & vocals) and Martha Reeves (background Vocals) - Martha Reeves of “Martha and the Vandellas” from the Motown group - Ringo counts in the tempo, with 1-2-3-4... one silent beat and the acoustic piano holds a chord through the rest of the measure - Gospel style rock song - Organ pads and sax ad-libs enter with the bass and drums, and Ringo sings the verse, a silly narrative over a loose blues form with a break at the end of each phrase - Title line chorus listen to bass notes, slides, along with backup vocals, horns and acoustic piano fills. - Trombones, and horns, and other vocals included. - Chorus returns and an interlude features freely sing back-up vocals, sax, solo, acoustic piano, band and horns. Martha‟s voice can be well heard here prominent - More fun lyrics and catchy melody that earmark this song as Ringo sings another verse and chorus. - Chorus section repeats with high backup harmonies, ,piano, drums, and sax fills and a long face out to end this “party” song
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Beatles section 2

Transcript of MUS 354 - Beatles After Beatles

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    SECTION 2: 1977-1979

    1974: Part One

    Early January 1974: Patty Harrison moves out of George Harrisons mansion to live with Eric Clapton, who confesses his relationship with her.

    January 5th Pink Floyds album Dark Side of The Moon is number one- Melody Maker charts the two Beatles compilations (1962-66) and (1967-70) both in the top ten and Red Rose Speedway is at #36.

    By the second week of January Melody Maker magazine says the Beatles back together again, it could happen Paul says we have broken up as a band but Id like to see us work together on a loose basis and I think we will

    Mid January ringos album youre sixteen is number one in the US and receives a gold record. Second week of January Jet and Let it roll is released in UK in single. And in us February 18th. SONG: Jet / Let Me Roll It: PAUL MCCARTNEYc - Paul was inspired to compose it for his new Labrador puppy of the same name while they were playing in

    Scottish field one day - Recorded for band on the run album when Wings returned from Nigeria. - Great horn riff and electric guitar playing chop chords (muted) on the off beats help drive this song on the

    intro. - Electric guitar fills at the ends of each phrase - Paul is yellow - JET the title line is shouted and then Paul sings the verse over a repeating bass note and rock band - Horns return at the end of the phrase, title line is repeated and wordless backup vocals. Then vocals come

    back - Great harmonies throughout the song - Bridge starts on our Mater where Paul sings a sustained melody as electric guitar answers and ends with

    Paul and horns. - Electric guitars and pounding rock and roll acoustic piano are featured in a short interlude - Jet is shouted and synthesizer plays the melody over the verse - Pauls vocals enter during the second part of the phrase. - Paul screaming rock and roll vocals between the horn riffs at the end - A sax through an effectus processor states the verse melody to end the song

    SONG: Oh my my (backed with Step lightly) by Ringo - End of February Ringos single Oh My My / Steep Lightly is released. - From Ringo Album - Co written by vocalist and composer Vini Poncia and went to #5 on the US charts in 1974. - Tom Scott (sax) Billy Preston (piano and organ) Klaus Vorman (bass) Ringo (drums & vocals) and Martha

    Reeves (background Vocals) - Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandellas from the Motown group - Ringo counts in the tempo, with 1-2-3-4... one silent beat and the acoustic piano holds a chord through the

    rest of the measure - Gospel style rock song - Organ pads and sax ad-libs enter with the bass and drums, and Ringo sings the verse, a silly narrative over

    a loose blues form with a break at the end of each phrase - Title line chorus listen to bass notes, slides, along with backup vocals, horns and acoustic piano fills. - Trombones, and horns, and other vocals included. - Chorus returns and an interlude features freely sing back-up vocals, sax, solo, acoustic piano, band and

    horns. Marthas voice can be well heard here prominent - More fun lyrics and catchy melody that earmark this song as Ringo sings another verse and chorus. - Chorus section repeats with high backup harmonies, ,piano, drums, and sax fills and a long face out to end

    this party song

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    In February 20th the real start to John & Yokos temporary separation begins. John & May Pang fly to Los Angeles where Mal Evans meets them (former Ruddy of Beatles).

    London high court agrees to carry on running the Beatles partnership trough a receiver Paul mentions that as soon as things get sorted out, they can all get together and do something again.

    Paul & wings rehearse for planned trip to LA

    March 1st: john petitions the us district court for a restraining for the immigration department on his deportation case

    March 9th Paul, Linda & family go to L.A for rehearsal, Paul visits john March 12th, John & Harry Nilsson are thrown out of LAS Troubadour Club after they drunkenly heckle the

    Smothers Bros. John says I got drunk and shouted, it was a mistake, but hell Im human He drank brandy Alexanders (brandy & milk)

    Press begins to notice that John, Ringo, Harry and Keith Moon have wild evenings in L.A

    John & Harry Nilsson send flowers and an apology to the Smothers Bros and eventually go see the manger to say Im sorry

    John & May Pang move into beach house in Santa Monica : Ringo, Klaus, Keith Moon, and Harry go to visit in the next month

    John starts producing Harry Nilssons Pussycats LP at a Burbank Studio and Paul and Linda drop by.

    Paul and John Jam on Midnight Special (first musical reunion in years) and John invites Paul to a Sunday music session at his beach house

    March 31st: Paul visits John at his beach house, they jam and play together. Songs such as stand by me and Lucille are performed by John. Paul on drums and harmony, and such artists as Linda, Stevie Wonder, and Jesse Ed Davis (guitarist).

    April : Paul gets an American visa

    Ringo shows up at Johns beach house and notices that his drums are not the way he left them. John tells him that Paul showed up the other day. Paul shows up the next morning with Linda. Paul plays piano while John is still in bed and Keith and Harry perform a medley of Beatles songs. John wakes up at 3pm and joins them... and LAST PHOTO OF JOHN AND PAUL IS SNAPPED.

    Paul & Linda visit the home of Beach Boys Brian Wilson, but he is suffering emotional problems and doesnt answer the door.

    1974: Part Two

    SONG: BAND ON THE RUN (backed with 1985): PAUL MCCARTNEY - April 8th : Band on The Run / Nineteen Hundred Eight-Five is released in the U.S only - Banda on the Run was inspired from remarks George made during the final meetings the Beatles had - #1 US, #2 UK, one of the best of Pauls work, and one of the most famous too. - Electric guitar pick up notes as the intro begins setting the tempo as bass, drums, and a synth riff enters this

    medium slow groove - Paul sings the verse with the synth answering and vocal harmonies enter and move in a parallel fashion to

    Pauls lead. - A new section: same tempo, but harder rock feel begins as electric guitar states the upcoming verse melody. - Synth joins in, playing sustained melodies over a repeat of this section. - Five bar orchestral interlude featured strings and horns enters (took a fully day to rehearse, record and

    synchronize) with the track A.I.R Studios in London - This very different section is odd-metered almost out of time and played Tutti (unison or in octaves by all) - Acoustic guitar overlap at the end, strumming new tempo, joined by bass, indicating new next section. - Paul sings in a higher register, including the title line in the lyrics during this narrative section - Paul sings the next verse with bird-like guitar fills in the background - Chorus repeats with answering electric guitar riffs, and acoustic guitars and band play a Tutti rhythmic

    interlude - Electric guitar solos throughout section, very effective vocal breaks featuring Pauls sustained vocals over

    held band chords and electric guitar fills - Great vocal harmony at end of each phrase chorus repeats - Songs ends with Tutti acoustic guitar pattern. Tight, well rehearsed.

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    April 10th John & May Pang move from their beach house to Peter Law fords old house at $5,000 a month. Second week of April: Band on the Run LP tops US charts, 6 million copies worldwide and remains on the

    US & UK charts for two years!

    End of April : Paul is holding auditions for new Wings drummer, chose Geoff Britton

    John & May Pang & Harry Nilsson move to New York and continue working on Pussy Cats album. John & Pang live in the hotel : Pierre

    May : George Harrison starts his own record label called Dark Horse Records, he signed people such as Ravi Shankar and the new group Splinter

    AMI does worldwide distribution, Beatles contract expired in Feb 76. George and Ringo wanted Apple Records to continue handling their work as well as that of others, but John & Paul opposed.

    Early June : John works on demo for Walls & Bridges LP, and Band on the Run single goes gold and reaches #1 in US

    June : john hears that his Phil Spector-produced Rock & Roll album have been located and purchased and also Band on the Run reaches number one in several countries

    June; Guitarist, Jimmy McCulloch (guitarist) joins wings. Having played with them in Paris back in 1972.

    John goes into studio in on the 17th of June @ New Yorks rerecords Plant recording Walls and Bridges LP, produced by John & considered to be his best work since the Imagine record. Quickly composed in early 74, john called it a un-concept album. Musicians included: John, Klaus (bass), Jesse Ed David (guitar), Nick Hopkins (piano), Bobby Keys (sax), and Jim Keltner (drums). During six to eight period, 12-10pm, m-f, weekends off. John dismissed album, but it was the #1 second LP of his post-Beatles career.

    SONG: WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT: JOHN LENNON - Influenced by the 1974 hit Rock you baby by George McCrae - Invited Elton John to perform on piano, organ, and vocal harmony - Song went to #1, with John Being the last solo Beatle to reach #1 - Song starts with a bang: a rock band and sax solo churns along over Klaus Vs funky bass line and acoustic

    piano - The duet style parallel vocal harmony: sing together, but in harmony. Elton john (high voice) and John (low

    voice) - Second verse: unison. Break occurs on fourth bar before the harmonized title line pickups into the next

    verse. - Bobby Keys ad-lib sax solo is featured before the bridge. - From album : Walls & Bridges - Bridge section has new chords but the same groove and parallel harmonies and more ad-lib sax during the

    intro-like interlude. - Break comes: and vocal pick ups lead into the next verse - Melody line jumps momentarily into the high register and Elton and john stay right on track, two singing and

    thinking like one - More sax solo, return to the bridge, and wailing sax holds a high note then ad-libs fade out John receives a

    call from Ringo asking him to record a song for his upcoming album, so john composes Goodnight Vienna Same day: Paul & Linda fly to Nashville for a seven-week stay where they record at Sound Shop Studios producing several songs between 6pm-midnight. June, 1974

    1974: Part Three

    SONG: JUNIORS FARM: PAUL MCCARTNEY: WINGS - New wings lineup: Paul, Linda, Denny Laine, and Jimmy McCulloch (guitars) and Geoff Britton (drums)

    rehearse and record in Nashville in preparation for a proposed Australian tour. - With the help of Nashville seasons musicians such as Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, and Vassar Clements and

    the addition of a 3 piece horn section. Paul wrote Juniors Farm before the trip inspired by Bob Dylans 1965 song Maggies Farm

    - A cymbal crash and terrific two-electric guitar line winds and climbs during this intricate introduction. - Drums and cymbals accent the offbeat figures - Pauls muted-sounding pulsating electric bass helps set the rock groove as he enters with the verse vocals. - Country style - Paul cues McCullochs guitar solo

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    - Jimmy takes the electric guitar solo, playing riffs and ideas now in many contemporary guitarists vocabularies.

    - Paul returns with verse, and harmonies and guitar fills as before. Chorus returns with added vocal harmonies - Interlude occurs with riffs like the intro and Pauls high register electric bass - A new section with a different feel and chords almost a half time groove, appears with wordless continuous

    vocal pads and repeats. - After rapid drum fill, section repeats with Pauls vocal interjections over electric guitar solo fills. - Paul breaths in loudly and sound ends

    Second week of July John & Mae Pang have not relocated to small apartment; Paul and Linda are the first visitors.

    The US immigration and Naturalization Department denies Johns appeal against deportation. John has sixty more days in which to leave the US, so he files yet another appeal.

    Third week of July: John continues working on the Walls and Bridges LP

    John promises Elton John that if Whatever gets you thru the night reaches #1, then john will appear with Elton at NYs Madison Square Garden concert in November. Song does reach number one, and john appears at concert.

    August 74 Ringo records material for his Goodnight Vienna LP in L.A at Sunset Sound Studios with producer Richard Perry. Album is recorded May-October. Released in November. Much of this album was conceived while Ringo was hanging out and living with John & Harry Nilsson in L.A. Not very well received as Ringo album, however, it did gain two top ten singles Only You and The No No Song

    SONG: ONLY YOU: RINGO - From his Goodnight Vienna album - John made a complete demo of only you a 1955 Platters hit for Ringo, complete with his own lead vocal. - Ringo substituted his own lead vocal. - Ringo: My vocal is good because it was too high for me so I went into this strange falsetto. And it was like

    wow wow, it works - Musicians: Ring (drums & lead vocals), John (acoustic guitar) , Steve Cropper [later with blue brothers]

    (electric guitar), Billy Preston (electric piano) and Harry Nilsson (back up vocals) - Song lead off single from Good night Vienna album, and reaches number six in the US - Lennons distinctive acoustic guitar rhythm is the feature on the intro. Background vocals are very pop

    oriented. - Ringos voice is high and Steve croppers electric guitar riffs and fills complete the texture along with band

    and vocal pads. - Nice break: featuring Prestons piano - Verse two feature more electric piano and continuis vocal textures - Ringo speaks the lyrics instead of singing them, in a narrative style made famous by Elvis during the 50s - Ringo returns to singing at the second part of the verse with the break and electric piano as before - Ends with repetition of title line as song fades.

    On his way back from L.A john stops by at the Caribou Ranch in Colorado to do back up work on Elton Johns version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

    Second week of august : john & Paul co-sign publishing agreements with ATV music, substantially increasing their incomes

    John & May Pang help Ringo with Good night Vienna sessions (Ringo)

    Last day of august : John tells US federal court of his unjust persecution and denial of citizenship based on government fears of his political stances and on the trumped up drug charges from years back

    Film : US v. John Lennon (details this topic)

    First day of September of 74 : Johns album Walls & Bridges is released in the US & UK in October George is working on his album (1st September- October) the Dark Horse LP. Time of personal trials for

    George as he has laryngitis and his voice is blown out from fatigue. Patty has left him for Eric Clapton, and rumors have it that George had an affair with Ringos wife. George soon finds Olivia Trinidad Arias (secretary at Dark Horse records) whom he later marries.

    o Dark horse sounds hastily assembled and unfinished, as George quickly leaves the studio after its completing to tour in Canada.

    o Album isnt released until the tour is 2/3 completed, this killed sales.

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    o Title song: Robben Ford (electric guitar) Billy Preston (electric piano) and horn players including Tom Scott (sax)

    o Even with vocal problems, Dark Horse becomes a top 20 single later that year.

    SONG: DARK HORSE: GEORGE HARRISON. : Album Dark Horse - bass drum and jingly acoustic guitars set the tempo and feel on the intro - bass & drums - After a break at the end of the phrase the title line is sung as a chorus, then another verse with a break. - A verse with flute solo ad-lib fills over sustained vocal pads, a break, and into the chorus. - Flute pads, and cymbals rash as the section ends (pad = continuous texture) - Intro music returns, verse and flute solo fills reoccur and the chorus returns as before. - The intro music returns slightly altered as an interlude, the chorus returns as before, and the song ends on a


    October 9th : John & friends celebrate his 39th birthday @ a New York club

    Third week of October: John resumes work on the rock and roll tapes from 1973s such as Aint that a shame and stand by me

    1974: Part Four


    - 27th of October: Walls & Bridges (John) has received a gold record, these album features #9, Dream. - Ethereal sounding, akin to Lucy in the sky with diamonds or strawberry field forever - Goes to #9 on charts - Thick production and beautiful song. May Pangs sensual whispering of Johns name in the background. - The working title was walls and bridges but john reported that many of the images came to him in a dream,

    hence the new title. Cryptic words: abawakabapusepusay came to him in a dream. - Lush intro, string bands, band, and slide electric guitar - Johns voice on the verse is reverb-laden, and processed to sound dream-like - Percussion, including maracas, and tambourine, and beatle-esque strings support the verse. Like song :

    Glass Onion - The music shifts on the word hear where a two chord repeating section occurs with that word moving higher

    and higher each time - Cryptic obawakawa lyrics occur as chorus. - Interlude: has the music featuring acoustic guitars and strings, slowing to a grand pause, then a drum riff

    kicks off the opening tempo and verse music. - Drum riff kicks off opening verse - Johns voice moves higher - Feel - May Pangs whispers add an unusual texture - The cryptic vocal chorus returns again and repeats, then slows into a transitional interlude with cello

    prominent in the mix. - Starts with full ensemble. Chorus repeats, and ends.

    During third week of October: Paul & Linda hold a press conference in NYC to announce Wings next venture, a 75/76 world tour.

    Next day, George holds his press conference in Beverly Hills California to announce his upcoming North American tour.

    Allan Klein was suing: Ringo, George & Yoko... 28th of October he loses the case against them.

    October 20th: famous picture of John in front of the statute of liberty flashing the peace sign is taken.

    November 2nd- Dec 20th: George embarks on Dark Horse North American tour: including Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, long beach, LA, Tucson & nearly two dozen other cities.

    Second week of December: John & May Pang attend Georges second show at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, NY.

    End of second week of December: Dark Horse album goes gold

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    19th December: Paul & Linda see George @ Madison Square Garden, but are heavily disguised to avoid being noticed.

    Right before Christmas Georges single Ding Dong Ding Dong and Haris on Tour is released in the US.

    SONG: Ding Dong, Ding Dong: George Harrison (A side of Dark Horse LP)

    - Musicians: Jim Keltner (drums), Gary Wright of Procol Harum (piano), Klaus V (bass), Alvin Lee (electric guitar) and Tom Scott (Saxes)

    - George says he wrote it in three minutes: recorded live at Georges Friar Park estate FPS.H.O.T (Friar Park Studio Henley on Thames)

    - Song reaches top fourth in early 75 - George counts off 1- 2 : as ding dong sound of a door bell is depicted by electric guitar horns, and rock band - Georges verse is odd-metered (like Johns song, Good Morning Good Morning), where the beat follows the

    rhythm of the words, not a set pattern of bars or measures. - George repeats verse, as chorus with added harmonies - Intro music returns as an interlude and the bridge is in a higher vocal register with different chords and odd

    sounding keyboards on each beat and off beat. - Verse returns with harmonies & horns and repeats with added sleigh bells and higher free vocals by George - The intro material returns again with new lyrics and a fade out, a STRANGE CHRISTMAS SONG!

    John & May Pang and Johns son (Julian) visiting from the UK, spend the day at Floridas Disney World. 27th of December. While relaxing at the parks Hawaiian Village, John signs the famous Beatles agreement, the papers which finally dissolve the Beatles partnership for good.

    John is the last of the group to sign, and the Beatles & company are done with. 1975: Part One

    January : John records two songs with David Bowie at Lady Land Studios in NY Bowies version of Across the Universe & Fame

    John: David rang and told me he was going to do a version of Across the Universe, and I thought great! Because Id never done a good version of that myself.

    John receives an invite form Paul to participate in his Venus and mars sessions

    A NY district judge rules that John & his lawyer make see US immigration files pertaining to his files of his case and is allowed to ask the INS personnel pertinent questions.

    Beatles & company partnership is finally dissolved, and legal ties between the four ends in the UK

    Juniors farm is #3 in the US and dark horse reaches #15 (in the united states)

    Jan 16- Feb 24th Paul & wings are in New Orleans doing the recording for their upcoming LP, Venus & Mars. Drummer Geoff Britton quits two tracks into the sessions and Joe English flies in from NY to record. Back in the UK, Geoff Britton says : from a musicians point of view, its a privilege to do it but from a career point of view its madness : youre always in the shadow of Paul

    Ringos No No song/ Snookeroo is released in the US (Jan 27th)

    SONG: NO NO SONG: RINGO: ALBUM: GOOD NIGHT VIENNA (A SIDE OF LP) - Written by country musician Wyatt Acksten & David Jacksen. Gem in the world of novelty songs - Anti-song , people working on the song that day were brain damaged - Ringo sings lead and plays drums; Jesse Ed Davis is on guitar, Nicky Hopkins on piano, and Klaus V on

    Bass, and Harry N on background vocals and horn section. - Writer: Ringo sings the song with his unique panache, and it renounces one of his favorite recreational

    pleasures then POT SMOKING! - Song goes to #3, and was the b-side of oh my my in the UK - Ooh ooo vocal ad-libs and bass open the song as background harmonies join the island feel in the bass

    and drums. - Humorous song - Ringos vocals: tongue & cheek: filled with glee. - Prominent electric piano & background harmonies - Catchy chorus, inviting sing-a-long as the title lien is sung in broad harmony

  • 7

    - The second verse feature castanets to reflect the Spanish lyrical references as well as vocal interjections and horns.

    - Chorus returns modified to fit the verse lyrical ideas - Vocal harmonies like the intro return along side sustained soprano sax and horns - Hopkinss el.piano makes the transition to the next verse, and Nashville is referenced by pedal steel guitar

    and vocal interjections - The chorus continues the tale fro pot to cocaine to whiskey and the section repeats with castanets

    prominent. - The ending is abrupt wit a shouted hey and final el.piano chord vibrating with a quivering guitar note. - Ringo classic from 1970s

    July 31st John visits Yoko @ their Dakota apartment after a year of separation. He says that he realized that this is where he belonged, and he knew theyd get back together sooner or later and john moves back

    Early Feb 75 Ringo was involved with the film Lisztomania, starring Roger Daltry, where he plays the role of pope. October 10th in the US , 13th Nov in UK

    Feb 9th: an album entitled John Lennon Sings the Great Rock & Roll Hits (roots) is released in the US featuring many 50s hits. Producer released it without Johns permission so John sues.

    Johns official Apple LP Rock n Roll is quickly released to stem sales of the previous record it also features 50s and early 60s hits. The album cover of it is a picture of John standing inside a doorway (black and white) 1961 Hamburg Germany doorway, with blurred images of Paul, George, and someone else running by him.

    John describes recording sessions: there were 28 guys playing at night and fifteen of them were out of their heads, including me.

    Phil Spector had them, he waited eight months in LA and came back to NY and the day before we go in to record Walls and Bridges, I get the tapes back. So he did the rest of it himself, with eight guys, took so long, but he loved it.

    One outstanding track is: Stand by me.

    SONG: STAND BY ME: JOHN LENNON: album: ROCK N ROLL - R&B Hit - 1961 for Ben E King - John adds his distinct acoustic rhythmic guitar and vocal style to the remake - Piece opens with acoustic rhythm guitar, and synthesizer strings in the background. - Electric guitar fills, piano and tambourine are prominent and the chorus features bass, drums, and horns. - Johns next verse uses full band and horns and the chorus returns with similar instrumentation. John sings a

    high yeah at the end of the phrase. - Electric guitar takes the solo over horns, percussion and band, and john then sings strong vocal pickups into

    the chorus with free vocals this time through. - Chorus repeats with Johns ad-libs vocals as the song fades. A top notch vocal performance by John on a

    classic remake.

    In Feb 24th Elton johns single Philadelphia Freedom/I saw her standing there is released in the UK & US. I saw her standing there was culled from the MSG show where it was performed

    During the last weeks of Feb, Wings is in L.A to continue record the Venus & Mars LP. Drummer Joe English is asked to join Wings on a permanent basis.

    In March Ringo was in LA hanging out with Keith Moon, Stevie Wonder, Alice Cooper and Harry Nilsson.

    John is a presenter at the Grammy Awards in NY

    Paul wins two 74 Grammys. One for best pop vocal performance by a group and best produced non-classic recording

    Beatles also receives a special Grammy hall of fame award

    Johns lawyer mentions that officials deliberately ignored Johns application by locking it in a safe. A memorandum was released that John & Yoko were to be kept in physical observation under all times b/c of their possible political activates. Lawyer concludes that this will break case.

    March 6th, Johns single Stand by me / Move over Ms. L are released in the US. & officially says that John & Yoko are back

  • 8

    Paul holds a party celebrating the end of the Venus & Mars recording sessions March 24th. On the queen marry docks in Long beach California. Mickey Dollars, Carol King, Marvin Gay, Johnny Mitchell, Tony Curtis, Cheer, George Harrison, etc.

    First time that Paul & George Harrison hang out since the break up! ^^ 1975: Part Two

    First week of April : Ringo forms a new record label called Ring ORecords a suggestion made by John Ringo was not keen on reforming the Beatles.

    End of first week of April, Ringos no no song was #3 in the US Court mentions that all matters between McCartney, Harrison. Lennon, and Starr have been settled May : Wings is rehearsing and recording in London

    In LA : George is working on the Extra Texture (Read All About it ) album

    Early may, Apple closes its London basement recording studio Third week of may, Wings single Listen to What the man said / love song from he Venus and mars album

    is released in the UK . US release on may 23rd

    Venus & Mars album recorded between Nov 74-may 75 produced by Paul and recorded in New Orleans and London. Final mixing and strings and horns done in LA. Brittons departure after arguments with guitarists Denny Laine and Jimmy McCulloch lead to the addition of Joe English.

    Paul resigns to Capitol (who released all the US Beatles albums) and this is the first album under that new agreement ( no more apple)

    Venus & mars = successful = #1 in many countries

    SONG: LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID: PAUL MCCARNTEY: VENUS & MARS ALBUM. (A SIDE OF LP) - biggest hit, and worldwide number one song - Song is mid 70s pop delight, with catchy melodies, great harmonies, and soprano sax solos played by Tom

    Triple Scale Scott. Because when he went in the studio, he received three times the base pay that a typical sax-player would receive, however, he was so sought after that they decided to pay him this. (jazz man, worked with Steely Dan, Whitney Houston, over 500 recordings)

    - Basic tracks were recorded in New Orleans with guitarist Dave Mason doing overdubs - Tom Scott recorded his famous soprano sax solo in only three takes with the first take the one used (march

    8th of 75) - Song opens with a percussion pattern and an electric guitar melody helping set the tempo - Paul plays beats one and three (two beat baseline underneath) - Tom Scott interjects his sop, sax riffs thorough the song, and Pauls first verse features lead, harmony, and

    sax at the end of the phrase. - A return to the into music and the next verse continues with ad-lib sax, then back to the intro music - The bridge features a rapid Paul vocals including the title line into the chorus with sax-ad labs - Paul says take it away and tom Scott has a solo section , leading to a return of the intro music with sax - Bridge returns with soaring background vocal harmonies into the chorus over the title line - Once again the intro is used as an interlude then a bridge and chorus return - The wonder of it all baby a new rising vocal line is introduced on the introduction. Sung by Paul with great

    parallel harmonies. - The end is a contrasting slower section with low strings and orchestra, sop, sax, over the top and drums and

    band fading out - Very jazzy like

    At the end of may Venus & Mars sees its UK release and goes gold within a week

    Ringo released the single Good night Vienna the actual working title was (its all down to) Good Night Vienna backed with Oo-wee in the U.S

    SONG: GOOD NIGHT VIENNA: RINGO STARR: LP: GOOD NIGHT VIENNA (A SIDE OF LP) - Lennon song written for Ringo @ Ringos request - Single features Ringo on vocals and drums, Jon on acoustic piano, Billy Preston on clavinet (funky sounding

    keyboard, stevie wonder, superstition), and Klaus V on bass and horns and accordion plus back up vocals. - A 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, count off is heard (john?) and all right is shouted as the song begins.

  • 9

    - Acoustic piano lays ever downbeat and offbeat in a Rock style, setting the tempo with bass and drums joining in.

    - Ringo sings Johns lyrics with his usual understated humor and the song itself is a blues-form variant - FUNKY SOUNDING!! - GET IT UP is shouted - After a brief sax solo, the verse returns as before, then an instrumental section featuring band and clavinet

    with get it up shouted - Electronic guitar , piano and sax lead into the next verse, with crazy lyrics - The ending goes to half time, very laid back with vocal ad-libs, accordion, and Ringo announcing over band

    and background harmonies. - Come on boys sing it to me

    Second week of June: johns prerecorded performance of imagine and other songs are aired on US TV. June, john files a suit against Nixon administration and immigration and has been singled out and harassed

    for his political siding and was denied is citizenship for that, and not the drug bust.

    1975: Part Three

    End of June, Venus & Mars hits #1 in UK

    Ringos Good Night Vienna reaches #31 in the US top 40 By September , listen to what the man said goes gold

    Paul holds a press conference and part to announce the Wings world tour

    George is being interviews about his album Extra Texture where he remarks Id rather be an ex-Beatle, than an ex-Nazi!

    Wings World Tour 75/76 kicks off, eventually draws two million concert go-ers (part one) The tour starts in Britain on Sept 9, with a dozen shows featuring 70s hits, after a two week break the tour

    rsums in Australia on October 27th featuring five concerts drawing over 60,000 listeners with wings returning to England on Nov 15

    Paul & Linda take their family to a vacation in Hawaii

    By second week of September, Georges single You/World of Stone is released in the UK, then in the US (15th of September)

    Extra Texture (Read all about it) album & you single:

    Extra texture was recorded between April and June in 75 at A&M studios in LA and was produced by George.

    Musicians: Jim Horn (sax) David Foster (keyboards) Jim Keltner (drums) joined George on what some critics say is one of the weakest albums made as a product to finish off his EMI contract.

    SONG: YOU: GEORGE HARISSON: LP = EXTRA TEXTURE. (A side) - Originally composed for Phil Spector wife, Ronnie Spector - She recorded tracks in 71 where George overdubbed his lead vocal - This song is thick in its sound and production, and four muted guitar strokes cue the intro, where horns,

    band, and sax solo enter. - Georges vocal songs in his high register, as he sings the title line over band, electric guitar, and electric

    bass, organ and synth strings. - The chorus is fully orchestrated, featuring the title line with harmonies. Strings & sax joining in on the next

    chorus - Repetitive form song - The bridge section has new words and chords but is still thick in texture with string pads, keys, and band. - Ad-libs sax plays. - The chorus repeats with ad-lib sax and a Tutti band section with repeated lines. - Bridge & chorus return, then a verse with ad-lib sax and high register vocals into a chorus like before - High range acoustic piano and full texture ends the song as it fades out.

    September 23rd Georges Extra Texture album released in the US, later in the UK (cot 3rd) That same day, Sept 23rd, Johns deportation is delayed. As judge says Mr. Lennon is entitled to a deal on

    humanitarian grounds because of his wifes pregnancy

  • 10

    October 7th: three judge court of appeals overturns the deportation, stating that his 1968 drug bust did not justify deportation. (in the UK) excludable alien

    Lennons four year battle shows that he is determined and that he wants to achieve the American dream, the US immigration service also went under review to select him as a permanent resident.

    Oct 9th Yoko gives birth (on johns birthday) to Johns son Sean Taro Ono Lennon in NYC, and Johns lawyer notifies that his immigration status has also been affirmed. Elton John is the Childs godfather.

    October 10th: Lisztomania film premiers in NY

    Shaved Fish, a compilation of Johns solo music is released in the US & UK. Imagine/ Working class hero was also released in the UK for the first time

    In moviemaker, Georges you reaches #20 in the US and #38 in the UK. Extra texture goes gold Second week of November, George was worked with the Monty Python gang. Together they release the

    song The Lumberjack Song in the UK. Feb 24th: The Monty Python deride group, the Rutles premiers on the UK TV, and later in the US SNL. They

    were a Beatles like group. Nov 2nd.

    End of November: Ringo album compilation : BLAST FROM YOUR PAST is released in the US and then in the UK (December)

    December: Ringo and his girlfriend Nancy Andrews move to Monte Carlo for tax purposes, and return to the UK for Christmas.

    Christmas week, John & Yoko are surprised when Paul & Linda knock at their door loudly caroling. They all relax together.

    1976-1977 Part One:

    Jan 4th: Mal Evans (Beatles long time roadie and general assistant) is shot and killed by an LA policeman after Mal pointed a rifle at them. He was intoxicated, threatening suicide, forty years old, and had gone through a divorce.

    Decade long contract with EMI/Capitol expires, only Paul resigns with the US capitol records

    George decides to release his music on his Dark Horse Records distributed by A&M, Ringo signs with Atlantic (US) and Polydor (elsewhere) and John remains unsigned for the time being.

    January/Feb @ Abby Road Studios in London, Paul & Wings continue recording songs for their next LP, Wings at the Speed of Sound. This was produced by Paul, with his songs written after his Hawaiian vacation, this record was quickly put together. One critic says that its his weakest album to date.

    The members contributed to this cod, Linda, etc. But in the wake of his world tour success, audiences liked the record which spawned two top 20 singles, Silly Love Songs & Let Em


    One of Pauls most successful singles in the commercial music market

    #1 in US

    Shows his passion for love music

    Originally recorded in a Reggae style, but redone as a dance-oriented disco-style track

    The sound of an anvil, chains, and a squeak over an acoustic piano set the tempo with the acoustic piano bass and drums establishing the disco feel.

    Paul sings the catchy well known melody and self examine lyrics of the verse, with the sustained build at the end of each verse phrase

    Sing able course strings and a dance-able groove with the I love you lyrics repeated

    Section is repeated with added horn lines and an upper register counter melody before that sectioned sustained building phrase returns

    Bridge section contrasts nicely then band and horn accents and harmonies and strings building into the next section.

    Stop time feel parts of music stop Sax and horns play lines over strings and band as this interlude repeated leading to an altered chorus

    Chorus begins as a series of repeats with additive textures, new material being introduced each time

    Starting with piano, bass, drums, and Pauls high melody, the next repeat features vocal harmony. Back to the interlude with sax and horn lines and strings, which repeats

  • 11

    The next series of additive textures on the chorus music is quite dramatic, staring with the vocal I love you over sustained band chords joined by percussion, sax, and harmonies singing an upper line and Pauls counter melody from earlier.

    Bass & drums enter in succession then back to the sax and horn lines

    A musical break, a verse with prominent acoustic piano and harmonies and the song ends as the end of the phrase sustains and seems suspended in the air.

    Let Em In (Pauls song) was also a top twenty single its also narrative or story-telling style complete with characters and relatives in the lyrics.

    Melody is catchy and the song concept is quite simple, Paul tell someone to open the door and let in such people as his Aunty Gin, Brother Michael, Uncle Ernie (Ringos character from the Whos Tommy) Brother John (Lennon), and Phil and Don (the every Bros)


    The doorbell chime heard on the intro was a gift from the dimmer Joe English to Paul & Linda

    Bass plays every beat as the intro continues with drums and an acoustic piano playing a back and fourth pattern throughout most of the song, specifically on the versus.

    Pauls vocals are relaxed in higher register, as verse repeat occurs and creaking door is heard. A military style snare drum pattern and flutes are featured on the repeat of the verse music

    The contrasting bridge is where Paul sings his list of visitors with harmony followed by a trombone solo on the verse melody

    Smeary trombone

    The bridge returns as sax and trumpets are heard while the lyrical list continues

    The verse returns backed with high vocal harmony pads and sound effects, and the military snare drums and flutes join with Pauls ad libs vocals with sax and harmonies

    Verse returns with parallel harmony, the military snare and flutes returns along with mumbling and talking voices and harmonies as the song has a long fade out abruptly ended by two strong chord

    Feb Bill Sergeant offers the Beatles a 50 million dollars to reunite for a twenty minute show but they do not bite

    George travels to the US from the UK to work on his next album

    March 5th 1976- EMI re-releases the entire 23 single Beatles catalog recorded between 62 & 70

    March 10 , Wings begins to rehearse in North London Studio

    Bill Sergeant offers 1 million, and percentage of profit, but Pauls spokesman says no moment.

    1976-1977 Part Two

    March 18th, Pauls dad died at age 73 of Pneumonia. Pauls dad was a well known musician and he took out after his dad

    March 20th 26th wings world tour part two covers five European dates from Copenhagen to France. March 25th Wings @ the speed of sound released in the US

    Ringo begins work on the Ringos (April) Rotogravure album in LA with help of John & Paul (separately) George contributes a song

    April 1st : April fools: silly love songs/ cook of the house released in the US

    End of first week of April wings of the sped of sound goes to number two in UK, and end of April, wings of speed of sound number one in US

    One of the most told tales of the Beatles after the Beatles: April 25h of 76 Paul & Linda stop by John & Yokos apartment to find John watching Saturday Night Live. When producer Lorne Michaels unknowingly makes his famous offer to pay the Beatles union scale if they reunite live on his show. (he didnt realize john & Paul were watching) We were watching it and went ha ha, wouldnt it be funny if we went down to the studio and we almost went juts as a gag. But we were too tired. Reports say that Linda was in the other room; Yoko came in and said no youre not going. Paul leaves, not knowing that he will never see John again

    April 26th Wings rehearses in Dallas for the US leg of their world tour postponed due to Jimmy McCulloughs broken finger.

  • 12

    Wings world tour part three from May third to June 23rd starts in Fort Worth Texas and covers 20 cities. Songs from this tour will appear on the wings over America triple album released on dec 10th.

    George & Ringo attend May 9th show, Eagles & Linda Ron stand attend Maryland.

    June 21st Ringo joins Paul and wings @ wings first of two LA forum shows. Diana Ross, Cher, led, etc

    End of May George begins work recording the Thirty Three and a Third album at his UK home studio sessions last four months and will feature both George and sax man tom Scott as producers

    Freed from EMI and Apple, George releases this on his Dark Horse label.

    Musicians include: Willie Weeks (bass) Drummer Alvin Taylor, Billy Preston, David foster, Richard T, and Gary Wright. Tom Scott provides wood winds.

    George will draw from both recent and older material to create what one critic called his most inspired, consistent work in years. George then takes next year off


    Delightful song is truly one of Georges best solo pop efforts Inspired by British comedian Lord Buckley, this song originally had a reggae groove

    Song starts with snare drum roll off into the tempo with slide guitars, xylophone, baritone, sax, bass, and drums most prominent.

    Verse music but with title line lyrically

    Vocal harmonies, phase-shifted electric piano join and electric guitar ends the phrase

    Verse returns as well as chorus with harmony and electric guitar plays the interlude

    Synth takes the solo over the chorus with a sax-like setting as handclaps join

    Chorus return and slide electric guitars before the verse and a sustain at the end of each chorus

    Slide guitar fills through the end as high register piano trills and electric guitar figures play up to the held chord to finish the song.

    June 12 of 76: John & Yoko join Ringo at his LA recoding session for Ringos Rotogravure, with John playing piano on two tracks, including his own song (cooking in the kitchen of love)

    This is Johns last recording session until April of 1980 when he works on Double Fantasy album. July 27th of 76 when he gets his green card and is a citizen. He & Yoko celebrate with ice cream.

    Let Em In rises to #3 in the US May, George is found guilty of subconsciously plagiarizing the Chiffons song Hes so Fine when

    compromising My Sweet Lord

    September 17th , Ringos Ringo Rotogravure is released in the UK and US (9.27) Wings short European tour includes four European dates in Austria, Yugoslavia, Italy, and Germany.

    George is having more legal battles when A&M sues him for a 10million dollar breach of contract for failing to company with deadlines of his new contract ( he didnt provide his new album in time) Contract is terminated and Warner Brothers now distributes Georges albums

    Middle of October, Wing play in the UK (three)

    The Best of George Harrison (November) is released in the US , November 20th in UK

    December 10th Wings over America is released in US & UK. Paul spending many hours overdubbing and mixing the triple album

    New Years Eve of 76 , with Carly Simon & James Taylor 1976-1977 Part Three:

    77 : George & new girlfriend Olivia fly to India & Mexico

    George says that 1977 was the year off from music where he went to the races

    George travels the world attending formula 1 races

    Jan 10th, Apple & Allan Klein receives 5million from Apple. Beatles can now legally reunite

    19th Jan : John & Yoko attend Jimmy Carters inauguration

    Linda expecting baby due in September

    First week of Feb. Paul & wings begin recording session for the London Town album at Abbey Road studios in London

    In March, John & Yoko visit Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada

    March 29th George Martin discusses the upcoming release of the Beatles Hollywood bowl concerts from the mid 60s

  • 13

    April 4th , Stand by Me & Dark Horse are released as singles in the US

    April 6th of 77: Beatles Live @ The Star Club, an amateur recording made in Germany in their 62 shows can be released independently. ( this is fought for years)

    Allen Klein s indicted for charges of failing to report nearly 250,000$ of income from Beatles promotional items.

    April 29th : instrumental version of Pauls Ram album, THRILLINGTON is released in the UK and US in may

    Paul decides in May of 77 to have the recording sessions for Wings London Town album continue on a floating recording studio on a yacht off of the virgin island. Rum!

    May 2nd: Beatles live at the star club in Hamburg is a double album released by Lingasong Records. Featuring: roll over Beethoven aw her standing there, long tall sally.

    May 6th 77: George Martins remixed versions of the Beatles at the Hollywood bowl is released by EMI: twist and shout, she loves you, take it to ride

    June : George & Olivia : visit Ringo & Nancy Andrews

    Ringo begins work on the Ringo the 4th album in NY and L.A

    June: John , Yoko & Sean visit Japan for four months visiting Yokos family Beatles at the Hollywood bowl is #1 in the UK the 12thth #1 album for the Beatles in the UK

    Georges divorce is finalized Beatles #2

    Hes so fine plagiarism, half a million dollar fine and back royalties payment for hes so fine publishers

    Paul records record breaking song MULL OF KINTYRE which will appear on the London Town album (which is released in March of 1978)

    London Town Feb 77- Jan 78 in UK & Virgin Islands. Produced by Paul

    Critics are mixed in reviews, took long time, and was unrated

    Six different sessions b/c of Lindas pregnancy Group is falling apart Joe English & Jimmy MucCulloch will leave by end of 77

    Biggest hit in UK , Mull of Kintyre- was a large flop of the US

    Native appeal for UK dwellers : and foreign to Americans

    Written by Paul with the help of Denny Laine, during the summer of 76. Paul creates the atmosphere of a traditional Scottish folk song

    Title of piece refers to southern most cape of Scotland where Paul had his farm

    Basic track is recorded in august of 77 outside of Cambeltown, Scotland inside old barn. (nick most) rebuilt to have a Mobil recording unit

    Paul has the Cambletown Pipe Band overdub bagpipes and Paul says it was quite a night, and quite a noise.

    Sentimental and nostalgic of the UK

    Christmas time release and Pauls invite to the press to hear the finale mixes in November gave the song a publicity push to the top of the UK charts

    Biggest selling single in the history of the UK until 1984s song Live Aids song Do they know its Christmas?


    A acoustic guitar opens this poignant piece and Paul sings solo on the verse with a melody derived from traditional UK music

    Bass & second high register acoustic guitar, or PERHABIS a mandolin enter the second phrase

    The chorus uses the same music but with the title line lyrically, and second, lower vocal line acts as harmony

    Bagpipes enter and play a mournful sustained melody over the band

    Pauls verse returns in a higher register with a high harmony, then a lower harmony joins in

    Morel vocal work before a vocal pause and return of the chorus

    This chorus is fully harmonized in three parts over bagpipes and band

    Verse returns in lower range with sustained bagpipes as vocal Harmon joins

    Military snare drum roll off and the chorus returns, simplified, then repeats in a higher register

    Military snare drum and a whooping yell with vocal harmonies on the title line occur as the song fades out.

    August 16th : John makes a statement from Japan, noting really affected me until Elvis

    While in Japan John unknowingly gives his last public performance to a Japanese couple that accidentally enters his huge hotel suite while hes playing. Jealous guy.

  • 14

    September 8th : McCulloch leaves and joins a smaller band (small faces band)

    Sept 12th : Pauls son , James Louis McCartney is born

    Ringos album Ringo the 4h is releases. (End of September) in UK. Oct 11th Allen Klein. tax evasion

    Middle of October: double compilation album entitled Beatles Love Songs is released in UK featuring songs like and I love her, Here there and everywhere, and I will.

    For no known reason in November, Joe English leaves Wings.

    Nov 11th: Mull of Kintyre / Girls School single is released in the UK. December: Ringo records in the Bahamas and Canada for his next album Bad Boy as well as TV

    commercials for Japanese viewers

    Dec 3rd Mull reaches #1.

    Wings continues to record through the end of the month now in London @ George Martins AIR studios Christmas time 1977 : Julian (John & Yokos son) visits them

    1978-1979 Part One:

    78: Jan: Julian returns to England and John begins fifteen months of being a househusband spending most of the time caring for Sean.

    Jan 1st: composes Blow Away and If you believe while in Hawaii after a year of no music (George)

    Second week of Jan. 1.5 million copies of Mull of Kintyre sold in the UK making it the biggest single in that nations history

    George & Olivia = goes to Hawaii

    Yoko turns to business buying several acres of Delaware farmland on which to raise prize cows.

    Ringo is in Hollywood in Feb, shooting TV special Ringo... and goes to Portugal with Nancy afterward

    Wings single With a little Luck/Backwards traveler is released. (UK 23rd)


    From the London Town record With a little luck was written by Paul in Scotland and rerecorded off in the Virgin Islands coat on a act quipped with the mobile recording set up

    Song was a hit

    Not dance oriented.

    Pure and melodic McCartney

    #1 in 78 Opens with an electric piano, and synth pads and lines setting up the tempo and feel. Likely a fender roads


    Pauls verse enters with bass and drums and the bridge is harmonized beautifully. Bridge returns with plenty of synth and the bridge returns with synth and harmonies.

    On the net verse Pauls verse ascends into the high range.

    Chorus is over the verse chords and is harmonized and repeated with Pauls upper register ad-lib vocals. Ending : features synthesizers

    Chorus section repeats

    March 22: Wing holds press conference for London Town album on a boat sailing up the Thames River.

    March 31st : London Town is released

    April : George: records for George Harrison Album (he listened to 1970 All things must pass album for inspiration)

    May: Georges father passed away at Georges home. George is asked to finance Monty Python film, and he does

    With a little luck goes to #1 in the US Early June : John & Yoko : plans to produce a musical The Ballad of John & Yoko and going back to Japan Johns first Wife, Cynthia (Jun 11) releases chapters of her upcoming book The Twist of Lennon (maiden

    name, twist) Reporting john introduced her to drugs against her will and Yoko stole John from me.

    John files a write in high court to stop further release of portion of Cynthias book alleging that she is in breach of martial confidence

    16th June: John lost.

  • 15

    June 29 July 78 : Pauls spirit of Ranachan Studios (converted barn in Scotland) Wings begins recoding songs for the Back to the Egg album

    Guitarist Laurence Juber and drummer Steve Holly join full time

    Ringo travels to France, Sweden and Spain promoting his bad boy album and enjoying vacation time with Nancy Andrews

    Suggestion to visit Aunt Mimi (john Lennon) in London

    August 1st: 1978 : Olivia gives birth to Georges kid : Dhani (wealthy in Indian language) Sept 2nd: George & Olivia get married (no press)

    Back to the Egg in Kent England

    Monty Python : Life of Brian is filmed in desserts of Tunisia with George filming a Cameo appearance on October 20th

    Robert Stanwoods film Sgt.Peppers lonely hearts club band opens in theaters. (stars George Bern, bee gees

    October: Beatle movie: I wanna hold your hand. Produced by Steven Spielberg. 4 teenage girls wanting to meet on Ed Sullivan show back in 64.

    Back to the egg: abbey road #2 studios in London. Paul has put together a super group of guests billed as Orchestra. 10:30 am-6:30 pm. Pete Townsend, Dave Gilmour, john Bonham, john Paul Jones record the Rockestra theme

    Oct 9th: Tavern on the green Central Park NY. Seans 3rd birthday and Johns too London Town #38 on US chars

    Paul & Wings continue work on Back to the Egg at a new location called Replica Studios, located in the basement of his MPL music offices in Soho, in London.

    Replica studios because its an exact replica of Abbey Road studio #2, where Beatles were recording.

    End of Nov : Wings greatest hits is released on December 1st

    While attending an Elton John concert, and Eric Clapton, George is persuaded to join them on stage where he performs Further up the road

    1978-1979 Part Two

    1979 : Jan Feb Wings records back to the egg at Replica studio Feb 9th: George Harrisons album George Harrison. UK = 16th

    George Harrisons album produced by George. Done Mar-Oct. At the FPSHOT Studios in UK Best album since 1970s all things must pass album Features George, Andy Newark (drums) Willie Weeks (bass) and Ray Cooper (percussion) Neil Larsen

    (keyboard) and Steven Win wood (mini-moog synthesizer)

    Generally happy and up-beat mood to these songs, as Georges personal life seems fulfilled.


    First new song George composed for this album done in Hawaii

    Wrote it to make sure he hadnt dried up

    Biggest hit single in five years, breaking into top twenty

    Electric piano, bass, Georges trademark slide guitar solo and sustained mini-moog pads setting a relaxed feel.


    Drums kick in the tempo/ Georges vocal is strong

    Chorus is sung with joy, accompanied by acoustic and electric guitar and joined on the repeat by parallel vocal harmonies and synth strings.

    Next verses are harmonized and chorus returns as before with vocal harmony.

    Verse returns in two-part parallel harmony then the chorus returns and repeats with synth strings and bells.

    Fading on vocal hums and electric piano chord.

    Feb 16th: Blow away/Soft Hearted Hana single is released.

    March , Paul & Wings go back to Abbey Road

    In advance of the release of Back to the Egg, Columbia records puts out Pauls single : Goodnight Tonight/ Daytime Night Suffering in the US

    Lucrative new contract with Colombia gives him a 2million dollar advance.

  • 16

    Back to the Egg & Good night tonight recorded between Jun 78- April 79 @ a variety of studios. Band line up, new producer, new US record label and attitude for Paul.

    Chris Thomas (sex pistols & pretenders) helped Paul give the album a harder edge

    More contemporary sounding reflecting the changes in the music scene with the advent of punk and new wave.

    Lauren Juber & Steve Holy brought in fresh musical approach

    Took a year to create, but 5 bursts only. Took place in: Pauls ranachan studio in Scotland, Lympne Studio in Kent, England, EMIs Abbey Road Studios in London, and Pauls Relica Studio in Soho, London.

    Few takes: and overdubs. Recording backing tracks as a band to get more of a live feel.

    Working title: were working tonight but Linda came up with back to the egg to deflect the concept of a band on the road.

    Paul & Colombia were not in agreement when it came to taking off Goodnight Tonight off the album and only have it appear as a SINGLE.

    Felt it did not fit in with the song lineup

    Till 1985 : they fought b/c of this


    Single only

    Recorded with Back to the Egg sessions

    Did overdubs of himself

    The track was dance oriented Disco with one of the funkiest, most syncopated bass lines Paul ever recorded.

    John commented that he disliked the song but loved Pauls bass playing. The song opens with rapidly strummed acoustic guitar and percussion with bass drum hot in the mix to set

    the tempo and groove (possibly castanets)

    Pauls funky bass lines enter, backed by well-played organ and disco drums. Verse is sung in relax, sustained style with loads of reverb and vocal harmonies

    Four chord chorus section repeat.

    Percussion and drums play a musical break backed with electric guitar moving into a solo section.

    A break over sustained vocals and percussion with ad-lib guitars

    Percussion , bass drums, and electric rhythm guitar back Pauls wordless ad-lib vocals

    Acoustic guitar takes a brilliant solo followed by electric guitar fills

    Percussion and synth effects lead to processed vocal harmonies.

    Chorus section repeats with a variety of processed harmony lines as and Pauls ad-lib vocals.

    April 20th: Georges single: Love comes to everyone/ soft touch is released and does not chart. 1978-1979 Part Three


    Opens album

    Medium tempo

    Didnt chart

    Dance-like groove

    Sept 77- Feb 78

    Great guitar, Eric Clapton open song along with electric piano

    Georges verse is pop-oriented with harmonies on the title line Keyboards and electric guitar are prominent and the bridge contrasts with harmonies and octave electric

    guitar and bass lines

    Electric guitar takes solo, then synth takes a solo, sounding very 70s in the sound texture

    Chorus repeats , then repeats again with the synth lead, Georges voice and the title line vocal

    End of April 79 US courts find Allen Klein guilty of Tax evasion : two months to two year in prison

    Ringo contracts peritonitis a disease he suffered during his childhood and is rushed into an emergency room in Monte Carlo. Intestines were removed

    Eric Clapton throws party when he was getting married to Patty. Invites George, Paul, Mick Jagger, and Ginger Baker. Jam session includes oldies and Beatles songs

  • 17

    Back to the egg is released; good night tonight climbs to #5.

    End of Ma, George & Ringo hanging out at Monte Carlo Gran Prix

    John & Yoko publish a letter in the NY times explaining their absence from the public: john we thank everyone for the space. We live you

    Ringo visits John @ the Dakota

    Paul records songs at his private studio in Scotland including Wonderful Christmastime and Coming up looking toward his next album McCartney II.

    August : John & Yoko visit Japan (last time for a four week vacation)

    October 9th : Sean & Johns birthday at Tavern on the green John contributes 1000$ to buy more bulletproof jacket for area police

    October 24th 79 Guinness rewards Paul as the most honored man in music (most successful composer and recording artist of all time, 43 million in record sales, and 60 gold records)

    Halloween of 79 George record songs to be included in his Somewhere in England album John takes Sean to see Peter Pan on Broadway

    Ringo visits John again at the Dakota and John gives him the song Life begins at forty to record

    November 12th, prophetically, john rites out his will leaving half of his 30 million estates to Yoko, and half in a trust for Sean.

    November 28th: Paul releases the single Wonderful Christmastime / Rudolpbh the red nosed reggae in the UK and US in Nov 20th.


    Single, and then a bonus track on the back to the egg CD on a hot day in July

    Credited only to Paul McCartney without wings

    Hilary duff, bare-naked ladies, jars of clay, and others

    Paul creates a bouncy intro using a repeating rhythm pattern generated by a sequential circuits prophet 5 synthesizer which sets the tempo almost metronomic ally.

    High, sustained synth string note is held as a pad while sleigh bells join in

    Variation throughout song

    Verse melody and lyrics are uplifting

    More syncopated synthesized rifts.

    Bridge contrast nicely with vocals sung in descending, bell-like fashion and synth echoing the vocal line

    Clever, ding dongs

    Bassoon life synth sound plays a melody over the verse

    Bridge with more freely sung background with ding Dongs Freely played synth , party-like cheering and handclaps

    Verse one return with the repeated chorus handclaps ooh vocals and the word Christmastime as the song fades to the sound of sleigh bells.

    Nov 23 Dec 17 Wings make a 19 date uk tour . December 25th Paul buys Linda an 80 acre ranch near Tucson, AZ an area Linda loves

    1979 ends on Dec 31st where John & Yoko dissolve their companies such as bag productions and Joko films.

    John and fried elliot mintz dress in full tuxes to gree their one guest at the Dakota for the evening, Yoko, in style.