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  • Multifunctional hydrotropes

    H3i - Birmingham, 8 March 2016Dr. Sorel Muresan, Section Manager Cleaning EMEIA

  • What is a multifunctional hydrotrope?

    Typical hydrotropes in AkzoNobels Cleaning portfolio

    Formulations and performance data

    Choosing the right hydrotrope for your application



    2Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

  • Compounds that increase the solubility of a surfactant in a formulation

    Referred to as multifunctional hydrotropes or cosurfactants when theyprovide additional value to formulations in synergy with the primary surfactant

    3Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

    Temperature-induced clouding ofan aqueous solution containing

    an alcohol alkoxylate

    Reversed by addition ofa hydrotrope


  • Cloud point

    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

    Temperature above which an aqueous solution of a water-soluble surfactant becomesturbid. Cloud points are characteristic of nonionic surfactants.

    - usually measured at 1% wt surfactant in water (but also in BDG or in NaCl aq)- increases with increasing number of EO units- decreases with increasing lenght of the hydrophobic chain (and branching)- can be adjusted with hydrotropes (increase) or salts (decrease)



  • 5% Ethylan 1008X% Dissolvine GL-47-Srest Water

    5% Ethylan 100817% Dissolvine GL-47-SY% Ampholak YJH-40rest Water

    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes 5

    Cloud point and additives

  • Rinse with tap water


    Measure a clean plate

    1Soil the plate


    Pour the cleaning formulation

    3Measure after cleaning


    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes 6

    Non-mechanical cleaningInternal AN test method: Black box test

  • Typical hydrotropes in AkzoNobels Cleaning portfolio

    7Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

  • Cationic (Quat)Berol R648 NG

    AmphotericsAmpholak YJH-40Ampholak XCEAmpholak YCE

    Nonionics (Glucosides)AG 6202AG 6206AG 6210

    Nonionics (other types)Berol SurfBoost AD15

    Classes of functional hydrotropes

    8Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

  • Hydrotropic power cosurfactants vs SXS

    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

    Amount of hydrotrope, wt.%, as is


    Base formulation for cosurfactant hydrotropic efficacy test:5% Berol 260 + 8% Dissolvine GL-47-S + X% hydrotrope


  • Berol R648 NG upgrades theperformance of your formulation

    Excellent solubilization power and compatibility with othersurfactants and cleaning ingredients Berol R648 NG is a multi-functional cosurfactant that can be

    formulated with a wide range of nonionic and cationic surfactants andchelating agents

    Cost effective solution Berol R648 NG provides best-in-class performance even at low


    Wide range of applications The unique chemistry of Berol R648 NG enables superior cleaning

    performance of your formulations, ranging from household cleaners tothe most demanding industrial degreasers.

    10Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

  • Cleaning performance upon dilution

    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes 11

  • Cleaning tests I&I formulations


    Formulation 1

    Formulation 2

    Formulation 3

    Formulation 4

    Formulation 15.0% Berol 2606.5% SCS (40%)5.0% Dissolvine GL-47-S1.0% Alcoguard 4160Balance water

    Formulation 25.0% Berol 2604.5% Berol R648 NG5.0% Dissolvine GL-47-S1.0% Alcoguard 4160Balance water

    Formulation 35.0% Berol 2604.5% Berol R648 NG5.0% Dissolvine GL-47-S1.0% Alcoguard 41603.0% PnPBalance water

    Formulation 44.0% Berol 2600.5% Ethylan 10054.0% Berol R648 NG5.0% Dissolvine GL-47-S1.0% Alcoguard 4160Balance water

    Mechanical cleaningIKW tests using the Sheen scrubber

    The unique chemistry of Berol R648 NG enables superiorcleaning performance at low concentrations

    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

  • Ampholaks - amphoterics

    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

    Product Description Solid Properties

    Ampholak YJH-40 Octyliminodipropionate 40% High conc. formulationLow foamingSoluble in 27% NaOH

    Ampholak YCE Complexcocoiminopropionate

    30% Corrosion protectionFoam boosterSoluble in 30% NaOH

    Ampholak XCE Complexcocoiminodiglycinate

    40% Dispersing propertiesFoam boosterSoluble in 20% NaOH


  • Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes 14






    7% Ampholak YCE 6% Ampholak YJH-40 6% 4% 4%

    Cosurfactants foaming

    5% Berol 260X% Hydrotrope to reach a cloud point of 40C6% TKPP4% Metasilicaterest Water

    Foam height (immediately), mm

    Temp: 20oCConc: 5 g/lWater hardness: 4odH

    7% 6% 6% 4% 4%Ampholak Ampholak AG 6206 Berol 522 Berol R648 NGYCE YJH-40

  • Product Description Solid PropertiesAG 6202 Octylglucoside 65% Low foaming

    DispersingWettingSoluble in 26% NaOH

    AG 6206 Hexylglucoside 75% Low foamingDispersingSoluble in 50% NaOH

    AG 6210 C8-C10 alkylglucoside 61% High foamingDispersingWettingSoluble in 50% NaOH

    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes 15

    AGs - Alkyl Glucosides

  • Cosurfactants solubility in NaOH solution

    0 20 40 60

    Ampholak YJH-40

    Ampholak YCE

    Ampholak XCE

    AG 6210

    AG 6206

    AG 6202

    NaOH conc, %

    5% product in water+ X% NaOH

    Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes 16

  • AkzoNobels AG products comparedwith a typical APG

    17Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

    AG 6202 AG 6206 AG 6210 TypicalAPG

    Active content, % 65 75 61 70

    Viscosity at 20oC, cps 265 775 350 4 800

    Surface tension, dynes/cm25oC 0.1%

    33 34 27 31

    Contact angle 25oC 1%,after 1 min

    36 34 33 33

    Foam height, mm50oC 0.5%

    8 0 100 150

  • 18Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

    Berol SurfBoost AD15

    An effective, readily and anaerobically

    biodegradable, not classified cosurfactant

    Readily biodegradable, OECD 301B

    Anaerobically biodegradabale, OECD 311

    EC50 at 48h >100mg/l, acute toxicity to daphnia magna, OECD 202

    EC50 at 72h >100mg/l, acute toxicity to algae, OECD 201

    Water based, without using VOC

    Not classified according to GHS/CLP

  • 19

    Cleaning tests Household formulationsNon-mechanical cleaning of ceramic tiles soiled with kitchen soil(20% Lambert soil, 50% corn oil, 30% water)







    Formulation 1 Formulation 2 Commercialproduct 1

    Commercialproduct 2





    Formulation 11% Berol 2602% Berol SurfBoost AD150.5% Dissolvine GL-47-SBalance waterpH ~11

    Formulation 23% Berol 1851% Berol SurfBoost AD150.5% CitrateBalance waterpH ~8

    Commercial product 1

  • Choosing the right cosurfactant for your application

    20Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

  • Choice of multifunctional hydrotrope

    High content ofchelating agent

    Corrosion protection

    Not classified

    Good degreasing

    21Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

  • Choice of multifunctional hydrotrope

    AG 6206Ampholak YJH-40

    Ampholak YCEAmpholak XCE

    Ampholak YCE

    Ampholak YJH-40AG 6206

    Ampholak YJH-40Berol SurfBoost AD15

    AG 6202AG 6206AG 6210

    Berol R648 NG

    High content ofchelating agent

    Corrosion protection

    Not classified

    Good degreasing

    22Surface Chemistry EMEIA | Hydrotropes

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