Multidyne - Video & fiber optic transmission- Catv Fiber/Fiber Optic Transmission/Dvi Over...

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Transcript of Multidyne - Video & fiber optic transmission- Catv Fiber/Fiber Optic Transmission/Dvi Over...

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  2. 2. V Mu| tiDynett_,-. __ _,_ 3_ ...p,, Video&Fi'oer Optic SystemslIultiDyne provides innovation and excellence in manufacturing a full line of television and video equipment including fiber optic transport systems for video,audio,SDI,HDSDI,AES,Ethernet,data,PTZ,RGB/ V GA,DVI,HDIVII,L-Band,IF and CATV;optical multiplexing,CVVDM;automatic protection switchingGall!Fiber lllldtll over fiber Sdi lluer Fillet llllttlll Distribution tlllllllltlttt llet Routing Switcher camera hact:tltlt Fllll tllltlti Transmission llvi Elltllttl camera tttlt Fiber llllttl:lllldill tttill Extender lid Sdi ber multiplexing Illli over fiber till over linerrv-W,r F 1~': ; V , .Ifixjm
  3. 3. MultiDyne Video & Fiber-Optic Systems is a systems solutions provider focused onlightening the operators load while opening up creative production options for Whatever production environment where ber optics is essential. V/4Mu| tiDynedco & Fiber Optic SystemsFor more than 30 years,MultiDyne has been a leading provider of innovative video and ber-opticbased transport systems for the broadcast,cable,satellite,production,digital cinema,pro A/ V, and literally any industry that produces and distributes video. www. muItiIlvne. com
  4. 4. :", l2II'I'3.: l::32nurallle aml Fllllll customizable.llerinn virtually llltll Stllal combination. The LiGHTBox can be linked via tactical fiber cable to any . IultiDyne product.The LiGHTBoX is fully customizable offering virtu-.1ll_' any signal combination.
  5. 5. llacl Mount Kit for cutie Products llltllteuilllall Gulf Rack MountCompact,inexpensive method of extending the range of your JVC multicore cable.With the LiGHTBoX MC 03),you are no longer restained by the 300ft maximum length of the JVC multicore.WWW. IIllIltlIlVIIB. I':0|IImen 8. filter lllltic Transmission I Call!film I Illdill over fiber I CATV filler I video over fiber
  6. 6. HI 33-158' ,', .". .. '). .,. .,. ..v.g M. -"I 'i)V47)Q' . ,, ~'. . r 4/ tL. JL. ... J V J, .I. e. . -s- t... -,. .,u-. ..- < - ~'. u". '*| u""-'= ~'-~