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Transcript of Multichoice Apps iPhone Applications Development

  • 1. Development of businessapplications for mobile phones
  • 2. Apple is the US corporation that produces personal and tablet computers, audio players, phones and software. It is one of the pioneers in the field of PCs and modern multitasking operating systems with a graphic interface. The headquarters is located in Cupertino, California. Due to an aesthetically pleasing design and innovation technologies, Apple has developed a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry and gained immense popularity, especially in the USA.1
  • 3. Apple iPhone iPhone is the series of quad-band multimedia smartphones developed by Apple Corporation. Smartphones combine the functions of an iPod player, a communicator and an Internet tablet. They run on the Apple iOS, a version of Mac OS X simplified and optimized for the mobile device.2
  • 4. As of March 2010, they have sold a total of about 50 million iPhones. Analysts expect 100 million iPhone users by the end of 2011. This number is three times higher than that as of the end of 2009.3
  • 5. iPad is an Internet tablet produced by the Apple Corporation. On the first day of the products introduction to the market, about 300 thousand iPads were sold and about 250 thousand books and 1 million applications were downloaded. The significant milestone of 1 million iPads sold was reached in 28 days more than twice as fast as for the iPhone (74 days)4
  • 6. Web application is a web page developed especially for being viewed on an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There exist tens of thousands of various applications, which users find and download via special catalogues and the App Store. App Store is a section of the iTunes Store that offers various applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners. Both paid and free applications are distributed via App Store.5
  • 7. There are many ways of informing the consumer about your brand: TV, press, outdoor advertising, the Internet6
  • 8. Multichoice Apps offers a new unique platform to inform the consumer about your products and services development of a special application for your company. The number of connections to the Internet via mobile phones has already exceeded the number of connections via computers.7
  • 9. How do iPhone, iPad and iPod users find applications they need? In 2008, Apple created its App Store. It is a section of iTunes Store that offers various applications to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. It is very easy to search for the necessary application. Lets see how to find, download and use an application for the small travel company Multichoice Travel. The process will be the same for your business. An iPhone user opens the App Store installed in each iPhone, iPad and iPod and types the keyword he needs in the search string. As our example is based on a travel agency, the person will use the keyword Cheap Tickets for instance. This should be compared to an ordinary Internet search engine. It is almost the same.8
  • 10. After the user types the keyword and presses Search, the system shows him a number of applications directly related to the keyword. We see Multichoice Travel among them. Then the user presses the icon and sees the text about the company and what he can get with this application. After studying this information, the user presses the Install button and the application is downloaded to his phone.9
  • 11. So, what is the application and why will its creation allow your company to attract additional clients? We place importance on the design of splash pages. It should reflect your companys field of activity to the maximum. You see the first page of an application. The first thing that strikes the eye is the companys logo and graphic elements that reflect the travel industry. This is not accidental, because we are referring to a travel agency application. On this page, you can call the companys office by simply clicking Call Us, find out how to get to the company from your current location, and send an email.10
  • 12. Another page contains information on the companys services.11
  • 13. On this page, you are only a click away from the companys website. Thus, in addition to the multiple functional peculiarities of the application itself, it also serves as an additional gate to the companys website.12
  • 14. The next page allows a person to set an appointment at the companys office.13
  • 15. On the next page, you are only one click away from learning about all the companys services, visiting the companys pages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), setting preferences, reading company news feed and client testimonials.14
  • 16. This is how your company Facebook page will look on iPhone and iPad15
  • 17. 16
  • 18. By pressing the News button, you can read the companys recent and past news. This can be information on new services, special offers, discounts, etc. Here we should expand on the service of sending messages - Push Notifications, that we offer. You will be able to send text and image messages to all who have downloaded your application. This can be done from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well as from any computer. You will have a special panel to upload text and images and then send your messages using one click. This is the fastest way of informing your clients about your company activity.17
  • 19. Here we want to show ways you can inform customers about the existence of your companys application. Add a line to your business card. Place a banner on your companys website.18
  • 20. Create a separate leaflet with information about the application.19
  • 21. The number of people who use Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and iTunes, via which they can download your application, grows each day. Apples products are very popular in the USA and around the world. The number of applications downloaded from the App Store has exceeded three billion! At the end of the 90s, many people didnt think of creating a website. The companies that did launch their sites soon saw an upsurge in their business. A similar situation is now developing with mobile phone apps. Having created your application, you will take leading positions in the market, acquire new clients and strengthen relationships with existing clients. We are an application developer accredited by Apple. Multichoice Apps will create a design for your application, program it and list it on App Store. We can also create an application for Android. Contact us today Phone: 770-447-0208 (ext. 101) Email: Data as of January 5, 201020