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Ecommerce doesn’t have to be a threat to the other sales channels in your business. Presentation by Benny Sintobin, CEO of e-Shopinvest - a managed e-commerce firm.

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  • 1. Multichannel EcommerceEcommerce doesnt have to be a threat to the other sales channels in your business

2. Distribution Channel 1Producer Distributor Retailer Consumer 3. Distribution Channel 2 Main Office &Internet DucatiAirport Shops OutletItalian Distributors Wholly-OwnedDealers (e.g. Spain)Subsidiaries (e.g. Sweden) Dealer 1Dealer 2Dealer 1 Dealer 2 (e.g. (e.g. (e.g.(e.g.Ibiza)Barcelona)Lulea) Stockholm) End Consumer 4. Distribution Channel 3 Producer ImporterDistributorE-tailerRetailer Physical StoreInternet Store End Consumer 5. However, what matters iswhat the consumer wants & needs 6. Dear Customer,why are you online? 7. 1 OUT OF 2 people go online to research a product 1 OUT OF 4 people go to a brand/manufacturer site to collect information before making a decision 1 OUT OF 20 actually order online 8. Dear Customer,what does your journey look like? 9. Inspiration Orientation BuyBuyService Early Actual Actual Stage Buying BuyingBuying Period Decision Decision Decision Of 1 hour severalToday 2015 days.. 10. Dear Customer,please order my brand online? 11. Brand Loyalty & Ecommerce Brand Loyalty is higher online than offline for same households Price Sensitivity & Ecommerce Light OnlineModerate OnlineHeavy OnlineConsumer ConsumerConsumer- Online: less price - Offline: more price- Online: very picesensitivesensitivesensitive- More loyal to- Still loyal to brandsbrands Food & Non Food Products Brand Loyalty & Price Sensitivity differences are larger with food than non- food products. 12. An increasing number ofbrands and manufacturers want this... 13. Where to start? 14. Use your web presence and internet marketing to develop overall sales1. NEW ONLINE (b2c e-commerce)2. PRIMARY OFF LINE SALES (b2c e-commerce) 15. Before launching your B2C online flagship store Identify the gaps betweenyour B2B customers and the end-consumer 16. Identify the gaps to fill:1. Geographical (in a country, new countries)2. Target Groups (e.g. busy professionals etc.)3. Seasonal (e.g. Christmas etc.)4. Product Depth5. New Product Launch6. Merchandising 17. Before launching your B2C online flagship storeConsider the pricing on the flagship store 18. 1. Sell at list price at all time (for every country)2. Delay markdowns on the flagship store until the primary channel has had the chance to sell through 19. Before launching your B2C online flagship storeThink of the opportunities of youstore locator 20. TYPE OF STORE LOCATOR 21. MAKE YOUR STORE LOCATER A TIERED SYSTEMGoldSilverBronze Sell the dealer locator concept to expand product penetration in the stores Feature stores that offer a special service for your productsMENTION YOUR STORE LOCATOR AT THE PRODUCT LEVELDRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR STORE LOCATOR 22. Use B2C tools to boost B2B sales 23. Provide and gather warranty information from all products inthe market.Start an eCRM campaign. 24. Process online end-user returns for your products, regardless ofthe sales channel. Whether they are finished products or spareparts. 25. Avoid missed transactions.Provide simple tools to process in-store orders with your e-commerceinfrastructure (they will never carry all your products) 26. Provide syndicated content &drop shippping services to other online dealers. 27. E-SHOPINVESTManaged e-commerce partnershipsBenny Sintobine-mail : benny.sintobin@eshopinvest.euurl : www.eshopinvest.eutelefoon : +32 (0)51 69 95 05nr beursstand : S18download de presentatie :