MultiCam V-Series CNC WaterJet

MultiCam V-Series CNC WaterJet
MultiCam V-Series CNC WaterJet
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Introducing the *NEW* MultiCam Value Series CNC Waterjet. The V-Series is a smart CNC investment that's easy on the budget. MultiCam has designed this pure water or abrasive cutting system to make high performance, versatility, and productivity affordable.

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The MultiCam Value-Series WaterJet is a smart CNC investment thats easy on the budget. We designed this pure water or abrasive cutting system to make high performance, versatility and productivity affordable. Enclosed bellows protect Y and Z axes from abrasive garnet buildup. Steel covers keep dual drives and all X-axis precision bearing surfaces clean during the cutting process. KMT's NEOLine" 10d direct-drive intensier rated at 10 hp and 40,000 PSI powers the V-Series WaterJet. The pump also is available in a single-phase electrical conguration that's ideaI for smaII shops without three-phase power. With over 70 MultiCam Technology Centers worldwide, sales, training, service and support always are located nearby.Price/PerformanceBreakthroughMetered abrasive feeder/bulk hopper system operates under full CNC program control.X and Y axes feature integral V-cam roller bearings and precision linear rack and pinions.MultiCam, Inc.1025 West Royal LaneDFW Airport, TX 75261Phone: 972-929-4070 Fax: sales@multicam.comSpecifcations subject to change. 2011 MultiCam, nc. All Rights Reserved..V-8eries WaterJet 8pecihcations Z-Axis Clearance: 6" Z-Axis Travel: 6" Repeatability: 0.001" Cutting Speed: 600 PM Rapid Traverse: 1000 PM Drive System X and Y Axes: Rack and pinion Z Axis: Lead screw Standard Work Surface: Steel slat Weight: 3700 pounds empty 13,600 pounds with waterKMT NEOLine 10d Pump ncludes Self-contained, minimum-footprint, skid-mounted unit 10-hp TEFC motor three phase: 230/460 V, one phase: 230 V 0.34 GPM at 40,000 PS Three state-of the-art ceramic plungers Ceramic suction and stainless steel discharge valves Easy-to-maintain manifoldPrecision-machined supports fabricated from 1" thick cast aluminum tooling plate hold the gantry on both ends.Full 360 rubberized bellows protect Y and Z axes bearings. Steel covers protect X axis bearings fully. A 60" x 122" steel slat bed is standard on V-Series WaterJets.164" L69" HL85" W