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The Muay Thai Home Gym 1

The Muay Thai Home GymConstructing Your Very Own Temple of Spank

The Muay Thai Home Gym 2

Glossary of SpankHere are a few of the insider terms that will help you better understand the secretive underground world of Muay Thai Home Gyms. Altar 1. noun. A holy space where man meets God. 2. A holy space where man spanks bag. The area in a Muay Thai home gym that's set aside for the long bag. Chuck proper noun. The name given to the gym bucket that's used to collect vomit and other bodily fluids emitted during a workout. Gimp noun. A nickname for the long bag [of Latin origin. Meaning "to walk with a limp"]. Common usage"Bill spanked his gimp for five rounds last night." Loogey noun. 1. Chunky, moist grit that's picked or blown from the nostrils. 2. A nickname for the medicine ball. Common usage"Ben tossed his loogey around the park." Nak Muay noun. 1. A refined individual with impeccable tasteparticularly in sport. 2. A person who trains in Muay Thai. Ring noun. 1. A region of the body where referee's often wedge their necks. 2. The area in the Muay Thai home gym that's set aside for stretching, shadowboxing, sparring, pad-work and conditioning. Spanked verb. 1. Explosive release of beast-power via the limbs. Common usage"Bob really spanked the pads at training last night." 2. To be beaten and bashed until you're crying like a little girl who's lost her mommy. Common usage"Buakaw would get spanked if he ever fought Yodsanklai." Toolbox noun. 1. Your beast. 2. Region in home gym where conditioning tools are stored.

The Muay Thai Home Gym 3

The Advantages of a Muay Thai Home GymLess Travel You love your Muay Thai Club. They understand you there. Just like you, they love to spank pads, bags and one another. But the travel can be a hassle. If only there was an easy way to get a little more spank into your life . . . Convenience Ideally we'd all have a Thai pad-holder tucked away in the basement (and maybe a sexy little Thai masseur as well), but that'd be too expensive (and maybe even illegal). What about a regular training partner? Yeh, theyre useful. But you dont want to be chasing people up, every time you want to workout. If only you had a convenient way to train Muay Thai whenever you wanted . . . Freedom of Expression There's one thing all nak muay's have in commonwe grunt, growl and snarl when we spank things. Unfortunately, at some health clubs this natural expression of spank-joy is frowned uponthe owners are afraid it might scare or offend the other customers. Consider this true story: At a local health club, I had just finished a particularly hard round on the bag. A young lady came up to me and said, "you sound like your having full-blown sex with that equipment! There were so many oneliners I wanted to respond with, but being a gentleman, I just apologized and tried to keep the noise down. She went back to trotting on her little treadmill and watching Oprah, whilst I was relegated to playing a game of pitty-patty on the bag like some emasculated wimp. Im sure youve had similar experiences. If only there was a place to workout where we felt free to unleash our inner beasts (inner beasts) . . . There is such a place, my friendsyour own home. All you need to do is set-up a Muay Thai home gymyour very own Temple of Spank!

The Muay Thai Home Gym 4

Core RequirementsThere are three core requirements to consider when designing your awesome Muay Thai home gym: its got to be sports specific, suitable for solo training and cost-effective. Can the gym improve your Muay Thai? This sounds like an obvious requirment, but many people fill their home gyms full of useless shit or gear that doesnt actually improve the specific attributes needed for their sport. Toss out the thigh-masters, butt-toners, ab-rollers and crazy vibrating machines (well, perhaps move the vibrating machines to the bedroom for later). And set aside any unrelated sporting and fitness gear. We're building a Muay Thai gym, a Temple of Spank, not a gimmick-filled wank-fest or a gym better suited for another sport. Can you get a good workout in the gym by yourself? I know it takes two to tango for a lot of fight training. But, it defeats the purpose of having a home gym if you can't get a good workout in it by yourself. Sure, you might want to allow some space to train with a partner, but you don't want to be reliant on others for a good training session. And besides, you probably should try to minimize the number of nak muays you allow into your house. They tend to be dirty, smelly delinquents of questionable character (and many carry infectious diseases!). Can you set-up your gym cheaply? Hell yes! Don't fall for the fitness industry hard sellleave that to the prettyboys that frequent exclusive health clubs. Money cant buy Muay Thai skills and conditioning. The vast majority of Thai fighters train without any expensive equipment or high-tech gear. They rely on determination, effort and persistence to achieve their goals. Less is more. A Muay Thai home gym is oldschool, hard-core and low cost.

The Muay Thai Home Gym 5

The Tools you'll needBefore I get into the nitty gritty of what to buy, in the interests of total disclosure, I'd like to point out that I'm not getting paid anything for recommending products in this ebook . . . DAMN IT!

The Muay Thai Home Gym 6

Good LocationFirst up youre going to need some space. Your best bet is a garage, but I've seen people convert almost any space into a kick-arse home gym. There are three key regions that you must allow for when setting up your Temple of Spank: The Altar This is the region in your home-gym where your heavy bag lives. Your gimp will be the most difficult tool to incorporate into your spaceits needy. You need to allow for its swing and extra space for your movement around it. You dont necessarily need full 360 movement around your bag, but you wouldnt want much less than 180 access. Then theres the issue of hanging it. There are four options: Hang it from the roof. This is the most common and (in my opinion) the best option. It allows for a good natural swing and doesnt require any additional gear outside of a chain and hook. Hang it from a stand-alone support structure. I dont like them. Even the ones designed for 'professional' use in gyms are pretty crap. I've used a two station (speed bag and long bag) at my local health club. To stop it from falling over when I kicked it I had to put a couple of weight plates on the speed-ball side. After two weeks of use, the weld near the chain brokenot good. However, if you can't hang your bag, then this is your next best optionbut its going to be expensive. Bolt it into a concrete floor. These bags are specially made with a metal rod that goes through its center and bolts onto the floor. I really dont like them. They don't respond like a hung bag and eventually you start to feel the steel pole support when you kick it. Avoid them. Use a free-standing bag. Ive only tried the free-standing bags with water-filled bases. They dont respond well to a hard kickit takes forever to right itself. Avoid

The Muay Thai Home Gym 7

The Ring This is the region in your home gym where you stretch, shadowbox, spar, do pad-work and conditioning. The smallest area I've found usable is 3m x 2m (10 x 7). In this amount of space, training by yourself isnt a problemyoull be able to stretch, shadowbox and do basic conditioning. However, if youre doing partner work, youll find kicking the pads difficult and sparring next to impossible. If youre going to do a lot of partner work, a better option is 3m x 3m (10 x 10). This gives you enough of a 'ring' to be able to move around a bit during padwork and sparring. If you can mark out your ring, then do it. Having a defined space helps keep the mind focused on what its supposed to be doing. (Though probably avoid spray-painting the carpet if youre converting a room inside your house.) The Toolbox As the name suggests, this is the region in your home gym where you toss all your technique and conditioning tools. If you follow my advice (stay tuned) and get a big tyre, then you can use that to throw your stuff in. Otherwise any box will do. Make sure you use your toolbox! The last thing you want to do is trip over something when your shadowboxing, sparring or kicking the bagthe results arent pretty. STORE YOUR TOOLSDONT BE ONE!

The Muay Thai Home Gym 8

A Heavy Bag (Gimp)This is the most important purchase for your home gym. You will spend countless hours with your gimpkicking, punching, grappling . . . nuzzling. So, in my opinion, it's worthwhile buying the best quality bag you can afford. So what sort of bag should you get? Buy Long It needs to be long enough so you can jab high and kick low from your normal fighting stance. Buy Heavy It must be heavy enough to develop powerful kicks and keep the swinging to a minimum. Buy Tough Youre going to absolutely spank the be-jesus out of this thing with your shins, elbows, knees, fists and face (What? You dont do face conditioning? You sissy!) Make sure its made from durable material, has quality stitching and sturdy D-rings. Owning a heavy bag will enable you to practice all of your strikes. And unlike a training partner it won't get tired or sook during a particularly hard spanking session. You will learn to love your gimpthough don't get carried away. Getting 'aroused' when you spank you gimp is normal (well, that's what I tell myself)just don't ever let things go past the arousal stage. Sweat, blood and tears should be the only bodily fluids that stain your bag. What do I use? A 6 foot, Jumbo Jim Bradley bag. Jim Bradley Home Page Want some gimp-kicking inspiration? Peter Aert