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Muay Thai Addict is a leading online store specializing in Muay Thai Apparels like shorts,t-shirts,tank tops,caps and safety gears products.We also design customize clothing which fits your need with the best offers and discounts

Transcript of Muay Thai Addict - Muay Thai Stuff, Muay Thai Gloves, T-Shirts, Accessories

  • Muay Thai Addict

  • Our Storyv It all started with a passion for Muay Thai,

    the national sport of Thailand And also referred as art of eight limbs.

    v Muay Thai represents a challenge of physical and mental self-control, balance, a deep respect for tradition, and strong focus on training and technique.

    v Part of the Muay Thai, is related to apparel and gear that is used to train and fight.

    v US based Muay Thai Addict is a company that is passionate about all things having to do with Muay Thai.

  • Our Products

  • Muay Thai Shortsv At Muay Thai Addict we offer a variety of Choices and Designs for Muay Thai fightersv We have Regular & Retro Fitting Shortsv This is a Platinum Series- Black Quantum(Regular fitting) Very light and comfortable fabric and has a New low-rise horseshoe cut on the side of the Shorts.

    v This is a Chocolate brown and Cream Retro Shorts.v Its a one of a kind retro design, high quality brown and crme satin materialv Do check out our website for more Collections at,

  • Muay Thai ApparelvWe at Muay Thai Addict cater to all of your apparel requirement.vOur wide range of apparel section includes t-shirts, hats, hoodies, tank tops and much more.vHere is one of our most selling Muay Thai apparel, Kevin Ross Black Wai Khru T-shirt with his photo in the background with a comfortable Fit.

    v This is another example of what we have more in store for you.vMuay Thai Addict Neon Green Hat For more Design and Colors check out Our website at,

  • Muay Thai Gearv Our Store not only takes care of your apparels but we also take care that you don't sustain injuries by providing the right safety gear's.v This is a In Step Shin Guard which is extremely Comfortable. They are made with enough padding To withstand intense sparring lessons. They come In all sizes from small youth to large adult .

    v This Muay Thai ankle supports not only cool but it also protects the ankle from Sustaining any injury and gives a good grip if the floor or the mat is wet or slippery.v For quality Muay Thai Gear & Supplies checkout our website at,

  • Muay Thai Gallery


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