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1. M & Ms Social Media Content by Padhraic Stone 2. M & Ms Target Market From my research I see the target market for M & Ms brand being women and kids, the brand targets these two big segments with their six different characters. The talking characters are appealing for the kids and their individual personalities are appealing to women. As kids are not on social media, M & Ms target market is from 20 (the final years of college) to 35 and over. These women are strong, well educated, sexy sophisticated, professional women as demonstrated by M & Ms character Ms. Brown. Detailed look of target audience is on next slide. 3. Persona 1: Margaret, 22, studies accountancy in UL. Margaret likes to keep fit, she plays football and soccer and goes running on the off season. Margaret likes social gatherings, she likes hanging out & going out with her friends as well as hanging with her family. Margaret works part-time in a local shop, she is tech savvy & owns a smart phone, a laptop & has access to a tablet at home. Margaret is online on various formats such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest & Instagram & has only recently set up LinkedIn as she is soon finished college. Persona 2: Mary, 30, has finished college, has several years work experience behind her, has a good job, is well paid & has disposable income. Mary lives with her partner Keith in their one bedroom apartment. They go on weekends away & take holidays abroad. Mary likes to keep active, she goes running and goes for long walks with Keith & their dog. Mary likes meeting friends & catching up with them. Mary is tech savvy, she owns a smart phone & a tablet. Mary uses Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn & Pinterest. Mary shops, keeps up to date with current affairs & fashion trends online. M & Ms Target Audience 4. M & Ms Key Message The key message of the brand is fun, humorous, light hearted and sophisticated as demonstrated in the Ms. Brown advert seen on TV. In the advert Ms. Brown is engaged in conversation with two professional women of middle to late 20s early 30s age, two men are seen laughing as they think that Ms. Brown is naked. Ms. Brown informs them its her outer shell and only a fool would think otherwise, in pops Red, saying I didnt know it was that kind of party and proceeds to take of his outer shell. M & Ms content is appealing to both women & kids. Their social media channels is about reach & not engagement. They aim to achieve reach through consistent updates of distinctive content. They use promotions to drive an increase in reach & purchase. 5. Objective: Link M & Ms strong image based content to written content, while still carrying the brands message. The idea: Hold interview style interactions with the M & Ms characters. The interactions aim to be funny, light hearted and consistent with the personalities of the characters. The content will be short and to the point so as not to take too much time to read. Images: Images provided will accompany the content. Content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without. M & Ms Content 6. Sunday Twitter Post Join us all this week as we meet your favourite M&M characters 1 to 1. Tune in tmrw when we meet Red. Its going to be sweet. #meetingM&M's 7. Monday Facebook Post All this week we meet with our M & M favourites. Today we welcome Red. Red weve known you quite a while now, is there anything that you can tell us that would surprise your fans? Yeah, Yellows nuts and not Im not talking about the delicious Milk Chocolate coated kind. I do have one story for the fans, they might have heard about it. Its really not that bad, I had it all under control. Yellow and I were at a party, us M & Ms we get invited to a lot of them, Oscars, Cinema dates, movie nights, the list goes on. It can be tough to make an appearance at them all, we do try. Yellow was in the kitchen trying to figure out how the light comes on in the fridge and I.Well I got out of my shell that night. I could see into the living room and I saw somebody with their Milk Chocolate out. (contd. ) 8. (contd. ) I thought, this is my kind of party! So I walked in, out of my shell, with two tickets to the gun show. Turns out it wasnt my kind of party. It was Ms. Brown the Chief Chocolate Officer. We had never met Ms. Brown before that night. We really hit it off. I could tell she really liked me. Well see what Ms. Brown has to say about that, thank you Red. 9. Monday Twitter Post Today we met Red, read about the night he met Ms.Brown. Tmrw we meet the chocolate coloured nut that is Yellow. #meetingM&M's 10. Tuesday Facebook Post Hey Yellow thanks for being with us today, its an honour, were nuts about you. So we spoke with Red yesterday and we wanted to ask could shed some light on the night you met Ms. Brown? Sure can, I was in the kitchen. I was looking for my entourage, we nuts never travel alone. We usually hangout in the cupboard but sometimes we can be found in the cold cupboard with the big door. Its cold in there. I opened the door and the light was on. I looked around but I couldnt see anybody. Spooky. I left the cold cupboard alone after that. Thank you Yellow, dont ever change. Tune in tomorrow when we meet the desirable Green. 11. Tuesday Twitter Post Awh Yellow youre such a nut, tune in tmrw to see how we get on with gorgeous Green. #meetingM&M's 12. Wednesday Facebook Post Joining us today is Green. Green its a pleasure to be in the presence of such beauty, how does it feel to be in such demand? The pleasure is all mine honey. How does it feel, it feels good baby, the glamour, the prestige, the knowledge that both men and women want me. I know how to handle myself, so its all good sweetie. Girls you need to have fun, be yourself and be fierce. I may find myself doing a cover shoot half naked, knee deep in Antarctic snow, thats when I just think about the money baby, I think about the money. Lets just pick your jaw up of the floor shall we? Men. Ms. Green everybody. Tomorrow we meet the worrisome Orange. 13. Wednesday Twitter Post Orange has cancelled tmrw on us. He was afraid it was a trap & he was going to be eaten. He has since jetted off into the sun #meetingM&M's 14. Thursday Twitter Post (1/2) With Oranges recent out of town trip, we are lucky enough to meet Blue today. Click through to see how it went. #meetingM&M's 15. Thursday Facebook Post So we were due to meet Orange today. As announced on Twitter yesterday, Orange was afraid that this was a trap and that he was going to be eaten. Orange has since jetted off into the sun. Worrisome chap, good to get away from this cold snap though. So today we are lucky enough to be joined by Blue, thanks for dropping by on such short notice, were delighted you could make an appearance. Hey, hey, hey no problemo, I knew we could work something out. Im just giving the fans what they want. You made the right decision. You know I was on my way from the gym when you called, yeah thats right ladies, I work out. Did you speak with my agent before I got here? Im not saying another word until you speak with my agent. Get Marty on phone! Thank you Blue. Tomorrow we meet Chief Chocolate Officer Ms. Brown. 16. Tmrw we meet Chief Chocolate Officer Ms. Brown. Wish me luck. #meetingM&M's. Pic Ms. Brown en route after long day @ the office Thursday Twitter Post (2/2) 17. Friday Facebook Post Today were joined by Ms. Brown. Thank you for joining us Ms. Brown, we know how busy you are. Thats quite all right but this better not run over time. I have a very important meeting that I have to attend and I do not like to keep my subordinates waiting. So are you going to get the ball rolling? .Every time, my eyes are up here. I appreciate that you like Milk Chocolate but this is highly unprofessional. My shell is brown, it just looks like my Milk Chocolate is showing. I dont have time for this, boys bring my car around. Bye Ms. Brown, thanks for coming, shes gone. Ok then. So just in is a message from Orange saying Youll never find me accompanied with the image below. (contd.) 18. (contd. ) At least he wasnt afraid to get in touch again. Like and Share when you find Orange. 19. Friday Twitter Post We have since received a msg from Orange saying Youll never find me accompanied with the image below. Retweet when you do. #meetingM&M's 20. Thank you for your time, looking forward to hearing from you. padhraicstone@gmail.com End of M & Ms Content