Ms. Livoti’s Guide to Making Studio Art Your Favorite ClassEver. 2015-2016

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Transcript of Ms. Livoti’s Guide to Making Studio Art Your Favorite ClassEver. 2015-2016

Studio Art 2009-2010 Ms. Livoti

Ms. Livotis Guide to Making Studio Art Your Favorite ClassEver.2015-2016Concepts and ObjectivesThe Language of Art: The principals and elements of art

Art Production: Using art tools, techniques, materials; making art

Discovering Culture: Understanding your culture and different cultures through art

The Role of the Artist: Understanding different artists and art forms

NY State Standards for Visual ArtCreating, Performing and Participating in the arts: Participating in art activities

Knowing and Using Art Materials and Resources: Making use of art materials and resources

Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art: Critically responding to works of art

Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts:Understanding the personal and cultural forces that shape artistic communication and how the arts our culture


Arrive to class on time and begin our daily do now or weekly sketchbook assignmentPasses are for using the restroom only. One person is allowed out at a time, you may not leave during lessons, demos or critiques. You will be considered absent if you leave the room for an extended period of time. It is YOUR responsibility to make up missed work if you are absent.Extra help is available.Behavior PolicyChain of Command:Verbal WarningPhone call homeDetentionDepartment meeting with Art ChairpersonReferral/Assistant Principal

Before behavior becomes an issue, be proactive.

Be attentive to your classmates.

See me if you have any issues or concerns about the course, your classmates, life, etc.

Everyone has the right to a great class experience!!GradingClass work/Projects ......60%Class Participation/ Effort ..15%Homework/Sketchbook/research/prepared..10%Tests/ Quizzes..15%

Project RequirementsIf its not complete on a due date, its 5 points off every day its late.

After 5 school days, its ZERO project grade.

HW/Sketchbook RequirementsIf its not turned in complete on the day its due, its a ZERO.

BRACE YOURSELFCLASS RULES ARE COMINGAim: What should the rules of the Art Room be?Do Now: Raise your hand to share a rule that you think would be important for an art room.Be Prepared Everyday!


NO YOU CANT KEEP YOUR BAGS AND BOOKS ON THE TABLE.YOU NEED TO CLEAR YOUR VISUAL SPACE.Keep books and bags off the desk, and out of the aisle on the floor.

DOES SO WELL IN ART CLASSTEACHER CALLS HOME AND SAYS IM AWESOMEParticipate in class and put in your best effort!Dont use electronic devices! Cell Phone Policy:1st time using it in class: Teacher will take it away, give it to assistant principal. You get a phone call home, pick it up at the end of the day2nd time: Phone gets sent to office for your parents to pick it up after school + 3 detentionsAny time after that: Phone gets sent to office, parents pick it up, you get in-school suspension. Affects permanent record.

MUSIC PolicyYou are not allowed to play music from your phone or other device during class.Listening to music from your personal device with headphones may be allowed while working in an open studio setting- but this is a class earned privilege.No headphones during demos, lessons, class discussions or critiques.

Van Gotye

Be attentive and respectful!

Your horrible attitudeReally makes me want to help you.No eating in the art room. Ive experienced seeing some of you eat in the cafeteria. It worries me. Please dont eat near artwork.

Be open to meeting new people and working with others in class.

Get to know your classmates! Its a great way to show your respect for others.

Raise your hand when youd like to share something

Respect your supplies and the art rooms supplies!Dont take/touch something without asking permission! Dont invade others personal spaces.Use all supplies properly, clean supplies, and put supplies back where you find them!

Dont touch objects in the room that do not belong to you


WANT AN EASY TIP FOR STAYING OUT OF DETENTION?USE MATURE AND APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR IN CLASSDont write on school property. If you feel like drawing put it on paper.

NOT SURE IF TAKING NOTES IN BINDEROR DOODLING ON THE DESK THE WHOLE TIMEIf you want to leave on time, help clean up the room...even if it wasnt your mess.

ITS 5 MINUTES UNTIL END OF CLASSCLEAN UP ALL THE MESS!Stay in your seat unless told otherwise! Walking around can be dangerous and distracting!

WANNA BE DISTRACTING IN CLASS?KEEP GETTING OUT OF YOUR SEAT Dont EVER throw away an artwork without Ms. Livotis approval!

WHAT DO YOU MEANYOU ALREADY THREW IT OUT?The experience you have in this room is dependent upon your attitude.

IF MY EXPERIENCE IN THIS CLASS IS DEPENDENT UPON MY ATTITUDETHEN IF I HAVE SUPER AMAZING ATTITUDE, CLASS WILL BE SUPER AMAZING?Class Supplies Canson 9x12 sketchbook, 100 pagesDixon Ticonderoga Pencils, box of 12Colored Pencils box of 24Large glue stick2 Black sharpies2 Ultra Fine point black sharpies1 Vinyl (white) erasersA marble notebook and folder for notes and hand outs.

Commit to your art training! Make art part of your day, every day and stick to it! Walking through the door of the art room is your first step.

Dont get scared or worried about making art, or what it will look like.

Make artwork for the practice! Enjoy the practice, not the result.

Stay calm and work hard at each project! Dont let yourself get frustrated.

Every day will be different, do what you can each day.

Give your teacher and classmates your personal best so they may achieve theirs. Motivate each other to do better!

Dont cheat at art by letting someone do something for you. You have to develop your own skill and style!