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    MRICA HEPP (Indonesia Power Generation Business Unit)

    Mrica Generation Business Unit is one of eight GBU in Central Java that are owned and operated by PT

    Indonesia Power in Central Java. Mrica GBU is a hydro power plant utilizing a Dam, Reservoir or Run of

    River system.


    Mrica Generation Business Unit has 25 power generators within 14 locations and has 318.84 MW

    installed capacities.

    In 1971, Indonesia received aid from the Australian government to develop water resources for power

    generation. From the results of the study by Snowi Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) in 1972

    proposed Maung and Mrica in watersheds Serayu for hydropower.

    As it goes in 1974 conducted a feasibility study on watershed Serayu. In 1978-1980 compiled detailed

    planning design by Teknopromn Export from the USSR. On May 15, 1982 conducted the working

    contract between PLN and Sabcon (Scansa Comentgjuteriet, Asea AB and Sweedee Balfour Beaty

    Construction LTd), and United Kingdom. As a consultant planner was SWECO AB of Sweden and

    engineering and power teknopom export from the UK, while Wiratman and Ass redesign planning

    results made by Teknopromexport (TPE). As the Supervisor Consultant was Sir William Halcrow and

    Parners of England.

    Type Hydro Power Plant

    Area Central Java

    Kind of Fuel Hydro

    Power Capacity

    1 PB. Sudirman 180.90 MW 2 Jelok 20.48 MW 3 Timo 12.00 MW 4 Wonogiri 12.40 MW 5 Garung 26.40 MW 6 Sempor 1.00 MW 7 Ketenger 8.04 MW 8 Wadaslintang 18.00 MW 9 Kedungombo 22.50 MW

    10 Klambu 1.17 MW 11 Pejengkolan 1.40 MW 12 Tapen 0.75 MW 13 Sidorejo 1.40 MW 14 Tulis 12.40 MW

    Total 318.84 MW

    Owner PT. Indonesia Power

    Shareholders PT. PLN

    Activity Since 1937

    Contact Teguh Adi Nuryanto General Manager

    Address Mrica Generation Business Unit JI. Raya Banyumas Km. 8. Kotak Pos 38, Banjarnegara 53471, Indonesia


    Phone & Fax Tel. : (62-286) 597-081 Fax. : (62-286) 597-044



    1. PB. Sudirman

    Sudirman (Mrica) Hydroelectric Power Plant Indonesia is located at Bawang, Central Java, Indonesia.

    Location coordinates are: Latitude= -7.3927, Longitude= 109.6054. This infrastructure is of Type Hydro

    Power Plant with a design capacity of 181 MWe. It has 3 unit(s). The first unit was commissioned in 1988

    and the last in 1989.

    This multipurpose scheme has a 800m long, 110m tall earth-filled and rock main dam across the Serayu

    River. Other high-level dams stretch out on either side of the main dam to give a total crest length of

    more than 5km. The open-air power house is connected to the reservoir by a 570m pressure tunnel.


    No. Unit

    Turbine Generator COD MW

    Manufacturer Type Serial Number

    1 Boving & Co vertical axis Francis 2021 ASEA 1989 60.30

    2 Boving & Co vertical axis Francis 2020 ASEA 1989 60.30

    3 Boving & Co vertical axis Francis 2019 ASEA 1988 60.30

    2. Jelok

    Jelok Hydropower Plant in Tuntang District, Semarang regency, has been in operation since 1937.

    Electricity from the plant was once a major supplier of electricity demand in gemeente or municipal

    Salatiga formerly inhabited by the Dutch. Jelok is the oldest hydroelectric power plant in Indonesia

    because it operated in 1937 and managed at the time by the Dutch Government ANIEM. However, in

    1955 Hydropower Jelok successfully taken over by Indonesian.

    Jelok Hydroelectric power plant utilizing a stream of water from natural reservoirs Rawa Pening with its

    capacity of 20.48 megawatts.

    In the history manuscript of the national electricity which is always read every ceremony on October 27

    and in the text of a short handover PT Indonesia Power, which is recited on every Oct. 3, the name of

    Jelok hydropower plant unlikely called as the Central of hydropower Plant (HEPP) which was built by the

    Dutch whereas it was built in 1937.

    The second paragraph of the history of electricity just to mention: In 1927, the Dutch government

    established S'Lands Waterkracht Bedrijven (LB), a company that manages the Plengan hydropower,

    Lamajan hydropower, Tonsea Lama hydropower Plant in North Sulawesi and Steam Power Plant Jakarta.

    Jelok Hydroelectric is located in Semarang district about 45 km from the city of Semarang, or 15 miles to

    the northeast Salatiga. Jelok Hydroelectric currently managed by PT Indonesia Power, a PLN subsidiary

    engaged in power generation, among the 14 hydropower in Central Java under the responsibility Mrica

    Generation Business Unit.

    Three engine Unit were built in 1937 and 1962, plus 1 unit more. With the water falls a height of 144

    meters and installed power 4 capacity of 4 x 5.12 MW Jelok Hydroelectric can generate electricity by 93

    GWh / year. Turbine made by Werk Escher Wyss Holland Spoor with horizontal Francis rotating shaft

    type made by Oerlikon AG Brown Hemaf Generators in rotation of 600 rpm.

    Water that moved the turbines were taken from Rawapening lake intercepted by the Tuntang river

    which was then dammed by a dam that is equipped with 6 water gates.


    Although it was already more than 70 years, the Jelok hydropower plant engine still operated as in good

    condition with relatively low operating costs. Meanwhile, to keep and maintain the reliability, in 1994

    generating engine was renovated by replacing the governor and the main inlet valve, retrofit 9 control

    system and rewinding the generator stator.

    Once before the interlinked of electrical interconnection system in Java, Jelok hydropower is one of the

    power plants that are vital to meet the electricity needs in Central Java. Based on installed capacity,

    Jelok Hydroelectric current contribution to the production of UBP Mrica range of 6.37%.


    Sriyoto - Senior Supervisor

    Sub Unit PLTA Jelok

    Desa Delik, Kec. Tuntang, Kab. Salatiga

    Central Java

    Tel. : (62-298) 322-507

    Fax. : (62-298) 322-507

    No. Unit

    Turbine Generator COD MW

    Manufacturer Type Serial Number

    1 Escher Wyss Horizontal Francis 9176 Ellin Energie 1937 5.12

    2 Escher Wyss Horizontal Francis 9177 Ellin Energie 1937 5.12

    3 Escher Wyss Horizontal Francis 9178 Ellin Energie 1937 5.12

    4 Escher Wyss Horizontal Francis NT 11010 Ellin Energie 1962 5.12

    3. Timo Timo Hydroelectric power plant utilizing a stream of water from Rawapening natural lake after being

    used by Jelok Hydro Power plant, with its capacity of 12 megawatts.

    Mahsun Maintenance Supervisor

    Sub Unit PLTA Timo

    Desa Jatirunggo, Kec. Klepu

    Kab. Semarang. Post Box 50

    Central Java

    No. Unit


    Generator COD MW Manufacturer Type

    Serial Number

    1 Cescomoravska Horizontal Francis F 212 Skoda 1962 4.00

    2 Cescomoravska Horizontal Francis F 213 Skoda 1962 4.00

    3 Cescomoravska Horizontal Francis F 214 Skoda 1962 4.00

    4. Wonogiri Gajah Mungkur

    Gajah Mungkur Hydroelectric power plant is a Hydroelectric power plant by damming up water

    reservoir which is located 3 km south of the Wonogiri district town, Central Java province. Waters of an

    artificial lake is created by damming up the longest river on the island of Java, Bengawan Solo river.

    Started to be built in the late 1970's and began operating in 1978. Reservoir with an area of

    approximately 8800 ha in 7 districts can irrigate an area of 23 600 ha of rice fields in the area Sukoharjo,

    Klaten, Karanganyar and Sragen and generated electricity from hydropower plant by 12.4 MegaWatt.


    Sub Unit PLTA Wonogiri

    Desa Donoharjo, Kec Wongiri

    Kab. Wonogiri, Post Box 5

    Phone : (62-273) 321 -614

    Fax : (62-273) 321 -614

    Sub Unit PLTA Wonogiri

    Desa Donoharjo, Kec. Wonogiri

    Kab. Wonogiri, Kotak Pos 5

    Tel. : (62-273) 321-614

    Fax. : (62-273) 321-614

    No. Unit

    Turbine Generator COD MW

    Manufacturer Type Serial Number

    1 Ebara Corp Vertical Francis RA 10138-01 Shinko Electric 1982 6.20

    2 Ebara Corp Vertical Francis RA 10138-02 Shinko Electric 1982 6.20


    5. Ketenger

    Ketenger Hydropower plant is located in the village of Ketenger, Baturraden District, Banyumas regency,

    Central Java Province, approximately 12 km to the north of Purwokerto.

    In the times jouney, Ketenger hydropower plant now consists of three engine power plant with a total

    capacity of approximately 8.04 MW. The existence of this power plant is under the supervision of PT.

    Indonesia Power Generation Business Unit of Mrica in Banjarnegara.


    No. Uni