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  • 8/20/2019 Mpeg Standards55555555


    Moving Picture Experts Group

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    "MPEG" redirects here. For the guild, see Motion Picture Editors Guild. For the unaliated company that licenses patent pools for some MPEG standards, see MPEG L.

    The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is a working group of experts that was formed by

    ISO and IEC to set standards for audio and video compression and transmission!"# It was estab$ished in "%&& by the initiative of 'iroshi asuda ( ippon Te$egraph and Te$ephone) and

    *eonardo Chiarig$ione!+#, who has been from the beginning the Chairman of the group The first

    -.E/ meeting was in -ay "%&& in Ottawa, Canada!0#!1#!2# 3s of $ate +442, -.E/ has grown to inc$ude approximate$y 024 members per meeting from various industries, universities, and

    research institutions -.E/5s officia$ designation is ISO6IEC 7TC"6SC+% 8/"" 9 Coding of

    moving pictures and audio (ISO6IEC 7oint Technica$ Committee ", Subcommittee +%, 8orking /roup "")!:#!;#!!%#

  • 8/20/2019 Mpeg Standards55555555




    • # $%er%ie&

    • ' (u) Groups • * +ooperation &ith other groups 

    o *.# oint -ideo eam

    o *.' oint +olla)orati%e eam on -ideo +oding

    • / (tandards

    • 0 (tandardi1ation process

    • 2 (ee also

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     [ edit  ] Overview

    +ompression methodology

    The -.E/ compression methodo$ogy is considered asymmetric as the encoder  is more comp$ex

    than the decoder !"# The encoder needs to be a$gorithmic or adaptive whereas the decoder is 5dumb5 and carries out fixed actions!"# This is considered advantageous in app$ications such as

     broadcasting where the number of expensive comp$ex encoders is sma$$ but the number of simp$e inexpensive decoders is $arge The -.E/5s (ISO5s) approach to standardi

  • 8/20/2019 Mpeg Standards55555555


    which means better designs can evo$ve and users have greater choice, because encoders of

    different $eve$s of cost and comp$exity can exist, yet a comp$iant decoder operates with a$$ of


    -.E/ a$so standardi

  • 8/20/2019 Mpeg Standards55555555


     [ edit  ] Standards

    The -.E/ standards consist of different Parts Each part  covers a certain aspect of the who$e

    specification!":# The standards a$so specify Profiles and Levels Profiles are intended to define a

    set of too$s that are avai$ab$e, and Levels define the range of appropriate va$ues for the properties

    associated with them!";# Some of the approved -.E/ standards were revised by $ater amendments and6or new editions -.E/ has standardi

    • MPEG:# ;#

  • 8/20/2019 Mpeg Standards55555555


    features.!''!'*!'/ (e%eral ne& higher:eciency %ideo standards ;ne&er than MPEG:' -ideo= are included, nota)ly>

    o MPEG:/ Part ' ;or (imple and d%anced (imple ProAle= and

    o MPEG:/ -+ ;or MPEG:/ Part #C or D.'2/=. MPEG:/ -+ may )e used

    on D9 9-9 and lu:ray 9iscs, along &ith -+:# and MPEG:'.

    In addition, the fo$$owing standards, whi$e not se=uentia$ advances to the video encoding

    standard as with -.E/9" through -.E/91, are referred to by simi$ar notation>

    • MPEG:3 ;'CC'=> Multimedia content description interface. ;?($@?E+ #0 Multimedia framework (M!G-"1#. ;?($@?E+ '#CCC= MPEG descri)es this standard as a multimedia framework  and pro%ides for intellectual property management and protection.

    -oreover, more recent$y than other standards above, -.E/ has started fo$$owing internationa$standards each of the standards ho$ds mu$tip$e -.E/ techno$ogies for a way of app$ication!+2#

    !+:#!+;#!+!+%# (For examp$e, -.E/93 inc$udes a number of techno$ogies on mu$timedia app$ication


    • MPEG: ;'CC3=> Multimedia application format (M!G-$#. ;?($@?E+ '*CCC= ;e.g., Purpose for multimedia application formats,!*C MPEG music player application format, MPEG photo player application format and others=

    • MPEG: ;'CC2=> M!G s%stems tec&nologies. ;?($@?E+ '*CC#= ;e.g., inary MPEG format for ML,!*# Fragment 7e8uest Hnits, itstream (ynta6 9escription Language ;(9L= and others=

    • MPEG:+ ;'CC2=> M!G video tec&nologies. ;?($@?E+ '*CC'= ;e.g., ccuracy re8uirements for implementation of integer:output 565 in%erse discrete cosine transform!*' and others=

    • MPEG:9 ;'CC3=> M!G audio tec&nologies. ;?($@?E+ '*CC*= ;e.g., MPEG (urround!**, ($+:(patial udio $)Iect +oding and H(+:HniAed (peech and udio +oding=

    • MPEG:E ;'CC3=> Multimedia Middleware. ;?($@?E+ '*CC/= ;a.k.a. M*W= ;e.g., rchitecture, !*/ Multimedia application programming interface ;P?=,

    +omponent model and others= • 'upplemental media tec&nologies ;'CC5=. ;?($@?E+ ' Media

    streaming application format protocols &ill )e re%ised in MPEG:M Part / : MPEG e6tensi)le middle&are ;MM= protocols.!*0

    • MPEG:- ;'C##=> Media contet and control. ;?($@?E+ '*CC0= ;a.k.a. ?nformation e6change &ith -irtual Worlds= !*2!*3 ;e.g., %atar characteristics, (ensor information, rchitecture!*5!*

  • 8/20/2019 Mpeg Standards55555555


    • MPEG:M ;'C#C=> M!G e)tensible Middleware (M)M#. ;?($@?E+ '*CC2= !/C!/#!/'  ;e.g., MM architecture and technologies,!/* P?, MPEG e6tensi)le middle&are ;MM= protocols!//=

    • MPEG:H ;'C#C=> *ic& media user interfaces. ;?($@?E+ '*CC3=!/0!/2 ;e.g., Widgets=

    MPEG groups of standards!'2!'3!'5!/3!/5


    for a

    group of 















    +oding of mo%ing

    pictures and associated audio for digital storage media. +ommonly limited to a)out #.0 M)it@s although speciAcation is capa)le of much higher )it rates

    ?($@?E+ ###3'


  • 8/20/2019 Mpeg Standards55555555


  • 8/20/2019 Mpeg Standards55555555


    • F9?( : Final 9raft ?nternational (tandard

    • P7F : Proof of a ne& ?nternational (tandard

    • ?( : ?nternational (tandard ;e.g., ?($@?E+ #*5#5:#>'CC3=

    • +9 md @ P9md ;P9M= : +ommittee 9raft mendment @ Proposed 9raftmendment ;e.g., ?($@?E+ #*5#5:#>'CC3@+9 md 2=

    • FP9md @