Movie Marathon with Kiddie Jam

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Transcript of Movie Marathon with Kiddie Jam


  • DisneyPixarMoviestowatchwith


  • Adventure isout there!


  • "There are a lot of thingsto be happy about."


  • "some people areworth melting for"

    - Olaf (Frozen)

  • Keep moving forward- Meet the Robinsons

  • "When l ife gets you down,Do you wanna know what

    you've gotta do?Just keep swimming."

    -Dory (Finding Nemo)

  • From a scale of 1 to 10,how would you rate your pain?

    - Baymax (Big Hero 6)

  • "I never look back darling,It distracts me from now."

    -Edna (The Incredibles)

  • Toinfinityandbeyond


  • "Ifyoufocusonwhatyouleftbehind,youwillneverbeabletoseewhatliesahead"


  • "Ohana means family,Family means nobody gets left

    behind. Or forgotten."-Lilo and Stitch

  • "the Sky is falling.." -ChickenLittle

  • "Ourfatelieswithinus.Youonlyhavetobebraveenoughtoseeit."


  • "Speed. Faster than Fast, quicker thanquick. I am lightning"-Lightning McQueen (Cars)

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