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    Mt Duneed Pony Club Newsletter

    Next rally 12th of April 2015 Reg.No. A0006967E

    Mount Up

  • RALLY STARTS AT 9:30 am SHARP, please be gear checked & ready to start .You must be gear checked to participate. If you are late & gear check is finished, you will be unable to ride until afternoon session. Gear Check starts at 9.30am!! Please remember if requesting to be graded have you filled in grading form and handed it in? Grading forms available at Pony Club. Please it is IMPORTANT to let the club know if you are not able to attend the Rally so that we can adjust classes if needed. Please contact Mel.

  • Club Contacts and banking details

    Damian Egberts

    President Mob: 04185755839 [email protected]

    Mel Dimovski Acting Secretary Mob: 0419525613 [email protected]

    Joanne Firipis Treasurer Mob: 0423 779719 [email protected]

    Tanya Fitzpatrick

    District Commissioner

    Mob: 0414 791 675 [email protected]

    Account Name: Mount Duneed Pony Club INC

    Account BSB: 633-000 - Bendigo Bank

    Account Number: 130054455

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Around the Grounds RALLY PACK-UP AND SET UP

    As the old saying goes “Many Hands Make Light Work”. It is for this reason we ask for parent support/help with set up/pack-up at the start and end of each Rally whichever lesson your child is participating in at the end of the day, please help pack-up, Clean-up and put away. Whether it be show jumping, games, dressage or cross country – if equipment was used, it needs to be packed up and put away. Thanks for your help! ☺

  • Lesson Plan

    Groups 10:00am-11:00am 11:00am-12:00pm 12:00pm-1:00pm 1:00pm-2:00pm 2:00pm-3:00pm

    Pegasus Instructor: Tania

    Warm up, Flat work Lunch ‘K’ Theory

    Pharlap Instructor: Jorda

    Warm up, Flat work Lunch

    ‘C’ Theory

    Mt Duneed Mustangs Instructor: Alyssa

    Warm up, Flat work Lunch ‘D’ or D* Theory

    Unicorns Instructor: Emma

    Warm up, Flat work Lunch Theory

  • Groups

    Pegasus Instructor: Tania

    Pharlap Instructor: Jorda

    Mt Duneed Mustangs Instructor: Alyssa

    Unicorns Instructor: Emma

    Ella Jasmine D Jorga Molly S

    Jessica M Laura F Bianca Macy

    Tess Libby Emily Tayesha

    Mikaela Matilda Peta Jasmine A

    Briella Molly H Lilly Keely

    Jessica H Bridgette Mikka

    Laura K Kristen



  • Our canteen works on a lunch order system. Please place your order at the canteen in the morning. All members are expected to help out in the canteen, see responsibilities and roster below. CANTEEN DUTY RESPONSIBILITIES ➢ Go to the canteen at approximately 10.00am to help prepare the

    lunches ➢ Bring a cake or slice for sale in the canteen ➢ Help clean the club rooms after the lunch break. ➢ If you are not able to perform a duty at a rally it will be your responsibility to contact

    another family before the rally to try and swap duties. ➢ Failing that, please contact secretary well before the rally to see what can be arranged. ➢ Please note that children under 12 are not permitted in the kitchen ➢ Fridge and pie warmer temperature recorded as per regulations. ➢ Each group has been nominated a rally to assist with the cleanup of the dining area.


    What’s for lunch?

    Hotdogs and salad rolls.

  • Month Family Family Riders Group for clubroom clean up

    February Aldous Adams

    March Dunian Dimovski Pegasus

    April Botsios Dillon Pharlap

    May Firipis Egberts Mt Duneed Mustangs

    June Hargraves Falkiner Unicorns

    July Kirsopp-Cole Hayes Pegasus

    August MacAdie King Pharlap

    September Meddings Fischer Mt Duneed Unicorn

    October Spry Cooper unicorns

    November Keet Heikkila Pegasus

    December All All all

  • Colour this picture in and hand in to Mikaela at clubrooms during lunch and get a chocolate Name: Age: What rally:

  • President’s report- A year ago I put my hand up for the president role, wow how time flies. I urge all parents to at some time to put their hands up for a role on the committee as it is very rewarding. Over the last year we have seen our numbers multiply and our little club go from strength to strength. I would like to thank the current committee for all their hand work and dedication to the club. Without them our children wouldn’t have a pony club to represent. This rally is our AGM it will be held just after lunch. I had wished to have the arenas complete during this past year but working with councils can be slow. We are very close now and they should be complete by the end of the financial year. Just a small reminder that we have a lunch order system for the canteen and to include guests when ordering lunch please. Also if you are expecting visitors that may stay for lunch please email the secretary a few days before the rally to ensure we can cater for them. Hope the weather holds out for the rally. Damian


  • DC Report-

    Hoping everyone had a good Easter and Easter Bunny found you. This rally we have the lovely Jorda replacing


    Last month Libby, Jasmine, Jessica H and Bridgette successfully completed their “C” certificate with flying colors.

    The examiner was very impressed with the girls’ knowledge and riding ability and told me that she had passed

    them hours ago but was having too much fun with them to stop. Well done girls the club is very proud.

    Mary’s preparation for the girls was brilliant, we are very lucky to have such high caliber instructors.

    Can everyone please ensure they sign their child in at the beginning of each rally, also each rider must have a

    designated adult present all day. If you are required at any time to leave you must nominate another adult and

    let both the instructor know and the DC. This needs to be documented in the sign in book.

    Pony club rules also state that mounts cannot be swapped during a rally. A rider can have two horses but must be

    gear checked on both, but a horse cannot have two or more riders during the rally. This rules applies to pony

    club competitions also.

    Please everyone read this month’s rider profile this the first time we have featured a committee member!

    Check out Keely and Taboo at the end of the newsletter, great effort.


  • Junior committee

    The Junior Committee will commence a meeting at the end of lunch Next rally ☺

  • Rider Profile Member Profile Name: Steven Dunian How long have you been riding? Off and on for 10 years. More off then on. Why did you start riding horses? Cos my daughter and partner ride them, and I needed to get in on the expenditure! Horse’s name: Little Jane Age: 11 Size: 17HH Breed: Warmblood What do you love about her? She’s big. She used to be really quiet. Does she have any bad habits? Ooh yeah. She charges Ella. She throws her head around A LOT. She won’t go. She’s the clumsiest horse in the Universe. She can’t get in a float. What are your preferred disciplines/events? Not falling off.

  • Have you been competing over the 12 months? Hardly been riding let alone competing. What are your ambitions with your horse riding? To be able to go for a ride without me or the horse getting seriously injured. Do you have any heroes/idols? Winston Churchill. Do you have any hobbies other than horse riding? Old car racing, old motorbike racing, rowing. Sleeping.

  • We sadly have no birthdays this month. 


  • Event ID Event Start Date End Date Organiser

    28865 Lochard Horse Trials BZ 5 Apr 15 5 Apr 15 Lochard Pony Club

    28958 Barwon Zone Games Flat & Musical Qualifiers BZ 12 Apr 15 12 Apr 15 Barwon Zone

    28963 Drysdale/Leopold BEST Showjumping Round 3 BZ 18 Apr 15 18 Apr 15 Drysdale/Leopold Pony Club

    28971 Corio Moorabool Horse Trials G1-5, HRCAV 1-5 BZ 19 Apr 15 19 Apr 15 Corio & Moorabool Pony Club

    28972 Smythesdale Horse Trials G1-5, Open 1-5 BZ 25 Apr 15 26 Apr 15 Smythesdale & District Pony Club