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Transcript of Motorcycle jackets

  1. 1. The Popularity and Significance of Motorcycle Jackets.
  2. 2. Motorcycle jackets truly symbolize the machismo, masculinity and brute appeal that most bikers wish to portray. While these jackets have their functional advantages, it is pretty apparent that the jacket to a biker is mostly about making a statement
  3. 3. The quintessential biker would not part with his jacket just like a baseball player may not let go of his favorite ball or bat. Most often the jacket solidifies the individuals identity as a biker
  4. 4. For many people this is a stereotyped image of a biker, a man in a helmet and a leather jacket is the mental image that comes to most minds when drawing a mental image of a motorcyclist. Most bikers live up to that image
  5. 5. Leather jackets for bikers have their own functional appeal as well. These jackets provide warmth and protection when riding through extremely cold weather
  6. 6. The leather jacket is also great as tough leather like horse hide and cowhide are not easily damaged by wear and tear.
  7. 7. Another advantage of the biker jacket is unlike normal fabrics it doesnt need to washed that often to be kept clean