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  • Mothers milk Thanks to Aval Vikatan Tamil Magazine Dr. Balasandilyan CEO Mobile 9840027810

  • What is in Milk?

    Energy Mothers milk Cows milk

    Protein 1.2 g 3.5 g

    Lactose 6.5 g 4.5 g

    Calcium/ phosphate 34mg/15mg 22mg/90mg

    Calories 67 67

    Fat 3.5g 3.5g

    Sodium 16mg 50mg

    Lactalbumin 80% 18%

  • Mothers milk - wonders

    When the child is ready to consume mothers milk, prolactin (hormone) in mothers brain gets activated for the blood to become milk

    Oxytocin another hormone is activated for the milk to flow through the breast ducts namely Lactiferous ducts.

    Decosahexaenoic acid and Arachidonic acid is prevalent in mothers milk which is essential for the growth of childs brain.

  • What is there in MM?

    Mothers milk has energy, protein, carbohydrate, essential fat, acids, minerals, iron, calcium and vitamin e and k. All these help the child to overcome Pneumonia, Diarrhea, allergy etc. and get immunity.

    Mothers milk for the first two days has the required fat, protein, vitamin and the immunity power which is very good for the child

    The children who consume mothers milk are much brilliant when compared to other children who do not get the same which has proved through various researches. Brain cells of the child grow faster when they consume mothers milk.

  • Why MM is essential?

    Children who gets mothers milk do not suffer from Cold, Infection, Diarrhea. Later they do not become diabetic or cardiac patients. It sets a good tone for sustained good health.

    Major ingredient in the MM is called immunoglobulin a.

  • Top 5 countries for MM

    Country %

    Rwanda 90

    Srilanka 76

    Cambodia, Nepal


    Malawi, Peru 72, 71

  • UNICEF reveals

    Jharkhand in India has less educated women compared to TN the percentage of mother feeding is 50% and 18% respectively.

    In Chennai 7%, Thiruvarur and Theni 10%, Erode 12%, Thanjore 13%, Kanyakumari 35%, as per statistics of 2012-13.

    Mothers milk can prevent childs death within age 5 up to 13% - which means in TN alone one can prevent 3600 children facing death p.a.

  • Mother is benefited too

    Blood loss after delivery is prevented Pregnancy for the next 6 months

    prevented Women do not become obese if they

    do regular feeding Mother is saved from different types of

    cancer If the mother has Gestational Diabetes,

    she is normal after delivery when she feeds her child

    Mother feels the satisfaction having fed her child and thereby she is away from tension, stress and anxiety

    Mothers lose their beauty it is only a myth.

    Mothers milkWhat is in Milk?Mothers milk - wondersWhat is there in MM?Why MM is essential?Top 5 countries for MMUNICEF revealsMother is benefited too