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2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, the 3rd largest retail holiday – and a tremendous opportunity for search marketers. Did you know that Woodrow Wilson signed a bill in 1914 to recognize Mother’s Day as a national holiday? Bing connects advertisers to customers when they’re actively looking for Mother’s Day gifts and information. Check out the Bing Ads infographic for Mother’s Day seasonal trends and consumer behavior as you prepare for your sweetest Mother’s Day yet.

Transcript of Mother’s Day Infographic

  • How much people spend on Mom

    Who is buying gifts

    CelebrateMothers Day1

    Mothers Day becomes a

    National Holiday7

    Mothers Day is the 3rd largest

    retail holiday.2

    85.4MillionMothers in the U.S.7

    Daughtersmake up the majority of the gift givers.1

    25-34Age of the largest spenders2

    $20.7BIn 2013, Mothers Day spending rose 11.3% to nearly $20.7 billion.2


    >53%spend less than $100.3

    1/3 spend more than $100.3

    U.S. shoppers will look to boutiques and small retailers for Mothers Day gifts.6

    Of those who planned to purchase a tech gift for Mothers Day, the top gifts were a tablet (46%), smartphone (27%), computer (20%), camera (13%), or an e-reader (11%).3





    2 of 3

    $169 average

    Per-person Mothers Day spending.2

    $2.3B+44%consumer eletronics,to $2.3B




    We believe in connecting your business to those who celebrate the lives of moms everywhere.

    29%share of internet searches.Dont miss out on nearly 1/3 of your potential customers.4

    23%The Yahoo Bing Network audiencespends 23% more than the averageonline population.

    158MillionUnique searchers

    5.3BillionMonthly Searches


    Mothers Day fun facts


    Where people shop

    Popular gifts for Mom

    Here at Bing Ads,Reach an audience that spends more

    Connect with us today

    Here at Bing Ads we are excited for Mothers Day

    To learn more about getting started with Bing Ads, visit


    1. and Yahoo research, 20132. NRF, Consumers intentions and Actions Survey, 20133. PriceGrabber Mother's Day Survey, May 20134.


    comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), December 2013. The Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo CoreSearch sites in the U.S.


    Consumer Electronics Association survey, 2012


    FedEx Survey, April 2012

    Top Gifts forMothers Day

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    Shoppers still prefer to browse in stores, but 28.5% will shop online this year.2


    Bing Ads can help you reach your customers where they're shopping for Mom.