Mother Day

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Transcript of Mother Day

  • What will you say? 3'

  • Happy Mother's Day.Dear mommy, I love you forever!Mommy, thank you.................

  • What will you do? 3'

  • Send flowers.

    Make cards.

    Do some homework.

  • Do you have any ideas? 2'

  • Let's make a present for mothers.Ok? 1'

  • The Beautiful Hat for My Mother 1'

  • What do we need? 5'

    straw hat glues scissor

  • ribbon buttons colourful papers

  • Game Time 10'Teacher says the words, students point. 5'

    Draw face.( mother/father need to close her/his eyes, come to the board and draw the face. Students say " left, right, go ahead, back, up, down......) 5'

  • Let's do it with your parents! 30'

  • Show Time 5' Show the hats to teacher.

    Give the hat present to your mother and say " I love you, mom."