Most Common Phobias

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    Most Common Phobias

  • Every living creature in the world have its own fear even the biggest creature has an enemy. We human have multiple fear and some have severe fear of something that can almost kill them when it happens

    most commonly known as Phobias.

  • Phobia is a type of disorder of a fear towards an object, events, situation or creatures exaggerating fear towards it. There are several types of phobia and these are the most common phobias in the world.

  • Acrophobia The phobia Acrophobia is the fear of heights. The meaning of the word Acrophobia means Acro or Akron means edge, peek or summit and phobia means fear.

  • Some Acrophobia is cause by events that the victim experiences a traumatic experience. Some are

    confuse making vertigo an acrophobia and they are different vertigo is a normal reaction for a

    people in high places.

  • Claustrophobia The phobia Claustrophobia is the fear being in a small space or room. The fear for small or limited spaces is still unexplainable on how and what is the cause this reaction.

  • Like some of other phobias a traumatic experience can trigger it and can cause fear even with just thinking it. Panic attack can occur whenever the phobia is triggered.

  • Agoraphobia The phobia Agoraphobia is the fear of open or crowded spaces. A person with this disorder mostly avoids going outside, an anti-social person and mostly alone because they fear that something might happen outside or in an open space.

  • The word agoraphobia is deriving from the Greek word or agora means Marketplace or large public square and phobia for fear.

  • Mysophobia The phobia Mysophobia is the fear of germs. People have Mysophobia are hard to interact or make a discussion because for them everything they see may cause disease due to germs. A person with Mysophobia can result to isolation and it is related to OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder.

  • Nyctophobia The phobia Nyctophobia is the fear of dark. Most people fear the dark because they cant see anything in the dark but they do not panic. A person with Nyctophobia mostly results to panic attack and unconsciousness.

  • There are several people with phobia and the most common cause of this disorder has to

    experience it in a very dangerous and scary way. Panic attack and

    unconsciousness is the result of this phobia when it happen. Some

    people cure their phobia to have more self-confident and social