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Transcript of Moses Leads Israel out of Egypt Taught by Tyler Weidler

Walk Through the Bible: People, Places, and Turning Points of the Bible

Walk Through the Bible: People, Places, and Turning Points of the BibleMoses Leads Israel out of EgyptTaught by Tyler WeidlerReview of last weekGod calls Abraham to a new landAbrahams obedience and ficklenessBirth of IsaacTesting of AbrahamJacob and EsauGod renames JacobImportance of Jacobs son JudahJacob and his sons move to EgyptGod brings Israel out of EgyptIsrael has been in Egypt for 430 years (Ex. 12:40,41)God told Abraham this would happen (Gen. 15:13)Israel entered Egypt as a family of 70 people (Ex. 1:5)Israel exited Egypt as a nation with 603,550 military men. (Num. 1:46) (Does not count Levites 22,000, kids, women, or elderly)Israel obeyed Gods first command, and was very fruitful. Ex. 1:7

Birth of MosesPharaoh of Egypt orders that all Hebrew boys be killed at birthPrevents further multiplicationReduces potential for revoltForces Hebrew women to marry Egyptian men and lose their national identityMoses mother hides him for three months then puts him in a basket in the NileMoses is rescued by Pharaohs daughter and raised in the royal family

Moses in AdulthoodMoses lived in the royal house for 40 yearsMoses kills an Egyptian who had abused a Hebrew slaveMoses flees to Midian, where he lives for 40 more yearsGod calls Moses to return to Egypt to bring Israel out. (Burning bush)The PlaguesMagicians are able to replicate first two plaguesNot able to stop any of the plaguesFirst nine plagues do not require Israel to do anythingGod causes many of the plagues to miss the land of GoshenNo risk requiredNo trust requiredLast plagueGod tells Israel to take a male sheep or goat (ram) on the 10th day of the monthKeep the ram at your house until the 14th day of the monthKill it on the 14thPut its blood all over your doorframeEat it (the ram)This will protect you from God, who will kill every firstborn in Egypt (avenges Pharaohs genocide)Be ready to leave in a hurryWhy a ram?Ex. 7:1 I will make you as God to Pharaohamun-ra is the chief god of Egyptamun-ra is a ram

amun-raamun-ra was the god of the sunNinth plague darkened the sun for three daysRams were considered holy in Egypt. This is why Israel lives in Goshen in the first place

Exodus 8:25,26 Pharaohcalled for Moses and Aaron and said, "Go, sacrifice to your God within the land."But Moses said, "It is not right to do so, for we will sacrifice to the LORD our God what isan abomination to the Egyptians. If we sacrifice what is an abomination to the Egyptians before their eyes, will they not then stone us?Last PlagueRequired trust in GodBelief that God would protect themBelief that God would be strong enough to defeat amun-ra

Escape from EgyptIsrael follows Moses out of Egypt

They take an indirect route (Ex. 13:17)

Pharaoh pursues, and Israel is stuck up against the Red Sea

Map of Midian, Egypt, and Israel10 CommandmentsRead Exodus 19

10 Commandments as wedding vowsNo other loversWhen Israel worships idols, God always calls it adulteryNo pictures of other loversStatues and pictures of other gods were very commonTake my name and wear it wellSpend time togetherGolden CalfIsrael heard God give the 10 commandmentsThe two stone tablets came laterWhile Moses was up the mountain getting the tablets, Israel made a golden calf to worshipCalfs name was probably apis, a god of Egypt that was a cowTwo stone tablets (Ex. 32)Moses gets the tablets, written by God, and descends the mountainMoses, in his anger, throws down the tablets and they breakMoses has to go back up the mountain to carve out two more tablets. He has to carve these himselfFailure to enter the land (Num. 13,14)Israel reaches the Promised LandSpies enter the land and report that it is dangerousIsraelites are afraid and refuse to enter the landJoshua and Caleb insist that God can win the land for themIsraelites refuse to trust God, and threaten to kill Joshua and Caleb, preferring to return to Egypt.Failure to enter the land (Num. 13,14)God says that because of their disobedience he will never let them enter the landGod says Israel will wander the desert for 40 years until the entire generation dies offIsrael changes mind, and tries to invade anywayAfraid to invade with Gods help, but willing to try without GodCanaanites destroy Israelite army and chase them away

What does this have to do with the rest of the Bible?Explains why God cares so much about marriageWhen Israel sins with idols, God calls it adulteryEstablishes importance of Passover celebration and other offeringsForeshadows Christ and the church

Next WeekConstruction of the tabernacleConstruction of the Ark of the CovenantConstruction of 1st and 2nd templesSchedule of ancient Jewish weddings compared to the schedule of the 10 commandments Jeremiah 2:2 "I remember the devotion of your youth, your love as a bride, how you followed me in the wilderness

Reception in which family and friends eat togetherMan offers marriage terms to woman he wants to marryGod gives 10 commandments verbally, all Israel hears and agrees. Ex. 20:1-18, 24:3God appears to elders of Israel, who eat and drink in Gods presence. Ex. 24:12-18People agree to Gods terms. Ex. 19:7,8 Exchange wedding vowsGod covers the mountain and people stand beneath it. Ex. 19:16,17Israelites consecrate themselves, wash clothes. Ex. 19:14Israelites stay away from the mountain for three days. Ex. 19:10-13Bride and groom enter home built by groom, live happily ever afterGod gives terms of covenant to Moses Ex.19:1-6 Couple meets under a canopy (made by the groom) Woman washes herself and puts on clean clothesMan and woman not allowed to see each other until wedding dateWoman accepts (or rejects)