Mosaic 2012 launch event

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Transcript of Mosaic 2012 launch event

  • 1.The book has the Print Campaigns provided by the Creative leaders in various agencies. They have selected them for being part of MOSAIC. As a special feature, each of the work has been commented upon by the Creative leaders as to why they feel that is their best Print Work- this adds further insights into the creative approaches and expectations. MOSAIC Indias Best in Print, 2011

2. Mosaic Launch 2012 77 campaigns 23 participating agencies 3. Sanjeev Goyle Senior VP, Marketing and AppliTrac, farm equipment sector, Mahindra and Mahindra Josy Paul Chairperson and Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India UNVEILING PRECEDED BY SESSIONS 4. MOSAIC UNVEILING The book was unveiled by (LtoR)Sanjeev Goyle, Sr. VP Marketing & Applitac, Mahindra & Mahindra; Girish Agarwaal, Director Dainik Bhaskar Group; Nandini Dias, COO Lodestar Universal and Josy Paul Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India 5. EVENT 6. Media Experts Meet The book has a special section on 5 favourites from media experts Lynn De Souza, Chairman and CEO, Lintas Media Group, Chairman, Aaaren Inititative and Director, Karishma Initiative Mallikarjun CR, CEO, Starcom Mediavest Group PM Balkrishna, Chief Operating Officer, Allied Media Punitha Arumugam, Director- Agency Business, Google India. 7. MEDIA EXPERTS Lynn de Souza Chairman , Aaren Initiative and Director, Karishma Initiative Mallikarjun CR CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group PM Balakrishna Chief Operating Office, Allied Media Punitha Arumugam Director Agency Business, Google India 8. DISCUSSION Lynn de Souza, PM Balakrishna, Punitha Arumugam and Mallikarjun CR 9. Book Sample 10. Thank You