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Morning calm weekly 130315

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  • 1. March 15, 2013 Published for those serving in the Republic of KoreaVolume 11, Issue 20Camp Humphreys families, including that of Chief Warrant Officer 3 Tony Penaz (inset), began moving into the new Army Family Housing towers, March 6. The three towers con-tain a total of 210 modern family housing units comprised of three, four and five bedroom models. U.S. Army photos by Edward N. Johnson.Families begin move into new Army Family HousingBy Clint Stone storage, natural gas stoves, high tech D. Perry, the Housing Facilities chief In total, the new housing towersUSAG Humphreys Public Affairssecurity systems and child safetysaid, Weve never had five bedroom will increase the availability at Camp windows. The apartments feature an apartments before. Humphreys by 18 f ive -bedroom CAMP HUMPHREYS The external mechanical room to minimize Like most new families preparing to apartments, 52 four-bedroomnext step in the Camp Humphreyscustomer inconvenience if repairs need move into overseas accommodations,apartments, and 140 three-bedroomtransformation was realized March 6to be made.Chief Warrant Officer 3 Tony Penaz andapartments.when the first families began moving There are a total of 285 parking family were a little leery. All of the new units were designedinto the new Army Family Housing spaces and families can look forward to We werent expecting something and built using the latest technologytowers here. hard wood flooring and CCTV security this nice coming here, said Penaz. His to ensure Leadership in Energy and The three housing towers will soon cameras on their front doors. There arewife, Sarah, three boys and the familyEnvironmental Design home to 210 Army families.five specially designed handicappedbeagle joined him in their move from Overall, this means that we built a Part of the ongoing transformation accessible apartments on the first floor Fort Bliss, Texas. When asked whatsuperior facility that will not only lastand relocation of U.S. Forces in Korea,of each of the three towers. impressed her the most about thefor years to come but save our valuablethe apartment-style housing is packed When asked what sets these housing new housing, Sarah said, The size. Itresources in the long run, said Lindawith improvements, such as increased units apart from earlier models, Robertaccommodates our large family of five. Slotosch, the Housing Division chief. x GARRISONSInside Humphreys runners Concert celebratesCmd. Perspective P02 chase Pot of Gold60 years ofMP Blotter P02 USAG Red CloudP04US-ROK allianceUSAG CaseyP04 USAG YongsanP07 SeeSeeUSAG HumphreysP15 PAGE 15PAGE 16USAG DaeguP21 Feature PageP12

2. NEWS PAGE MORNING CALMTHE MORNING CALMThe Morning Calm Published by The United States Army Garrison HumphreysPublic Affairs Office in coordination with USAG Red Cloud, USAG Yongsan and USAG DaeguPublic Affairs OfficesUSAG RED CLOUD Commander: Col. John M. ScottPublic Affairs Officer: Dave Palmer Physical fitness is an Army priorityWriter/Editor: Franklin Fisher Staff Writer: Pfc. Lee Seong-suUSAG YONGSANCommander: Col. Michael E. MasleyPublic Affairs Officer: Mark Abueg By Col. Darin S. ConkrightCommand Information Officer: Nikki Maxwellprogram designed specifically for the Writer/Editor: Sgt. Kevin Frazier USAG Humphreys Garrison Commanderunique needs of expectant and post-Staff Writers: Cpl. Lee Hyo-kang, Pfc. Lim Hong-seo,partum female Soldiers. Pfc. Jung Ji-hoonCAMP HUMPHREYS For manyFor sports enthusiasts, the commu-USAG HUMPHREYS reasons, maintaining a high standard nity calendar is full of seasonal tourna-Commander: Col. Darin S. Conkright of physical fitness should be a priority ments, running races, and even triath-Public Affairs Officer: Edward N. Johnson for men and women in uniform and lons. The Humphreys Fitness Games, aCommand Information Officer: Steven HooverStaff Writer: Pfc. Ma Jae-sang the Army invests a great deal of money concept introduced last summer, had Interns: Jaeyeon Sim, Tanya Imand resources to support that effort.such a positive response that two addi-For example, on Camp Humphreystional competitions are now scheduled USAG DAEGU Commander: Col. Kathleen A. Gavle we are fortunate to have a variety ofin 2013.Public Affairs Officer: Philip Moltermodern and well equipped fitness cen- And for those with children, the Command Information Officer: Mary Grimesters to choose from. For example, theGarrison provides an incredible num-Staff Writers: Sgt. Jeong Hyuk-soo, Pfc. Chin Hyun-joon 110,500-square foot Humphreys Com- ber of programs and activities to de-Interns: Lee Seung-bin, Nam Young-ho, Lee Eun-byul munity Fitness Center, also knownvelop fitness and motor skills through as the Super Gym, houses a 25-meterour Youth Sports Programs. For exam-This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for pool, indoor running track, basketball ple, the Camp Humphreys Road Run-members of the Department of Defense. Contents court, racquetball courts, martial artsner Youth Running Club continues toof The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarilyofficial views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government,room, a climbing wall and a large arraythrive and Youth Triathlons are on the of cardiovascular and weight trainingcalendar again this summer season.Department of Defense, or Department of the Army.The editorial content of this weekly publication is equipment.Although Soldiers are required to Col. Darin S. Conkright the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500 I would also draw your attention to maintain a certain physical fitness types of cancer. Studies have demon- a variety of fitness classes made avail- standard, this is not the only reason strated that exercise is also an effectivePrinted by Oriental Press, a private firm in no wayconnected with the U.S. Government, under exclusiveable for those who enjoy camaraderie why exercise is important. Regular ac-strategy for managing pain, anxiety,written contract with the Contracting Command. while working out. Even those limitedtivity contributes to optimal health by depression, stress, and symptoms ofThe civilian printer is responsible for commercial by orthopedic problems can stay fit by improving body composition, blood PTSD.advertising. The appearance of advertising in thispublication, including inserts or supplements, doesusing the pool or by joining a Spin or pressure, lipid profiles, lung function,I encourage everyone to take a hardnot constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Yoga class. Zumba and CrossFit are quality of sleep, and many other mea- look at their current levels of fitness.Oriental Press of the products or services advertised.Everything advertised in this publication shall be madetwo relatively new fitness trends that sures. It also lowers risk for developing If you are not where you should be, oravailable for purchase, use or patronage without regardcontinue to gain popularity. Also avail- an assortment of chronic conditions,would like to be, the opportunity to doto race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital able here is Pregnancy Post-Partum such as diabetes, cardiovascular dis- something about it may never be bet-status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or anyother non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. Physical Training, an Army mandatedease, osteoporosis, and even certainter than it is right now. xIf a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policyby an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse toprint advertising from that source until the violation ofthe equal opportunity policy is corrected.Military Police BlotterOriental Press President: Charles Chong The following entries were excerpted from the police blotters of the previous week.Commercial AdvertisingTelephone: DSN 315-738-5005 These entries may be incomplete and do not imply guilt or innocence. Fax: (02) 790-5795E-mail: Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 Area I and a broken tail light No injuries werein park. When Subject #1 attempted to Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post Traffic Accident Resulting in reported. Seatbelts were utilized.depart, they failed to realize that Ve- Damage to Government Propertyhicle #1 was in reverse, causing Vehicle SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS:Phone: DSN 738-4068(with injuries): At 1520 hrs, 4 Mar 13, Area III #1 to strike Vehicle #2. Damages to Ve-E-mail: USAG-Casey PMO was notified of aWrongful Damage of Private hicle #1 are: Dents to the rear hatch. traffic accident. Investigation revealed Property: At 1610 HRS, 8 Mar 13,Damages to Vehicle #2 are: Dents and Subject #1 was performing mainte-USAG-Humphreys was notified ofscratches to the front bumper. There nance on Vehicle #1 when Subject #1a wrongful damage to private prop-were no injuries reported and seat- placed the vehicle in neutral withouterty. Investigation revealed that anbelts were utilized. engaging the parking break. Vehicleunknown person by unknown means #1 rolled backwards and struck Ve- damaged Victim #1 passenger sideFailure to Obey Order or Regula- hicle #2 with the right side of the rear door handle and key assembly. A tion (Underage Drinking): At 0036 bumper. Damages to Vehicle #1 are: search of the area for witness and/or hrs, 10 Mar 13, USAG-Daegu was no- Shattered left side view mirror. Dam-subjects met with negative results. tified of a failure to obey. While con- ages to Vehicle #2 are: Scratches andducting access control at Gate 4, MPs dents to hydraulic lift assembly. WhenViolation of Access (Escort Vio- detected a strong odor of an alcoholic Vehicle #1 struck Vehicle #2 it caused lation): At 1645 HRS, 9 Mar 13, US- beverage emitting from Subject #1s the drivers side front door to fullyAG-Humphreys PMO was notified person. A subsequent check of Subject close on Subject #1 leg causing a com- of an escort violation. Investigation #1s ID card revealed Subject #1 was pou