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Mori Chack. Biography. Born in Osaka, Japan Worked as a street artist Also took up small jobs Discovered by Pony Canyon Created numerous characters since Currently resides in Tokyo. Gloomy Bear. Gloomy Bear. Extremely violent pink bear Designed to look cute but morbid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mori Chack

Mori Chack

BiographyBorn in Osaka, JapanWorked as a street artistAlso took up small jobsDiscovered by Pony CanyonCreated numerous characters sinceCurrently resides in Tokyo

Gloomy Bear

Gloomy BearExtremely violent pink bearDesigned to look cute but morbidReflects Chacks beliefsAnimals cannot be tamed


PityGloomy Bears ownerFound Gloomy and raised it upGloomy turned on himWord play on his name


PodollySheep dressed in a wolf costumeBullied by her sheep friends


KumakikaiOriginally a discarded stuffed toyFound by a garbologistBody now made of cast iron


Baby the Stars Shine Bright


Hello Kitty

InspirationWanted to break free from restrictionsPrevious jobs were strict with drawingHad to always draw based on guidelinesWanted to show freedom within his work

PurposeComical/cynical viewpointsBelieves humans are full of contradictionsFirm stance against animal crueltyAnimals getting along with humans is ironicAnimals get along even though humans cause so much destructionCompares it to children being forced to hold hands with Hitler, who just exterminated their parents.

StyleBold, thick outlinesVector-likeBright, cheerful colorsYellowPinkWhiteLight Blue