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With several years experience and an established National customer base, Morecambe and Wize are the largest Classic VW Camper vans for Sale specialist in the North-West of England. Our continued growth has also provided us with the opportunity to supply our U.S.A. imported Restored Campervans in to mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We are one of the leading restorers of luxury vintage camper vans.

Transcript of Morecambe & Wize Classic Vw Camper Sales Ltd. Brochure 2015

  • 2015Classic VW Camper Sales

    Morecambe and Wize Sales Ltd

  • 2 The most comprehensive bay-window or split-screen campervans available

  • 3Welcome to Morecambe and Wize Campervan Sales.

    We have been established for many years and were proud to have a team of staff who love what they do. We have only one ethos: perfection, or nothing at all.Our 3-2-1 option offers customers plenty of choice in selecting some of the best and most comprehensive bay-window or split-screen campervans available for sale on the market today. Whether youe looking for a tin top or a pop top, we can cater to your needs.

    Our campervans are imported from the hotter regions of the U.S.A, allowing us to provide our customers with the best examples for that long-lasting finish.

    The 3-2-1 program also allows us to produce a campervan that fits your budget. Each option carries its own unique specification level, designed by you!

    Across the board, mechanical items are replaced along with most of the electrical components and wiring looms. Each shell is stripped back to basics, with an extensive exterior and interior respray, and thats just a small section of the process. When you buy with us, bare metal soda blasting comes as standard.

    We can cover all these areas, plus well introduce you to a range of luxurious tailored, bespoke upholstery and replacement furniture, meaning the final, high-quality restoration is completely designed by you.

    All workmanship is conducted in house by our qualified craftsman.Investing in any classic Volkswagen requires confidence. Being the largest classic VW camper specialist in the north west of England, our campervans also carry our own unique 3-2-1 warranty. With a national and European customer base, we continue to grow year on year.

    Priced from 23,950 with affordable finance options and a 3-2-1 warranty scheme, you cant go wrong when you choose Morecambe and Wize VW Campervan Sales.Were here to stay. No corners cut.

    What we do.

  • 4So why do we offer an Option scheme?

    Well, its based on experience. As a company, we want to deliver the best service we possibly can, and to be there for our customers following their purchase. Thats why each sale is backed by our three-year warranty.

    The key points for us are complete transparency and managing expectations. We want our customers to be confident in whats included in the price, what our processes are, and what we do to ensure a long-lasting finish.

    At the point of order, youll know all about the specifications, how long its going to take and, crucially, what your finished campervan will look like.

    Each build is photographically documented so that we can show you what were doing. Finally, were aware everyone has a budget, which is why weve developed three different price options.

    Its a long journey.! Mark Ritson (Director)

    The Morecambe & Wize way.

  • 5Built to order, and designed by YOU!

    Our Option programme campervans are generally built to order. Taking on average between three to eight months to complete depending on your requirements, we make sure that we complete every step of the process to the highest standards. We imple-ment quality control (QC) processes performed by both the foreman and managing director at every stage of your build. From strip down through to completion, we adhere to no fewer than five separate, documented QC stop points throughout the build schedule.

  • Flaming Norm Option 1 1976 Bay Window Pop Top


  • 7SMEV cooker and combo unit.Better than new!

    Rock and roll bed sleeps two people, with space for a further two in the roof.

    Clever design to maximise space.

    Colour-coded dash.

    Stowaway table for dining.

  • Bodywork.


    Full resprays throughout and bare metal soda blasting as standard.

    This is one of the first processes we perform on your newly acquired camper. We strip each shell right back to its bare bones. Why? Because it gives us the opportunity to see everything. We sometimes find that its just better to replace than to repair, and this allows us to make that decision.

    Soda blasting is literally what it sounds like. Its a process where sodium bicarbonate is blasted at the metal using compressed air. It is a non-destructive method for many applications in

    cleaning and restoration. Revealing all of the campervans metalwork also allows us to add an etch priming process for rust prevention.

    Our team of fabricators and body shop staff start working on your camper straight after soda blasting is complete. All areas receive treatment using high-quality German Wrth products. We start as we mean to go on.

    The body shop process couldnt be more fundamental in ensuring your campervan has the best start. We go into detail, from all interior holes being remedied, to stripping and preparing

    all removable components for the painting process. Lead-loading and seam-welding are both commonplace at this stage.

    Our body work process has no fewer than three staged QC points, so we know weve been as thorough as we can be with your campervan.

    All our Option programme campervans receive : Complete rust and rot removal and replacement Fabrication where required Use of high-quality Wrth products Etch priming Lead-loading and chemical metal works

    UK replacement panels

    Filling with precison

    Soda blasting takes things back to the start

  • 9Paint.

    VW pastel colours are popular, but we can paint your VW camper in any colour you choose!

    Now for the exciting bit: you choose the colours on your Option VW camper!

    Following on from the extensive soda blasting and body shop processes, we subcontract the painting side of the process to a truly excellent partner company. The key points are using the best quality paint, following best practice processes and careful polishing upon completion. These are all are essential elements that make the difference between an average paint finish and an excellent one.

    Complete inner and outer respray: high-quality paint is applied to achieve colour depth, paint is applied to all sides of metalwork and three-stage primer is applied to ensure lasting quality.

    All our Option programme campervans receive:

    Full and complete inner and outer paint work Colour-coded dashboard and engine tinware* Colour-themed, newly painted bumpers, wheels and body ancillaries

    *Options 1 and 2 only

  • 10

    With mechanical warranties ranging from three to twelve months, youre in safe hands!

    Owning a classic vehicle can be testing at times. Thats why we go to great lengths while were building your Option campervan to take away as many classic car woes as possible

    Our Option campervans have three differing levels of specification when it comes to the mechanical build up and electrical installation. From bay windows to our split screens, each option carries its own unique set of requirements.

    From brand new reconditioned engines, to reconditioned gearboxes and complete electrical installations, we include as much as we can for you to enjoy trouble-free motoring with your pride and joy.

    Most of our campervans require a reasonable level of mechanical replacement, so we do what we need to do for your peace of mind. Our Option 3 campervans carry a repair or replace motto, ensuring that everything works as it should, including your original engines and gearboxes.The Option 2 package extends to a four- corner

    mechanical replacements policy, from shock absorbers to brake master cylinders, not to mention the electrical rewire and reconditioned gearbox.

    And finally, our Option 1 campervans benefit from a near-complete mechanical replacement, changing as much as we can get our hands on.

    * Full mechanical listings are available upon request


    Experience you cant buy...

  • 11


    Hand made, in house.

    All of our Option programme campervans undergo a full interior refurbishment. We are very proud to have an expert upholsterer on our team. David has been in the fashion and upholstery trade for more than thirty years. It really is a fine art! Next time you see a Virgin Airlines uniform, think of David. He designed them.As part of our VW campervan restoration, the interior seats, beds and cushions are restarted from scratch. Their frames and springs are repaired where required, and given a fresh lick of paint. From there, David adds a hessian fabric for the sound and long-lasting base to work off. Here, high-quality foam in various formats is added to reform the original shape, with long-lasting results in mind.

    Following this essential part of refurbishment, the finely made fluted and piped covers are fitted. Hand made with extra-strength stitching, piping and high-rated vinyl, they take their final shape. Without the long-standing craftsmanship practised in house, we couldnt achieve these excellent results.

    Order one of our Option programme campervans, and you get to choose exactly which colours youd like for your upholstery!

  • Cabinetry.


    Our bespoke services extend to hand-crafted interior cabinetry for all our Option programme campervans.

    With a choice of five interior layouts for both bay-window and split-screen campervans, were certain to have something that suits your needs.

    We use sustainable, 15mmm high-grade lightweight ply, available with a vast selection of colours and patterns to choose from. From full width to rock and roll beds, our interiors are designed with originality and functionality in mind. Choose from a range of seat belt options to complement your interior layout, so you and your passengers can travel