MoodMe Presentation to Sports Clubs - Fan Engagement for Bayern M¼nchen - July 2013

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MoodMe Presentation to Sports Clubs Fan Engagement and sales of Digital Goods Presentation for Bayern München - July 2013

Transcript of MoodMe Presentation to Sports Clubs - Fan Engagement for Bayern M¼nchen - July 2013

  • 1. Confidential 1 FC Bayern Fan Engagement with MoodMe Chandra de Keyser, Co-Founder & CEO

2. Confidential 2 Disclaimer Logos and Images of celebrities are used for illustrative purposes only. This does not imply commercial ties with owners of brands or image rights. 3. Confidential 3 Agenda The Digital Opportunity MoodMe: who we are & what we do Business Models 4. Confidential 4 Agenda The Digital Opportunity MoodMe: who we are & what we do Business Models 5. Confidential 5 Problem: Monotony People still send a smile with : ) or In a World of Instant Sharing your Social Identity is unrelated to your Mood. Brands, Sports Fans want better Emotional Engagement! 6. Confidential 6 Tech Sports Source: Nasdaq, Forbes (Jul 2013) 7. Confidential 7 Market Opportunity Mobile Apps: 16 B/m; Ads: 20 B$ (US) Digital Goods: 30 B$ 80 M$/month 8. Confidential 8 Sports needs TechFacebook + Twitter totals 9. Confidential 9 Market Opportunity Sports Fans Engagement. 10s of Millions of Fans. Worldwide Audience: Asia! Sponsors. Sports Apps: Stats, no Emotions, no monetization. Our Dream: bring the emotions of Football in Mobile experiences . NFL Providence digital fund: 300 M$, Mar 2013 10. Confidential 11 Agenda The Digital Opportunity MoodMe: who we are & what we do Business Models 11. Confidential 12 What is MoodMe? Emoticons with Your Face! We turn pictures into emotional interactive 3D Living Portraits! 2 International Patents: Deep IP: Automatic Facial Recognition High Quality model (150 points) Animation with Emotions 3 years University R&D: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human Emotions models Mobile (iOS, Android), Web & Cloud. 12. Confidential 13 Achievements Won 3 top Clubs in Italy, Spain, Belgium + LoI US Club. 3 Digital Agencies 130 K$ revenue Fantastic pipeline in US, Europe, Brazil, Asia. Sales Agents. Founded 2011. Grants: IP, R&D & Silicon Valley office (2012) EBAN (Wien) and SVC 2013 Awards Sponsors of Soulier dEbne: Video. Competitors: robot like avatars, simple emotions, no Android (1 US, 1 Japan). 13. Confidential 14 Executive Team Chandra de Keyser, CEO International Startups & Northrop US, Brazil, Italy 7 languages Y Generation & Y Ser: 3 programmers, 5 sales, CMO Massimiliano Tarquini, CTO University Professor Facial Recognition/AI Founder, Entrepreneur, NATO Alessandro Ligi, CIO University Professor Large eGov programmes Offices: Silicon Valley, Luxembourg & Rome 14. Confidential 15 Investors & Advisors Advisors: Head of Digital of top Serie A Club. VP of 5 B$ market cap SV Tech Company. Social Media Director, P&G. Top Exec Fashion. Investors: 7 Business Angels & Sr Execs: Russian, Canadian, German, Italian (2), French, Belgian. Raised 500 K$ - 50% from Founders. 15. Confidential 16 Digital Goods Accessorize, Interact, Play Share Cloud Platform + Analytics Speech + Lip Sync Revenue Share + Sponsors. 1 Club (8 M Fans): 200 K$ Monthly Recurrent. Enrich Sports Fans relations + = 16. Confidential 17 Engage Fans in Emotional Scenarios Position your Sponsors Anywhere: All Platforms: Mobile, Social Media, Web, Big Screen in Stadium Anytime: Before, during and after the Matches Win Fans with viral campaigns Generating new revenues: sell digital goods Sports Fans & Sponsors 17. Confidential 18 Play with the Moods of your Players User Scenarios 18. Confidential 19 Play with the Moods of your Players Life & Match events change Mood of Players Sad: lost the game. User Scenarios 19. Confidential 20 Play with the Moods of your Players Life & Match events change Mood of Players Kiss: he loves You! Fan creates his Living Portrait. Accessorize it (& buys digital goods): Hair (of actual Players) Paint own face with FCB colors Wears a hat, cap, scarf, glasses Official Shirt User Scenarios 20. Confidential 21 Become your Favourite Player 21. Confidential 22 Send digital gifts to friends: yellow or red card Goal Mood Bayern Mood Custom Mood: Emotions & 3D animations unique to Your Club Social Media / Web: Post, run Contest for best Faces, vote, Prizes Interact! 22. Confidential 23 Fans will remember this for 50 years! Their face becomes part of this Picture Fan public statement of Love to Team 10.000++ Faces create a patchwork Pix comes to Life: grey -> Red Blue Each face: Emotions & Message Prizes: autographed shirts, special visits, tickets, stamped copy Join the Pix When Pix is full create a new one. You have enough Memorable Moments of Glory! It is like Frankfurt ECB printing money to save Greece. Except Germany does not pay! 23. Confidential 24 Send a Beer to a friend: His/her emotions change from I need a Beer! to that was refreshing! Drinks the beer (animation) Combine this with Sponsor Campaign, Facebook contest, Offline (QR code to drink a real beer) Wear sponsored Gifts Sponsored Gift 24. Confidential 25 Project Lifecycle Phases duration weeks 1 Define User Scenario, Design, Integrations of Sponsors 2 - 8 2 Marketing. Launch 2 - 3 3 Analyze and Adapt 1 2 Design MarketAnalyze 25. Confidential 26 Financial Summary Marketing by Club to 8.000.000 Fans 5% engaged Users Users buy Branded Digital Goods in Club Store ARPU: 2 $/Month Revenue: 400 KUS$ (50 50) /Month 26. Confidential 27 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 27. Confidential 28 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 28. Confidential 29 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 29. Confidential 30 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 30. Confidential 31 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 31. Confidential 32 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 32. Confidential 33 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 33. Confidential 34 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 34. Confidential 35 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 35. Confidential 36 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 36. Confidential 37 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 37. Confidential 38 $MTM: $how Me The Money! 38. Confidential 39 Financial Summary: 1 Club MoodMeFinancialSummary Numberof onlineFans 8.000.000 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 12 Percentageof Fanswith Smartphone 80% Contract Signature Development & Validation of App Launch Marketing Campaign Launch Marketing Campaign Launch Marketing Campaign Download permonth 6% Downloads(000) 384 384 384 128 128 Engaged Users 10% %engaged users/FB fan 0,96% 1,92% 2,88% 3,20% 5% Virality 1 MonthlyRevenueClub (000$) 43 86 129 143 229 GrossARPU ($) 2 CumulativeRevenueClub 43 129 258 401 1.563 RevenueShareMoodMe 50% 39. Confidential 40 Agenda The Digital Opportunity MoodMe: who we are & what we do Business Models 40. Confidential 41 Business Models Customer Partners - Revenue Share Your App Standard Special Features Your Store Standard Branded Digital Goods Uniqueness NO First to get New Features Financial Model You pay We deliver We share revenues incl Sponsors Pricing You decide We decide as Partners ROI NA NA You Invest NO NO Role in Governance NO Advisors & Members of User Group 41. Confidential 42 1: Sports Early Stage: 1 M$ 2: Platform Apps & Ads Series A: 5 M$ 3: Ubiquitous Social Networks, Games, Smartphones, Cars Growth Phases Possible Exit: Sale to Internet Social Media 42. Confidential 43 Technology: Deep IP, Innovative Team: Experience, Complementing, Committed & Great Friends Huge markets: Sports, Ads & Engagement WOW Will people remember Intellectual or Emotional Experiences? Thank you! Danke Schhn! Obrigado! Grazie! Merci! Stay in touch! Dont Text me: MoodMe! - 650 6817808 @chandreadekrio 43. Confidential 44 Agenda Additional Items